Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SMS in free fall.

Please do not: Mobile stuntmen and illegally tapping on the motorbike, send SMS when parachute flight. Because such mobile multitasking in daily life is quite dangerous, alarmed watchdogs respond with counter campaigns: "Do not text and drive!" - A video newsletter.
  The title of the fastest SMS tip, the 16-year-old Ang Chuang Yang of Singapore. He needed 2006 for the full length of 160 characters only 41.52 seconds. The world record in the SMS writing lies with eyes closed while longer at 45 seconds. But even though no breakthroughs more records are expected, are more likely to be more SMS contests held. The events are not about real life fast writing, but particularly impressive stunts telephone. Because these generate attention and have marketing potential.
After mobile phone manufacturer LG for its "SMS Championship" mainly due to high premiums sets victory - the "American Champion" was $ 50,000 last once wealthy - Samsung Mobile now trying tension by extreme sports elements. The South Korean mobile phone manufacturer advertises with the slogan "Extreme Texting" and send paratroopers into the race for this: Ten experienced athlete jumped from 4,000 meters altitude, to the free fall to bet on SMSen. Is it after Samsung, is a new category in the "Guinness Book of Records" is due, namely "Fastest Text Messaging While Skydiving".

Whether the marketing bill rises, however, must be doubted, because in the video, the whole action a little bit up. One of the SMS parachutists said after landing aptly, he would have been much more "crazy stuff," is about from one aircraft to another jump, but this task was "properly kniffelig". Enthusiastic pioneers of a new trend sport sound any case euphoric.

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