Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mobile ReiÃleine triggers alarm.

Phones are the successor of the whistle as an instrument of self-defense: A Samsung model with Reißleine creates infernal noise and simultaneously informed the police. Following the same principle now also networked mobile alarm systems.


The whistle is not only at railway stations and sports grounds a classic, but also as an instrument of passive self-defense. For people who fear that they are just at the critical moment the breath runs out, there are now technically upgraded alternatives to whistle: For example, the
"Tiny Personal Guard Alarm", the line for less than $ 10 to acquire.

Samsung phone with Reißleine: Infernal Noise

The unit is barely bigger than its mechanical predecessors and can be exactly like the whistle around the neck worn. And that creates inconspicuous gadget, with a SPL of 120 decibels in an emergency truly infernal noise. To trigger it's merely a small Reißleine draw - then it is appropriate to their ears zuzuhalten. Nearby you can in any case already sound pressure level from 100 decibels as an extremely unpleasant perceived.

Handy with Reißleine

The alarm function to be integrated into the mobile phone, it seems obvious, at the same time opens up the networking of the devices entirely new responses. So sound the alarm of the currently presented
Samsung SPH-W7100 model, although "only" at 100 decibels. But that comes with the triggering of an alarm, a text message to a number of the police generated. The SMS to the law enforcement includes the emergency and the location data from the phones, the GPS module of the SPH-W7100 delivers.

In South Korea Samsung phone marketed as the ideal companion for children and women. The device is not the first mobile phone with alarm function, but the first with a Reißleine: The previously available models, the alarm by pressing a button is triggered, which in one frantic panic situations in Fummelei may degenerate, but the probability of false alarms increases. Currently, the SPH-W7100 is only available in South Korea, Samsung already has the green light by the U.S. approval authority for marketing in the U.S..

Mobile Alarm

And the consistent further development of the networked alarm phones already exists: if mobile devices at the same time raise the alarm and SOS messages to mobiles can sell, then the mobile is also conceivable alarm. The result is then
"Yeti" and should make all possible mobile assets from unauthorized access. This is the quietschgelbe device the size of a tool kit initially equipped with sensors, the user, depending on the situation can be activated.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

The alarm will be triggered when the infrared sensor movement in space perception, or by an acceleration sensor, which anschlägt even if Yeti is moved or when the microphone is recording a loud noise. The alarm itself consists of three elements, the user individually or in combination can be chosen: in addition to the siren of 120 decibels and a flashlight Yeti effect can also be sent by Bluetooth with a mobile phone connected. From this is then in case of alarm via SMS or a call to programmed numbers generated.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Telephone inventors invent the pill doses phone.

The intelligent Pillendose monitored the intake of drugs, mobile phones analyzed the breath of the user: as designers are the future of the mobile front. The cell phone as a personal physician and trouser pockets Big Brother.


The mobile industry is looking for the next big application for mobile. A New Hope: medical services and health care. Hope this is being driven by the combination of smart sensors and intelligent networking.

Pill doses prototype: The draft of a pill doses phones on the Yanko Design site

The developers are as follows: cell phones could constantly take the pulse of heart attack risk and monitor irregularities in the family doctor via SMS circumspect. According to this principle should be about the future by Dement GPS navigation controls: If an Alzheimer's patient aimlessly through the streets of moves will be alerted and the supervisor led to the patient.

The system was the beginning of the year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where the "
Pill Phone "was to be admired: The mobile phone is reminiscent of the ingestion of drugs and warns in case of doubt, prior interactions.

But currently available systems, only a small foretaste of the mobile's Health: How has the Australian designer Steven Grech already consistent successor the "Pill Phone" developed in his "
The Capshell "manned the draft gets Pillendose even a mobile phone connection to the proper administration of medications to ensure. The system works similarly to the famous of PEZ candy dispensers. However meticulously registered the device, whether the pills to the scheduled time taken from the donor were. Whether the patient actually swallows it, the unit can not be recorded.

By mobile phone, the data is automatically stored in the patient record stored and in critical cases, the supervising doctor alerted. Should it even be manufactured in series, would be networked Pillendose physicians valuable information and could thus avoid treatment errors.

That progress is possible, however, massive privacy concerns. To feel even the magazine "Yanko Design" promptly to George Orwell's vision surveillance "1984" is reminiscent, although usually only the aesthetic quality of the drafts will be discussed.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

One step further is the vision of the British company Applied Nanodetectors (AND). At the fair "
Nano Tech 2009 "in Japan, the company presented a prototype of a mobile phone, the breath of the user monitored. This is made possible through a supposedly new sensor, the traces of all possible gases in the breath detected. The ratio of nitrogen oxides, ammonia, carbon dioxide and other substances could then include all sorts of diseases.

The sensor will also detect whether and how much alcohol the mobile user has consumed, or simply warn against halitosis can. Opposite "
Nikkei Electronics, "said a company spokesman AND that now with cell phone manufacturers and mobile on possible areas of application for the Super Sensor verhandele.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Street lamps get cell phone connection.

Worldwide, numerous pilot projects, the use of LEDs in street tested. In San Francisco and Carinthia lanterns get even a single phone connection - in addition to light also emit traffic information.


"For street lights have begun an exciting time," quoted the New York Times recently, the spokesman of a major U.S. energy utility. In connection with street lighting does the attribute "exciting", of course, once strange.

Street lamp: Is it smart, if that light communicated?

But the statement by the Pacific Gas and Electric employee is not meant ironically. Visions of future "intelligent" street have really cyclical, and this going to be really exciting ideas.

The street is, for example, the constant current traffic situation and thereby adjust highly efficiently be controlled by motion sensors could be any pedestrians and any car a suitable light beam follow the same token, empty road sections only very sparsely lit. Special events such as an accident could be announced by colored lights, while the accident site itself is very brightly lit. For a number lanterns could be something like a display of the road are. In addition to their basic function as a light source, the lighting varied information, such as by color, light intensity, or flashing signals.

Everything LED

Background light of the new fantasies is the first widely expected conversion of streetlights to LEDs. Because after the "Light Emitting Diodes" long time on a tight color were limited and no light intensity were great, they are now well on its way to the universal light source. And among other things, is used worldwide in numerous pilot projects, the use of LEDs as a lighting test.

For the first technique speaks the comparatively long lifetime of the LEDs of up to 50,000 hours and the high efficiency, with the LEDs convert electricity into light. The biggest hurdle for LEDs as a light source under which the comparatively high production costs. But this is under light technicians generally optimistic: "We are convinced that the LED lighting of the future also in the public street is: Compared to current lighting LEDs have great economic and environmental benefits", said in December about Professor Tran Quoc Khanh of the TU Darmstadt on the occasion of a local pilot project.

Lantern with telephone

From the general euphoria LED sting two projects, which are not described on the economic and environmental opportunities are limited. So was the dictum of the "exciting times" for lanterns at a conference in San Francisco, including the management of street lighting has been demonstrated via mobile. The idea is that the LED potentials through a full network of each street lamp can be achieved.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

In addition to San Francisco will soon lanterns in Austria, a mobile control receive. You want T-Mobile Austria, together with the Dutch bulb producers Lioris in Klagenfurt LED street lamps with SIM cards equipped. The companies want in the next few months, the "precise control of lighting via mobile testing, but also concepts such as congestion warning by" flashing colors ". Whether the drivers are informed about it or just confused, remains to be seen.

The great power poker.

The announcement of the mobile industry, by 2012 Micro-USB as the standard for the power of mobile phones introduce, is to be regarded with skepticism. In the past the industry has mainly played on time, in order to protect lucrative business.


A few days ago, the mobile industry, announced that they were to produce a
Single Charger for all mobile phones have agreed. From 2012 to mobile phones via the mini-USB connector as power supply, said the GSM Association (GSMA), in which almost all large companies in the mobile industry are represented.

For the consumer first by the sounds of a joyful message: The format of chaos in the chargers is annoying and costly - in case of loss must be so special charger for the phone to his own questionable prices to buy.

In addition, the manufacturer of the adapter unit, but also save costs. And as the environment will also benefit because much less e-waste could occur, even if cell phones are sold without power supply.

According euphoric were the comments of industry representatives. So said Robert Chvatal, T-Mobile boss in Austria to a "win-win-win situation." Problem solved, everyone involved will benefit and so is the issue closed? Unfortunately no, because if the mobile phone industry in the power supply issue in the normal way works, you have the GSMA announcement, unfortunately, very different interpretations. The pessimistic view is then more loudly praised the industry better, the less it has to really effective measures.

The precedent

What at first sounds absurd, it is the example of the roaming charges clearly explained. The tariffs for mobile calls of the EU were already in the 90 years a thorn in the eye. But the promised improvement in mobile and could the EU Commission in 1998 for such a scheme without coercion win. Three years later suggested Competition Commissioner Mario Monti, then alarm: When roaming to find virtually no competition. Now will the EU Commission on.

Indeed it took the telecom industry was still six more years, which infuriated EU politicians to appease - and this time with roaming charges fantastic profit margins to realize. Only 2007 were actually fee caps for mobile phone calls within the European Union. The strategy consisted of Telkos in this case primarily to goodwill and providing it to win time.

New Game

The parallels between roaming and chargers standard are obvious. In both cases, it is an extremely lucrative and safe business. International calls were also before the charges by limiting the EU, whether on holiday or on business trips. And on the purchase of a new power supply, no one does, just because the prices are disproportionately high. In both cases there is an increase of products made by consumers in certain extent be regarded as indispensable.

And there are other parallels. So-called EU Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen, just days before the GSMA announcement, a standard for power supplies. Just like Mario Monti Verheugen 2001 threatened the industry with sanctions if they do not even care for a standard. Against this background it is the promise of resolving the problem by 2012 as a conciliatory measure well understood, with the intervention of the policy should be delayed.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

This is also that since 2007 the plan is, mini-USB the standard for the mobile power to make. At the time, announced the industry forum OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform), whose main members are also in the GSMA found that mobile phone cabling to simplify radically. And just this one and a half years since the existing plan was now run by the GSMA once proclaimed as a major breakthrough.

In addition, the GSMA schedule is anything but authentic and industry is also still a loophole open holds: By 2012, only to be "the majority of all new mobile phones" via Micro-USB socket to come. What remains is to hope that the EU mobile phone manufacturers obliged her rather vague promise also observed. That authoritarian politics in the case of mobile phone chargers to be successful, China has already demonstrated. There were manufacturers in 2006 to the default committed since June 2007, only units with Micro-USB connector as a unit to be sold.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mobile phone reception on the world's oceans.

The Irish company Blue Ocean Wireless provides seafarers worldwide mobile reception at a reasonable price. This is on the ships a GSM base station installed in a miniature format, the satellite is connected to the Internet.


That is as good as anywhere in the world mobile phone reception, there is now a matter of course. The fact that the mobile networks in truth but in a large part of the Earth's surface, yet are not available, it is hardly noticeable because it is very sparsely populated or uninhabited areas acting world. These include of course the oceans, however, should no longer remain mobile with the Irish company
Blue Ocean Wireless, there is now a mobile phone in the world oceans.

Container ship, who commutes between continents, is often over weeks of each truncated normal telecommunications

Target Blue Ocean, the crew of cargo ships. This had been on the high seas on the telephone contact with their families forgo, or in an emergency on expensive satellite phones back. Blue Ocean on the other hand, promises this target now regular GSM reception, for the use of no special phones are needed.

Floating cells

Of course, Blue Ocean does not receive GSM coverage at all world's oceans provide. But that is not even necessary, because the potential mobile customers not swim individually by the oceans. The service is limited to the vessels of the maritime mobile, each with its own GSM base station equipment. While these will also have a satellite connection to the global telephone networks. Telephone calls and text messages are, however, before the transfer in space-saving IP-transformed data.

In the mobile radio cells that are on the ships are used, it is called Pico-cells of the manufacturer ip.access. These generate close a GSM network and over the Internet with the global mobile networks. With such a pico-cells is also the mobile phone reception on board of aircraft possible. Similar devices are also available for private users, for example, in her apartment a cost-saving mobile network to operate. The latter, however, mostly as femto cells called ( "pico" means a trillionth, "Femto" a trillionth).

Internet and container tracking

To use the services of Blue Ocean to use the sailors a SIM card of the acquiring company. Exact prices for calls and SMS were not yet known, but these should be international roaming prices in accordance with the GSM network. It is clear, however, that all the world's oceans at a uniform tariff will apply to seafarers which a substantial improvement.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

Blue Ocean offers naturally of course, other wireless services on an IP basis to the installed Pico-cells to be used optimally. This includes an e-mail service, but no general Web access because this is the narrow-band satellite connectivity would overburden. Internet services will soon be submitted for other providers to offer: The global Iridium satellite telephone service.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Twitter messages via SMS.

In the strange world of the micro-blogging service Twitter Americans were previously a bit more equal than the rest of the world: they received their news via SMS appetizers. This is now also in Europe - as an advertising-financed services.


What the Manufacturer
Twe2 the offer has provided, on which it runs piggyback, is primarily one thing: a business model. For so far are estimated to benefit about six million people worldwide service Twitter, income that the company did not. There is no paid advertising, there are not, the money demand is so far from venture capital investments in dispute. Eventually somehow be the growing popularity of the service be turned into sales.

Twe2: The service is a Twitter-free ride of success - and offers Twitter users in Europe is a service they directly do not get Twitter

As the theory would be possible now displays the service Twe2. The Twitter also offers users outside the U.S. is now an SMS forwarding service. This will be refinanced through advertising messages to the Twitter messages are appended - the mobile phone becomes a device for receiving SMS ads. For this to work, you must Twe2 the way, not only his Twitter ID and a telephone number given, but his Twitter password.

The operators promise to so Schindluder not want to drive, at least show user-friendly, in terms of privacy is largely free of pain are calm like.

The technical infrastructure behind Twe2 is not. Use the servers of the UK hosting melbourne and the interfaces of the SMS Free SMS provider Wadja. Basically do not happen more than that Twe2 an interface between the service and Wadja Twitter established: With access to the Twitter accounts of registered users there are the incoming messages to pass Wadja and "versimsen.

SMS service for the whole rest of the world

However, the operator made a lot. Not only Germany and the rest of Europe is on the list of countries already served, but many more in Asia, the Caribbean, South America and Africa. That looks pretty completely, but is continuously expanded. Already there are Natiönchen, the more letters in the names as Twitter users have expected.

Anyway: In Europe, the attractiveness of the service, Twitter service increase significantly. If it works, deserves, if not Twitter itself, or at least someone else even a little money with it.

Mobile phones, which can be more.

A mobile phone as a camcorder? A mobile phone, the internet pages loading before you ansurft? All this and more can be found on the mobile phone Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. Matthias Kremp herausgepickt has the highlights.


The success came through camouflage. As the developer of the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer HTC Windows Mobile OS devices will send their surface überstülpten were to Asian phones to Megasellern. The less Windows was to be seen, the better they could sell. No wonder then that the company improve its optical now even lower in the Windows Mobile-anchored and the Microsoft system, far below buries.

This is what happened when new phone models, Touch and Touch Diamond 2 per 2, which is now even less likely than their predecessors a look at Windows disclose - and even better to operate via touch screen should be. Although Microsoft itself has already
an update for Windows Mobile announced in the finger control to be improved, but that will not be ready before summer.

In addition to the Windows substructure to hide, HTC also has some basic characteristics of user interface changes. This was especially the handling of messages and contacts revised. So should we now of the digital business card of a person whose entire starting communication with a self-retrieve them. So one can immediately see which messages can be mutually by mail or text message, who has called whom when - and how long.

Internet via on-demand subscription

In an interview with blogs ONLINE HTC says marketing chief John Wang, however, another invention of the Taiwanese to the milestone of mobile data usage: push Internet. The new technology, according to Wang to ensure that the mobile web, despite the often sluggish mobile data is fun.


HTC Magic: Google's mobile phone number 2 presented (17.02.2009)

Mobile World Congress: Nokia missed his own highlight (17.02.2009)

Mobile World Congress: Microsoft wants to be pithy (16.02.2009)

Solar Cell Phones: Mobile phone with a green conscience (15.02.2009)

Mobile Mobile World Congress trade show: mobile, with more megapixels (12.02.2009)

The basic principle is simple: The user defines in advance the websites he regularly reads and these are defined by the mobile phone then in freely definable intervals on the device. Such sites are anticipated retrieved on immediately and without waiting to read available.

It is not clear yet what impact this push Internet function (which actually a pull-function) on the charge of the battery will have. At about the iPhone is clearly observed that the battery much more quickly empties if push services are enabled. Similarly, it could be the HTC-made phones, since they, before and after the consultation stages have no chance in a deep, power-saving hibernation mode.

3D interfaces, telephones and DJ bracelet phones: Read the following pages, which are wrong phones this year on the market.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nokia missed its own highlight.

Two average phones, two cell phones and a business online: A lot more seemed Nokia mobile phone on the most important trade fair of the year not to have baggage. There were still a multimedia show to highlight - but it was first sighted somewhere else.


The press conference of the Finns was proppenvoll was created by the exhibition center in Barcelona live over the Web. Big surprise, however, the leaders of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, not to preach. Two little exciting middle-class mobile phones, two smartphones for business users and an online shop for mobile software, has long been expected. A real highlight, but missed the first exhibition at Nokia. That was only a day later and first published in Singapore.

This is the N86 8MP, Nokia's new flagship multimedia. With 8-megapixel camera, video recording and a high-tech OLED screen would be at the fairgrounds against the best multimedia cell phone competition from Asia can enforce. Instead, Nokia tried but all attention on the
Ovi Store to steer those Downloadshop in the future, Nokia's customers additional software for your cell phone can get.

After all: what at first glance looks like a copy of Apple's App Store for iPhone has some unique features. From Nokia's vision is the so-called social shopping at the most important. With the help of GPS data and information on the social networking of the user should be put on the respective preferences tailored content offered. Whether and how well it works, you certainly know until May, when the Ovi Store opens its doors.

The slimmest smartphone

Some months earlier, namely in March, should one deal with the E75, an especially to e-mail usage-based mobile phone can make. With the Nokia E75 carries a new user interface that are specific to the processing of electronic messages has been designed. To simplify, it was under the DISPLAY A herausschiebbare keyboard.

Such an entry means you have to forgo the E55. But it offers other advantages. So Nokia promises a standby time of not less than 28 days. Who needs little phone with the device only once per month at the outlet. Anyway, the E55 is expected to be a device, where one occasionally wonders, where it just stopped. According to Nokia, it is the thinnest smartphone in the world.

Navigation in the middle

Less thin, all the more far-sighted, the two new mid-range phones, which were presented in Barcelona. As a 6710 Navigator and 6720 Classic means they occupy the position of classical average phones. The 6720 is the only outstanding feature a TV output to the one his camera phone to snap shots of the TV can view it.

In 6710 Handy Navi looks different, already, because it included a mount for the windshield is supplied. In order to access the navigation easier, a navigator button is installed, the touch of a button launches Nokia Maps. In addition, there is now a zoom bar, which helps the displayed map area to enlarge or shrink.

Enthusiasms can not trigger such products. The would rather with the Nokia N97 can reap. Touchscreen, Aufschiebetastatur all current wireless technologies, ample storage, GPS and N-Gage games to send the multimedia mobile phone not only to head phone, but also the object of desire for young buyers, with their mobile phone all kinds begin to just do not call.

But the very
Nokia N97 was President Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo presented already in early December - in Barcelona.

Microsoft improves jabber-Post-Its.

Speaking is faster than write, at least for most people. Therefore, fixed to mobile phone notes spoken than typed. A new technology will now allow such voice notes for key words to search. Try it at your own risk.


When asked what they please because mobile phones such as the
Toshiba TG01 need the fast with a gigahertz processors are equipped, Microsoft's software developers have an answer: Voice search. But not, as it is some time since Google offers to search via voice input, but the searching of spoken notes.

Recite, recite, call the Windows group das The software is an addition to the mobile phone running Windows Mobile. Basically, so Microsoft was Recite compatible with mobile phones, on which the Windows Mobile version 6.0 is running. Nevertheless, the company lists on the website so far Recite only eleven explicitly compatible mobile phones than on. After all, including a few models, which are also in Germany.

Before too had great expectations but warned: There is still the software solely in an English version, which is only to US-understand English. It is questionable whether the German language with clear notes to come.

Video: Microsoft Recite

In spoken English, but the program seems well klarzukommen gives you early user comments on the website Recite faith. As example, a Russ Sanchez with the words, "I got me a birthday gift for my wife with Recite noticed. That was the rescue," is cited. That sounds good, it also means that Mr. Sanchez appears to Recite the meaning of not understood it. What he did was nothing more than record a voice memo. This can be seen with different phones and programs for many years.

Irrational behavior is not excluded

The special thing about Recite but is that one such voice notes even after keywords can. If Mr. Sanchez So during the lunch break "hat for birthday Elizas buy into his cell phone talking, but before and after various memos to meetings or upcoming contract negotiations in the phone would have dictated, it would be for him on the way home no problems have been on the search word" Eliza "note those identified with the hat he wanted to remember. The same task by hand in the menu stochernd to solve would be incomparably more expensive and time-consuming.

About Microsoft's mobile voice search engine now wants to try it, it can now do a matching cell phone provided.
The software is available as a free download. Only one thing you should consider this: Microsoft Recite yet declared themselves very clearly as a "technology preview", so as software in development. Malfunctions, crashes, and irrational behavior of the search tool are not excluded.

Google's mobile phone number 2 presented.

The invasion begins, the Google phones come. While the mobile phone trade show in Spain would otherwise only prototypes of such devices are to be seen, HTC has introduced a new model that actually soon be sold - and perplexing to the T-Mobile G1 recalls. Only the keys are missing.


When it seems HTC has a preference for the product brand name "Fantasy". Following the model of Dream (Dream), better known here as the T-Mobile G1, is now the Magic (Magic). Two devices together is that HTC for sale beginning largely exclusive to one provider provenance - and of course that they co-Google Android mobile phone operating system is running.

HTC Magic: The Google Mobile Number Two

But there is much more common. Both seem to use the same screen on which icons with your finger to move and choose. In addition, both below the display a scroll wheel, which also was to control the mobile phone functions can be used. A keyboard with revolving display, one of the main features of the G1, you can find at the Magic are not.

But otherwise it seems that the hardware of the Magic with the G1 (Dream) is almost identical. both have a 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HSDPA data. Also GPS and an accelerometer sensor is integrated into both. And even when the ports are both the same stingy: Except for a mini-USB connector, there is no wired contact with the outside world. And also has twice used to recharge the battery, and headphone adapter.

Subtle differences

A few small but subtle differences exist, however: While the G1 with its camera can shoot photos, you can with the Magic also record videos. And because it's only half as much fun to watch movies alone, are functions for uploading videos to YouTube or to send via email or MMS the same installed.

In addition, the Magic the A2DP technology dominate. The enables stereo headphones wirelessly via Bluetooth anzukoppeln to wirelessly listen to music. In suitably equipped cars can also be music from the phone through the speakers of the car play. Previously, this feature is rarely used, so the accessories range is quite thin.


The contract partners Vodafone and HTC, it is currently, however, important to note that the Magic being exclusive to Vodafone, will, like the G1 exclusively with T-Mobile is getting. It is also to some peculiar characteristics. Because, although the HTC Magic in Black and White producing, one is not necessarily in the color of his choice get.

The white variant is namely Britain, Spain and France, reserved, in Germany it is only the black model. Only the Italians have the choice. And not only in color, but also with the provider. In Italy, Vodafone, the device is not exclusive to offer.


Long range


Google's operating system is compatible with many mobile devices. The more terminal manufacturers in Google's Coalition of the Willing are, the greater the reach of Android. more ...

Free use


The use of open-source operating system is in contrast to other mobile operating systems for free, the production of mobile devices will be cheaper - the use of Android so attractive.

Demanding services for everyone


Experts say Google the potential to bring together the market disintegrated. Users of very different devices could in future be able to move to demanding on-line services access. The range of available applications is expected to expand. more ...

Extension of the user market


Online service providers can thus with higher traffic and new fields expected, operators with higher capacity utilization. more ...

So magical, such as HTC and Vodafone would have us believe, is not the Magic. Technically it may be his descent from G1 hardly hide. Who in the comfort of a Aufklapptastatur refrain can still get the Magic Stereo Bluetooth radio and a camcorder to function - if the device because he gets.

Initially, the Magic is still a pure air number, an announcement. In spring it on the market, and ends at the end of June. Vodafone, but at least there is optimism, with the device a winner to have withdrawn. If you are interested in the magic phone, is already in the provider to register in order to get a message when the device is available.

Until then you can indeed sometimes feed the piggy bank. because of the price for the Magic silent, HTC and Vodafone pending.

HTC Magic

Operating System

192 MB

Expansion slot

Screen Resolution
320 x 480 pixels

Screen Size
3.2 inch

Digital Camera
3.2 megapixel

PC Connection

119 grams

118 x 56 x 17 millimeters

Wireless connections
GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Standby time *
Up to 660 hrs

Talk time *
up to 7.5 hours

Touchscreen, GPS, accelerometer sensor

Price **:
not yet known

Nokia will deliver mobile phones with Skype.

This decision is likely to provide excitement: From June to the mobile phone market leader Nokia World, the Internet telephony software Skype on their devices, the data. The operators could miss some call charges.


Barcelona - The Internet telephony service Skype triggers further into the mobile world. The on-line auction house Ebay-owned provider, announced on Tuesday a partnership with the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia. The service will in future Nokia mobile phones are integrated. The first unit should be in the third quarter of the new Nokia flagship N97 a Skype get access, said Skype CEO Josh Silverman on Tuesday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Nokia Mobile Phones: Bald installed with Skype software

With the cooperation faces new conflicts with the network: When Skype calls are free between the users with a data flatrate would be no call charges incurred. Hamid Akhavan, head of the cellular provider T-Mobile, said in Barcelona, for his company Skype is not an issue since there is no great need of the T-Mobile customers were then. Therefore, the Telekom subsidiary no problem if Skype on smartphones like the G1 Google phone or mobile phones from Nokia could be installed.

Skype has around 400 million registered users worldwide. Ebay for the development of the billion-dollar acquisitions in recent years, however, disappointed: The Telephony service could the goals in sales and especially when profits do not meet.

Now, Skype by the change in the telephone industry will benefit. The company's vision: Skype as a unified communications platform across different devices to establish - whether mobile phones or computers.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sony Ericsson promises 12-megapixel mobile phone.

12.1 Megapixels camera, monitor control and rich multimedia functions: With the mobile phone series IDOU want the Japanese-Swedish group to make everything better than the competition. Still, however, there is a big hole in the matter - and a chic pre-music-mobile phone.


With IDOU everything should be better, Sony Ericsson promises. What the group in Barcelona to announce has sounds too tempting to. Without a phone conversation with the promises the company. "The success story of the Walkman phones and Cyber-shot phones, the newly created extension of its product portfolio to a new level is lifted," it says in a press release. And that we will "neither cuts in music, camera, gaming or internet to make" necessary.

But nor is the future of music. While shows on Sony Ericsson mobile exhibition is already a functioning IDOU mobile, but that is apparently still an early prototype. A concept that the whole thing, that show is, what options are there in the future.

Photography seems to be high on the list of desires to stand, the Sony Ericsson Developer ausgekundschaftet have. That's why they want to IDOU with a 12.1-megapixel camera equipped with a xenon flash brightening agents than their side. A silly idea is not, at least something can be good marketing. Whether such a high resolution in a mobile phone is actually useful is another matter.

Movie downloads for mobile phones

Enjoy promises that the large display, almost the entire backside position. The simple reason is necessary, because the device is completely controlled by finger operation it. A future Symbian OS will be used as a substructure.

The promised entertainment should IDOU users on the network obtain. Two online services are designed to make access. This is the one to PlayNow plus, a Musikabo offer, which is already marketed in Sweden and this year in other European countries to operate to. In the PlayNow Arena, on the other hand should we deal with films, videos and TV series can provide.

When you are the first mobile phone will IDOU can buy Sony Ericsson is still relatively open. Expected in the second half of 2009 will be the first device of the new series on the market, says the company. This keeps the company, however, a large back door open for possible delays.

With face detection and geotagging

The will of the W995 Walkman phone is not going to happen. This model is already set concretely, in the second quarter of 2009 in the shops and is a music mobile phone very well equipped. So it brings about an 8-GB Memory Stick for music, images and videos. The storage capacity can be via Memory Stick Micro expand.

And the built-in camera provides with 8.1 Megapixel image from as many as a good snapshot camera. Unlike image stabilizer and auto focus should be the 16-times digital zoom the camera, but rather off. Instead of actually closer to the subject approach, such a function enlarges the image on rechnerischem way, which is not always beautiful results.

Schön, however, is that a facial is to ensure that the device is in fact due to the photographed person and not on the background is sharp. Nice and useful should also facilitate the geotagging feature to the GPS position data in the snapshot tag.

Sony Ericsson W995

118 MB

Screen Resolution
320 x 240

Expansion slot
Memory Stick Micro (8 GB Stick supplied)

113 grams

97 x 49 x 15 mm

Wireless connections
GSM / GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Standby time
Up to 370 hours

Up to 9 hours

That the W995 but a Walkman mobile phone, is the latest in audio equipment clear. Special noise-canceling headphones are intended to ensure that when listening to music, the outside world is closed off. To control the music player are on the side of the device appropriate control buttons, you need to see the screen is not activated to take a song to skip.

Enable you have to be savings if you look at the W995 in the pocket. 539 euro Sony Ericsson is the suggested retail price of.

Microsoft wants to be manageable.

Business out, purely Multimedia: Microsoft wants its mobile operating system from Windows Mobile Office Muff exempt. Future, the software is more fun. Simple and also be operated by finger.


Microsoft to expand radically. Windows Mobile, the mobile variant of the desktop system should be user-friendly, more to the needs of private users to tailor. Thus, the company performs a U-turn in its strategy. So far, the group tried, Windows Mobile as a mobile operating system for business use to market.

This should now end. While we will continue to serve professional users, the focus is the future but to the private users, explains Andreas Krieg, head of Mobility Business Unit at Microsoft, in an interview with blogs ONLINE. Steve Ballmer has become the key mobile applications for Microsoft to issue. The reason is obvious: The mobile market in the private sector is growing much faster than in the business segment.

The first step in this direction is the new version 6.5 of Windows Mobile, Microsoft in Barcelona the first public showing. The main difference with the previous versions: The icons on the desktop will be larger. This is not about potential poor eyesight of the user balanced, but the operation via touchscreen simplified. Microsoft jumps so - very late - on a train, which has long been on the rolls is.

From the Web, now with Microsoft

The second major innovation is a new Microsoft mobile version of Internet Explorer, internally "6 on 6" referred to. The aim is now significantly faster and more compatible to web standards, says the war. He will also deeper into the embedded operating system. Bookmarks about can now directly from the main screen, called the Home screen, open the browser starts automatically. Above all, a single finger stroke usable zoom has been integrated.

The purpose of the improvement is clear: Microsoft wants the producers on their Windows-based mobile Internet Explorer back in the limelight. In recent times were more and more devices with competing products such as the Opera browser have been delivered.

With a mobile phone in the cloud

In addition to the mobile software itself is also Microsoft's new online service
MyPhone officially, with the key data in a few weeks ago had become known. The idea behind the code name skybox developed service: instead of on a computer, the user's data via the Web starting MyPhone. Following the principle of Cloud Computing are contact information, photos, music and text so that a data cloud in one.


Principle provider business functions

The terminal is at the Cloud Computing just a window on an always current dataset. Who on the computer enters an appointment, sees him later when we look in the phone calendar, a contact mobile who enters, it can later retrieve at the PC - only online, of course. The same is true for address books, e-mails, online stored photos, documents and so on.

Many providers try to present itself as a premier address for access to the data cloud to position. Examples include Google, Microsoft, hardware manufacturers with Apple MobileMe and the mobile phone producer Nokia with its service Ovi. Vodafone also wants to focus on network services set.

For Cloud Computing companies has another meaning: You can compute or data intensive tasks to outsource data centers, in some computers - or in the cloud storage capacity as needed for certain tasks to rent. Amazon is a pioneer here, with its Web Services (AWS), such as the S3 storage service. There are also many other providers, such as the platform from Salesforce.


Where exactly these data are physically stored, and where the server is on its hard drives, the bits and bytes to rest is irrelevant. Retrieve and can complement its treasures at any time and from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Here, then Microsoft manager war, it is immaterial with what I for one device to access the data.

It is his cell phone photos also look at the PC or the contact list on your notebook change. Initially, however, only Windows Mobile phones of the new services will benefit, as war. The support for other mobile operating systems will follow in, but initially remained MyPhone a pure Windows-based event. However, the initially offered free of charge, including on-line 200 megabytes of storage per user.

Microsoft's mobile software store has a long name

Just like the touch-screen support for Windows Mobile 6.5 as late tightening view, it is probably justified, the announcement of an online store for mobile software as a Me-Too-action themselves. The success of the App Store for Apple's iPhone has finally been lured Nokia, an amazingly similar Ovi-Store for the Finnish mobile phones increases.


Microsoft Mobile Internet: The battle for the cloud starts (20.01.2009)

Mobile World Congress: Sony Ericsson promises 12-megapixel mobile phone (16.02.2009)

Solar Cell Phones: Mobile phone with a green conscience (15.02.2009)

Mobile Mobile World Congress trade show: mobile, with more megapixels (12.02.2009)

Online tracking service Latitude: Google knows where you are (04.02.2009)

Google mobile T-Mobile G1: A Better iPhone (19.01.2009)

But while the opening of Nokia's Ovi Store binding for May was announced, Microsoft may still not set. Initial intention was to ensure full shelves. Initially, the company is only a website online, on mobile software developers to the Windows Mobile programs may submit for publication.

For software which is on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile Shop designated relates, Microsoft-certified. Prior to the publication so each program must first pass a review. Apple makes it so exactly what the developers sometimes makes for trouble if their programs inexplicably for weeks in the queue are established.

Is Microsoft's mission has succeeded?

Far more than a few weeks now but have to wait all those interested in the light of Microsoft's announcements on a mobile phone with Windows Mobile 6.5 look. because with the delivery of the software, the Group until the second half started. Mobile phones with the new Windows, then probably only after the summer holidays in the shops jumbled.


Discuss about this article

One innovation that Microsoft is ahead in this way can hardly work out. At least the competition will have to wait for the new Windows Mobile certainly use it to their own offerings to improve and especially those working on issues for which Microsoft has now caught up. Probably in June, a new Apple iPhone imagine this with an update of the operating system should go hand in hand. And the Open Handset Alliance, together with the Google Android operating system developed is not in the hands of time to relax.

So while Microsoft apparently has caught up to the competition, it could be up to the planned release date of Windows Mobile 6.5 already made good ground, Microsoft once again into the persecutor position abgedrängt have.

Human rights activists demanding waiving bloody raw materials.

So much material for the Handybau was a dirty commodity, in the blood sticks, human rights activists argue - and called for the launch of mobile phone Mobile World Congress trade show a waiver of metals from the Congo.


Kinshasa / Barcelona - Mobile phone manufacturer, according to the will of human rights materials no longer in the disputed territories of the Democratic Republic of Congo for using their mobile phones. The corporations should review their supply chain, so that with their money, armed conflicts in the African country would be funded, the organization called Global Witness on Monday in a statement to launch the world's largest wireless trade show in Barcelona.

Congo wars (archive image from November 2008): 14 years duration of the conflict for power and mineral resources

Investigations of the Organization together with United Nations experts have shown that the most important armed groups in eastern African country directly from the sale of some of tin or tantalum funded. These metals are important for the production of mobile phones. The record highs in commodity prices over the past year have fueled the conflicts continue.

The problem has long been known. Particularly semiconductor technology is based on some very rare raw materials. Where those in politically unstable areas, they are rapidly becoming the controversial Good: In the Congo the dispute belongs to the local coltan deposits from which tantalum is obtained, with the engines of since 1996, with only short interruptions raging Congo, respectively Kivukrieges, currently around 5.4 million lives have.

Because the struggle for the exploitation of coltan deposits as one of the main reasons for the duration of conflict is seen, it had since the late nineties, again and again to calls for boycotts. Coltan contains both the expensive tantalum, of the world each year barely 1400 tonnes encouraged, as well as the cheaper niobium, among other things, as tantalum replacements in the high-tech production is used.

In particular, the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, on the border with Rwanda and Uganda, is rich in raw materials. In addition to coltan in the Congo are also a variety of precious metals promoted beyond diamonds, copper, tin and other ores.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mobile phone with a green conscience.

Solar power makes mobile phones more environmentally active: If on Monday the mobile phone Mobile World Congress trade show begins, playing alongside new technology and the environment play a role. Already leaked details to three solar cell phones, which at the premiere.


Samsung makes as it's done. On Monday, the South Korean companies on the mobile phone Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona a mobile phone with a green conscience imagine. Blue Earth, Blue Earth, the device will be hot, with one exemplary environment-friendly mobile phone calls can be. Solar power and recycled materials to make the trick possible, software functionality to ensure that you are karma points can collect.

Because the electricity to operate the Samsung phone that produce solar cells at the back of your phone. Their energy output is sufficient to make the battery of the device regardless of chargers and power sockets to fill. In the event that the clouds or heaven impose it simply night, the phone is a particularly economical with charger. Not more than 0.03 watts, the current transformer in a standby mode wasting - a good value.

But not enough - the manufacturer says, the housing of the eco-phone from a recycled plastic called PCM manufactured from recycled water bottles to be won. In the production of mobile phone and charger will also be harmful brominated flame retardants as well as beryllium and phthalates waived. The packaging, finally, should be produced from waste paper.

A pedometer for the environment

Special emphasis the company but that its engineers and the software of the Blue Earth to save energy have trimmed. One
According to Samsung press release, the user interface on a special way have been designed "to focus attention on protecting the sensitive environment to steer."


Eco-Cargo: First Solar beats in lake freighter (20.12.2008)

Green power for mobile phones: Put your power but even (14.12.2008)

Ceatec technology show: solar phones dominate Japan's craziest gadget Fair (04.10.2008)

Eco-electric mode: A solar bikini with extras (14.05.2008)

Eco-Mobile: Samsung is trying to Biohandys (17.06.2008)

FREE Dreingabe: Nokia gives away music (05.12.2007)

Therefore, it was particularly light, the brightness of the screen to change the length of the fluorescent lighting to reduce screen and the Bluetooth function in a power saving mode. With a single click could be the device into an "eco-mode" switch.

The Blue Earth, also has a pedometer. The, however, is not how you could think about this thought, sporting achievements recorded. Instead, he traveled on foot trails provide information and immediately calculate how much CO2 you have saved by using instead gone to the car to use. Incidentally vorgerechnet be so, how many trees you saved through his walks has. Cute, is not it?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The bumpy road to digital Lego.

Expansion of a brand: Later this year, digital cameras, MP3 player and walkie talkies from Lego on the market - and allegedly even a mobile phone. On the frustration of nerds who have long to wait really digital building blocks, the only Lego Gadgets-optics offer.


On Wednesday appeared almost simultaneously on two gadget blogs is a picture of the Lego-phones on. It is photographed by a monitor on which a colorful mobile can be seen, whose distinctive keyboard in pimples look is required. Moreover, in the picture only to realize that keyboard as well as front and back of the phone are interchangeable. Last emblazoned unmistakably Alcatel on the phone. They reported the blog "Engadget" and "Boy Genius Report" in unison, that the phone Lego together with the French Alcatel-Lucent Group develops and that it later this year on the market.

Alleged block-Mobile: Tech Lego vision or hallucination of some bloggers?

Despite the rather meager information without a source spread the news of the "Lego-mobile" promptly and widely in technology, toys and design blogs. Surprisingly, this effusive reception is still not alone because the photo obviously targeted a few days before the most important mobile phone trade fair was launched, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Accordingly, great attention is currently for mobile innovation, especially when they come along as colorful as the alleged Lego phone.

The Lego promise

Beyond the timing of the message was supposed Bauklotz phone so eager but also because technical world already for a decade to a digital Lego incarnation wait. The expectation comes first, therefore, that the plastic components for a modular design principle, very simple and very elegant. And after the
Principle generations of engineers and nerds has characterized (more Lego hackers in the photo gallery below), they naturally expect a digital high-tech update of the colorful blocks.

How could the appearance, the young designer Chetan Sorab with a concept called
BLOC already exemplarily shown: classic Lego blocks, which each have a function such as memory, MP3 player or integrated display.

The Danish toy maker has the digitization, however, a crisis presents, inter alia, because the first attempts of the building blocks high-tech toys to make were rather disappointing. But in the meantime, the Group has overcome its crisis and seems willing, in the second start the digital challenge.

Lego presented in early February, for example, a new kit called
WeDo who has primary school pupils playful robotics and computer science will teach. And recently had a
Press release from the company Digital Blue sit up: It was developing along with Lego digital cameras, MP3 players and
Walkie talkies for children. These should be already in the summer, at prices 20 to 60 dollars on the market.

Everything just design

The Lego gadgets for children are likely in the adult Lego nerds, however, rather disappointed trigger. The devices will be only in Lego-shaped appearance, but not really be assembled from components. To demonstrate the device again, how difficult it is to form and function of the digital building blocks also should be brought into line.

Only the design of the building blocks incorporated, but not their functional diversity is still very popular: Sun has LaCie "
Brick Desktop Hard baptized in the offer, like oversized Lego bricks look. The devices were approved by the designer Ora-Ito designed and differ in some details from the obvious example.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

Generally can be repeatedly designer of the building blocks to spontaneously Lego inspired designs. About Sander Brouwer, whose
Lego Bracelet children's movements via GPS monitoring should. To make it also attractive for the children to make, it also offers a camera, games and speakers - and of course you can also Lego pieces stuck to the bracelet. With MP3 player, digital camera and mobile phone in the Lego Bauklotzoptik could very well be successful. The promise of truly digital device, however, probably also 2009, unfulfilled. But that already have companies like Buglabs with their
modular gadgets redeemed.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mobile phone with more megapixels.

Gigahertz and Lego mobile phones, eight-megapixel handsets and new online services: At the Mobile World Congress, the industry its plans for 2009. ONLINE blogs has already gathered, what innovations can be expected.


On Monday, it is again: The Spanish Barcelona starts the most important mobile phone trade show of the year, the Mobile World Congress. Four days show producers and developers, what ideas they hatch, what new features they have invented design trends and what the next-generation mobile phone will follow.

Toshiba TG01: On the website "Pocketlint" are already photos of Toshiba's gigahertz-mobile to see

The highlight of the fair - or at least a highlight of the fair - could come precisely from Toshiba. In Germany, the Japanese company rather than notebook manufacturers known as the leading mobile provider at best a niche.

That could change this spring. Because in Barcelona Toshiba wants the Windows Mobile phone TG01 imagine reported
"Pocketlint" and says the phone to potential iPhone competitors. Toshiba British managers, according to the phone "to revolutionize mobile entertainment world." In other words, as Toshiba has what is quite made.

But it seems so far, could become the new mobile phone actually some advantages for themselves. That not only the technical data, but above all, the images suggest the "Pocketlint" has put on line. At first glance, like that of the more than ten centimeters wide screen, whose resolution with 800 x 480 pixels far beyond the usual standards.

More importantly, however, should the processor of the mobile phone's. In TG01 Toshiba sets the first time a new chip called Snapdragons On. The Qualcomm-developed mobile drive achieves a clock frequency of 1 GHz, making it the fastest so far mobile chip - and should also be extremely frugal with the battery deal. Above all, he should ensure that the TG01, for example, movies in DivX format can play.

And even otherwise, there is the device seems to nothing that makes today's phones hip. Thus, an acceleration sensor as well as an integrated GPS receiver, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

What everyone does not encourage enthusiasm storms likely, is that in the TG01 runs Windows Mobile 6.1, an OS that is not just for ease of use and multimedia stands. The Microsoft system, however, Toshiba has a very colorful user full 3D animations übergestülpt, so that one of substructure hardly anything mitbekommt.



Universal Mobile Telecommunications System - is often referred to as standard for third generation (3G) that it takes much higher data rates than its predecessor, enables GSM. German UMTS networks typically create a bandwidth of 384 kbit / s for data transmission from the terminal Mobilfunkmast. Regular DSL connections offer today übrlicherweise 1024 Kbit / s. (more on blogs KNOW)


High Speed Downlink Packet Access - is based on UMTS on, but reached significantly higher transmission rates in the transmission of Mobilfunkmast to the terminal. The practically achievable data rate is currently at 1.4 Mbit / s. Through technological improvements, it gradually to 5.1 Mbit / s rise. (more on blogs KNOW)


General Packet Radio Service - this standard decomposed data at stations in individual packets, it transmits gestückelt and puts them back together at the receiver. By bundling multiple transmission channels is theoretically a transmission rate of up to 171.2 kbit / s possible. In practical operation, it is usually 55.6 Kbit / s - so slow modems were in the days before DSL. (more on blogs KNOW)


Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution - technology to increase the rate of data transmission in GSM mobile networks. Through more efficient modulation techniques are in the sum up to 384 kbit / s can be achieved - that is UMTS speed. Edge has been accessed in 75 countries. (more on blogs KNOW)


The WiMax technology includes several standards, data on different radio frequencies. Some WiMax standards require a visual connection between the transmitter and receiver, other signals can also penetrate walls. Tests WiMax will have data transfer rates of more than 100 Mbit / s has been achieved. Hermann Lipfert, an expert in wireless networks at the Munich Institute for Broadcasting Technology (IRT) estimates that in a regular-WiMax wireless cell Tranferraten from 50 Mbit / s are realistic - under ideal conditions and with application of all presently available technical tricks. This range would need to be as in UMTS all users share in the respective cell line. (more on blogs KNOW)


The DVB-T standard provides for the distribution of digital television signals by radio. The DVB standard is also designed to evaluate Internet content to transfer - in the frequency range of a single analogue television channel (about 7 MHz) fit, but just 13 megabits per second into it. If a single broadcast station that is 20 users hanging around the same time, a file download to try, it will be close - the data rate for each user would be less than one Mbit / s, ie lower than the cheapest DSL connections that are currently on offer are. "The biggest risk for this technology is, from the present to become obsolete," says Sven Hansen from the computer magazine "c't". Applying the content over DVB, which also goes in only one direction - just like in television. The return channel must then be produced by other means, such as via a conventional telephone line. Mouse clicks in the browser went with this method over the telephone line to the provider, the requested pages woul!
d be of the DVB broadcast station back to the receiver gefunkt. This is cumbersome - and slow. (more on blogs KNOW)


Long Term Evolution is the name that a number of mobile phone companies a broader standard of the fourth generation mobile communications have given. LTE is basically an evolution of UMTS - but requires completely new hardware, including new broadcasting stations. LTE competes with the WiMax standard to the market leader in the mobile Internet of the future - between the two standards may be a new format war. LTE has been estimated by experts to WiMax, however, about two years behind in terms of technological development. (More at blogs KNOW)

When the device is in the market is still open. Sometime in the summer as far as it should be accurate when you liked Toshiba not specify.

Music phones, download stores and multi-megapixel camera phones: Read the following pages, the innovations at the mobile exhibition will be shown.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The legend of the deadly cell phone.

The Chinese, the last week, according to initial reports by the explosion of his cell phone battery died, has in fact dealt with a firearm. The legend of the "death mobile" does still persist, because it's the uneasiness over the mobile phone boom articulated.


Last week was preceded by a familiar-looking headlines around the world, according to a Chinese by the explosion of his mobile phone had been killed. The incident took place in a computer store in Guangzhou, South China, in which the shop owner after an injury to the carotid artery devitalized. Cause of this fatal injury, the explosion of the battery in the mobile phone of the victim have been.

Mobile: An explosive charge at the ear?

That hinted at any rate the evidence that: First, an eye witness reported that she was a loud bang and then been alerted to the shop geeilt, where they bleed to the man and experimentation. In addition, Chinese investigators found the cell phone of the victim in front of dismantled parts.

But the story of the "deadly mobile" is probably too good to be true: After a thorough investigation, the Chinese police in any case that a "firearm brand self" was the cause of death. Thus the man has a gun illegally for the production of doom, from which a shot sparked. And accidentally have left the projectile is designed for the fatal injuries as well as the destruction of the cell phones responsible for how the British newspaper "
Telegraph and Chinese media report.

This is a seemingly even more particularly spectacular case of a fatal mobile "as a duck: That was in 2007 in the case of the death of a Korean worker so, who emerged as a tragic accident. Here it was a colleague of the victim, with the story of suddenly exploding battery of his own wanted to deflect blame. And though the legend of "death by mobile phone explosion" is now a common place, it seems only a single case to which this stereotype is halfway.

These are the fatal accident of an electrical welder in Chinese Shuangcheng. Meanwhile, mobile phone battery exploded in 2007 and broke the rib of man, which his heart was fatally injured. In this case, the victim, but the most basic security precautions ignored when his phone while fiddling with the welding loosely in the shirt pocket with lead. For the worker fatality was in all probability, the extreme heat during welding.

Almost nothing is as unlikely as the deadly cell phone

The single case of a cell phone explosion resulting in death is the fact that globally about 3.5 billion mobile phone. Statistically, the risk that the detonation of their own phones to die, so that probably does not exist. The fact that the legend of the "deadly HandyGames" still a common place could be, must therefore have other causes.

Near Prone seems that initially the unease towards a rapid technological development articulated: mobile within a few years our lives completely conquered and partially changed dramatically. Such a rapid development inevitably produces anxiety, which is however difficult to express - And in the tale of the "killer device" to find a valve.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

Besides the gentle showers that we have the alleged death threat through his own telephone brings, the legend of the "death mobile" but also a useful educational effect. Because batteries, in which more and more energy on less and less space is concentrated, have a recognized hazard. This is not fatal, but should be some simple rules when dealing with modern lithium-ion batteries observed. To have seen the stories of the "deadly mobile explosion" even their permission, even if it is not true.

Monday, February 9, 2009

3D display, double flip TV and iPhone.

The Japanese mobile market is the rest of the world is always two steps ahead, as the collections for 2009 show: In addition to exceptional design are models with 3D-display, two TV tuners, or functions for CD ripping, too. Only latte macchiato, they may still not foam.


In Japan, in January, the traditional cell phone collections for the new year presented. And in view of the models presented here, the term collection is actually appropriate: From a European perspective it seems that the Japanese mobile reality of today is more like science fiction, so look out design and functionality. Almost from irritate the Japanese,
what blogs-ONLINE-house illustrator Jamiri years ago as a cell phone gimmicks dreamed of. However, technical barriers usually provide that the equally colorful as graceful phones only in the Japanese network of third-generation work.

KDDI-Hitachi H0001-Handy: 3D screen including

The most innovative suppliers in the Japanese mobile was not the last leader
NTT DoCoMo, but the number two KDDI. From its laboratories are always imaginative concepts for the future. Recently, for example, hybrid devices, from traditional musical instruments and mobile phones or a mobile phone with fold out solar panels after satellite-like manner.

3D Display

But the
Devices that are very real KDDI offers to have it in them. Among the recently proposed models for 2009 is even a mobile phone with 3D display: The "Wooo H0001" phone dubbed Hitachi works on the principle of stereo copy. This will display the contents of two slightly shifted perspective views, which we perceive as three-dimensional figure - at least when the viewer in the correct position before the display sits.

The Wooo H0001 also waits with a further feature of it with some other models from the current collection KDDI agrees: It can be used as a cross alongside unfolded, so in classic fashion phone for calling, or as an organizer. This double-folding mechanism also has the "Walkman Phone Prime 3" from Sony Ericsson, which also has a small docking station is supplied with one of the music from the CD-player draw (vulgo "rip") may be. And given the boom in mobile music downloads seems to be the Japanese music industry in this feature can not be upset - it is rather as a way understood by the outdated medium of music CD to a contemporary format hinüberzuretten.

In addition to numerous design highlights such as the extremely simple model of Kyocera NS01 or Panasonics P001 falls in KDDI-Casio offer mobile particularly on: The folding phone has a 3 inch touchscreen on the back, only in the folded state is activated. Thus, the CA001 as full Digicam act. And even if there is no details were mentioned, here are probably at least eight megapixels to expect that many other cameras in the current KDDI models offer.

Double TV

From the Japanese market leader NTT DoCoMo, this year is a little under his spectacular to report. This should mainly be because the company seeks more international compatibility and therefore many models in Europe or the United States during the year have to be.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

The third largest mobile communications,
Softbank, for 2009 has apparently completely committed to the issue of TV: How to make the 932SH by Sharp with two built-in TV tuners. The purpose of this equipment is the possibility of a program while recording another. And also because Softbank, the Japanese supplier of the iPhone is, the company has also
for the Apple phone TV-out solution - no TV option seems to have the phone no chance. To TV on iPhone to bring Softbank offers an 80 grams heavy device at the mobile TV receives signals via WiFi, and Apple's cell phone to send.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

SMS calls garbage disposal robots.

In a small village in Tuscany will start in March, a field in which garbage collection and street cleaning robots take over. Instead of fixed times to come to the house empty bins as soon as the inhabitants of an SMS to send the city clean.


The Italian Peccioli town has about 5,000 inhabitants, winding streets and stately historic buildings. In view of the village which is about 50 miles southwest of Florence in Tuscany is, one thinks involuntarily of the attributes of a classic holiday Italy: elegant landscapes, ancient architecture and traditional food. It will soon Peccioli in an experiment carried out, which sounds like science fiction: robots refuse collection and street cleaning will take over.

Dustbot homepage: In Tuscany, in future, the robots take on dirty work

The practice test is a robot named DustClean the streets Pecciolis independently of waste clean up, while his colleague DustCart the trash pick up. The latter does not happen at fixed times, but according to the needs of residents. If the trash is full, they send an SMS to the headquarters of the rubbish collection send whereupon the sheet metal garbage man hopefully will set into motion.

DustCart and DustClean are variants of the robot
DustBot who in the past three years by researchers at the
University of Florence and the
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna was developed. The scientists collaborated with seven other institutions from five European countries. A large part of the around 2.8 million overall project budget comes from the European Union. The name of the Sauber-bot was developed by a Disney character-inspired, but also has direct ancestors: Under the name "DustBot" brought
The Japanese company Tomy in 1985 a series of vacuum cleaners and staubfegender robot on the market, but rather as a toy to understand.

The result of the previous development, the platform is DustBot that their orders depending on the application area is done in different ways. As the vehicle rolls DustCart upright like the Segway scooter. It looks like a dustbin on wheels, the only antenna and monitor their high-tech appearance receives. The DustClean variant, however, is tipped to four wheels, in-style vacuum cleaner to clean the streets. This orients them to role models, their practicality has already demonstrated, such as
the robot vacuum cleaner "Roomba".

From the living room on the road

Both garbage man robots find their way in principle with the GPS satellite navigation system. But the Sauber-bots would not be everyday, they would stubbornly on the routes to be calculated. Road to fitness by ultrasonic sensors receive those other road users and obstacles of all kinds, not in their digital maps are evasive.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

If the tests in Peccioli successful, this would be a crucial step in the direction of the often cited pervasive everyday robotics. "Whether behind the bar, at the airport or in the garbage disposal: Robots are used in 10 to 15 years belong to everyday life, like the washing machine, which 40 years ago has kept its withdrawal," said, for example,
Jens Hanke of the Berlin high-wrought Robowatch Technologies last year to blogs ONLINE.

And the researchers DustBot of the project are always looking for other areas of their platform. Thus, a variant DustBot soon in Osaka, Japan elderly carrying shopping bags to help, as project manager Paolo Dario opposite "
pressetext "said.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Google's phone books have hiccups.

Classic phone: With this promise applies a mobile version of Google Book Search Google Books. So far, however, the pocket library only two mobile phone models - and which do not always.


The G1 does not want to read. Definitely not "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens and the poems of William Blake is not. First test runs with the Google mobile phone in the editorial of blogs ONLINE allowed no free reading on the mini-screen. The Google Books is now also available in mobile, in a pocket for phones optimized version. In a subsequent trial could then glances cast in books, both on a G1 phone as well as on an iPhone. On the Apple ran the phone book application, surprisingly even better than on Google's mobile phone.

Google Books for mobile phone: "Oliver Twist" until three band

On Google's other mobile phone books are not currently have - a guerrilla attempt with a Nokia E71 has failed all along the line, except a white screen, the address supplied / m nothing. Also in the Web browser can retrieve the mobile sites, as well as experienced on the first day mainly waiting. Presumably, the crowd was simply too big.

"Sometimes we yearn for more than just playing games or videos," remarked the Mobile Search team at Google would be entirely correct in a corresponding
Blog entry. Therefore we have the books available for free from the Google Book Search now specifically re-digitized, ie converted into text files. The can be attributed to a phone much easier and with less data volume than the show scanned book pages, the Google Books else has to offer.

"Alice", the software can not read

This extremely complex task you have to Google a so-called OCR software. It stands for Optical Character Recognition - and has been a concern of all those who like everything that ever was written, in file format had. The OCR works good times and bad times, as in the aforementioned blog entry with an example of an "Alice in Wonderland manuscript is impressively documented here recognizes the software as good as nothing.

Even in the books for mobile phones are numerous logical errors, breaks records, spontaneous breaks in the middle of the sentence and lonely and just standing around to find scraps of words. Because you are aware of this problem is to keep Google as the original backdoor scans with before. If a piece of pure text can not understand, it is the relevant section by clicking in its original version scanned to retrieve - as an image file.

In the current quality of Google's telephone books but then that is more a gimmick than a serious alternative to paper or magazine for long train journeys (except that on cellphone screens perhaps prefer not Shakespeare plays would like to read). The targeted 1.5 million books to date are also far from being fully accessible to all - "Oliver Twist", for example, begins in the mobile version of somewhere in the middle - telefontauglich has been made so far seem only volume number three.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

French court bans mobile phone mast.

The verdict is in force: Because a health hazard not be ruled out, a cell phone in France Funkmast again dismantled. Residents were against the giant antenna sued.


Versaillles - The company apparently had trouble coming. Instead of the simple cellular antenna at the edge of the city to build, had opted for a more complex procedure, the structure, as well it just went, disguised as a large conifer. The local residents but were advised by the mummery not mislead, complained against Sendemast - with success. The Court of Appeal of Versailles ordered the phone company Bouygues Telecom now, the relay antenna again to remove.

Mobile antenna (archive): In France, such a transmitter according to a court decision removed from the vessel

A decision at first instance was thus confirmed. "Nothing makes it clear the impact on public health to exclude people if electromagnetic waves or fields are exposed," says the evening on Wednesday published opinion.

Although the risk of "hypothetical" that showed scientific studies and different rules in different countries, that there is "uncertainty about the safety of mobile phone radiation was, explained the judge. Bouygues had the antenna in 2006 on the verge of a settlement in the town of Tassin-la-Demi-Lune built. Residents subsequently complained about insomnia and eczema.

Antennas "on probation"

The lawyer of the plaintiff, Richard Forget, said that Bouygues Telecom now be 500 Euros for each subsequent day pay on which the antenna will remain. At the same time, get each of the three plaintiff couples Euro 7000 damages. This was a precedent had been created. "All of relay antennas Bouygues are only on probation."

Bouygues announced that the plant dismantle, but criticized the decision. They contradict a higher court decisions, said a spokesman. The company examines why an appeal before the Court of Cassation, France's highest civil and criminal authority. The company pointed out that after the verdict was virtually impossible, by the state required coverage of mobile telephony services to reach.


"Cellphone radiation" SAR poor radiation equipment

The word makes for some concern, especially among physics novices. Mobile phones (and the associated transmission towers) to build high-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields. In Germany, in GSM mobile networks to frequencies 900 and 1800 megahertz used. Mobile telephony is not the only technology that generates these fields. Also, for example, cordless (DECT) phones do das

About possible health effects of mobile phone technology is much controversy among laymen. Thousands of scientific studies have thus - so far no evidence for a harmful effect to be able to deliver. Well known, however, is that cell phones for a slight warming of a few degrees can make the head. Among insiders, this is also known as "Wollmützeneffekt known.

The measured SAR describes how much energy in an electromagnetic field is transmitted. The acronym stands for "specific absorption rate". This unit can easily understand what readings are linked here: W / kg stands for watts per kilogram. The energy (in watts) is in the body tissue (in kilograms), especially in heat.

The specific absorption rate is determined by six minutes, the heating of body tissue to measure and represents an average. It is expected that after some time an equilibrium between supply and heat-duty arises.

The manufacturers of mobile phones than SAR value for the respective models, the maximum values.

Following a recommendation from the Commission on Radiological Protection in Germany is the limit for the SAR of a mobile phone with 2 W / kg. This is based on a guideline of the International Commission for Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP).

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) in Salzgitter lists on its Web site 814 phones at 26 different manufacturers. For 742 of them a standardized SAR could be determined. All were below the statutory SAR of 2 W / kg. The differences between the models are, however, some huge.

As of December 2006, the BfS to: of 465 mobile phones are currently produced almost a third below a SAR of 0.6 W / kg. The Office has been calling for years that such radiation particularly poor equipment with a special seal, the blue angels environment, be labeled.

The manufacturers submit their equipment so far but not a certification.


About possible health risks from mobile phone radiation, scientists argue, mobile companies and critic for many years. Regularly, conflicting research results are published, the times
an increased cancer risk for mobile phone forecast times
no evidence of potential risks can be found. Tangible evidence of links between cell phone radiation and health complaints were not previously demonstrated.

Mobile phone explosion kills 20-year-olds.

The death came suddenly in China is a young man apparently by the explosion of his mobile phone had been killed. The tragedy is not an isolated case. Already several people died or were injured when their cell phones detonated. The cause is usually the battery is seen.


Chinese media reports that the man had just finished a new battery for his cell phone purchased, the current memory immediately charged and used his mobile phone. Shortly after he set the phone in his breast pocket had had the explosion occurred. A woman in an adjacent shop in a shopping street in Guangzhou, South China worked, said journalists that she had heard a loud bang. Subsequently, it was immediately adjacent to the Lenovo store gone.

Hidden cellphone: This device is planned for 2007 the death of a Korean worker caused

There they had the 20-year-olds already on the ground are seen. The explosion was a neck artery of the injured man was a pool of blood spread quickly across the floor. As a cause of death is therefore not the explosion itself, but the high blood loss approved. Which mobile phone manufacturers and the battery came from is unknown.

Similar cases have occurred in Asia in recent years has repeatedly given. Sun died in November 2007, a worker in the South Chungcheong Province on the effects of a mobile phone explosion. Doctors had suspected that the pressure of the explosion had the heart and lungs so damaged that it came to death. The battery of the mobile in question was when the incident completely together.

No individual

Some months earlier, was a welder in the Chinese Shuangcheng died after his mobile phone had exploded. As in the current case was the explosion but not the direct cause of death. Rather, the man by the blast broke a rib, which is drilled into his heart. Although the welder was still provides doctors, he succumbed to the injuries.

Chinese newspaper reported in its online edition of at least five similar cases which have occurred since 2002.

The cause of such cell phone explosions are always low-battery suspects. In Europe, in 2003, several cases of exploding cell phone batteries reported. At the time, were inferior copies of branded batteries as a cause identified. Cell phone manufacturers like Nokia characterize their original batteries, since then, with hologram stickers.

In order to avoid such accidents, it is a few simple safety rules:

Use only the best batteries and chargers from the respective mobile phone manufacturer. As an alternative to brand products from companies serve. From low-cost batteries, such as in online auction houses and flea markets are offered, you should leave the fingers.

Protect your cell phone and battery against excessive heat. High temperatures can be uncontrollable chain reactions in the battery to trigger even fire. Insert the phone while cooking, ironing or welding so dear to the side.

Protect your cell phone and battery against moisture. Although they can be dry again, but possible corrosion effects may lead to malfunction.

Treat it carefully batteries. Excessive pressure, deformations, bruises and scratches can damage the internal structures, to short circuits or chemical reactions. When in doubt, you should prefer to replace the battery - and properly dispose of the old.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Google knows where you are.

With the positioning service Google Latitude manifests the end of privacy. By cellphone tracking can be seen in Google Maps to display where friends and relatives right now. In principle, this could be fun - if only someone would join it.


Google heralds the end of all excuses On. Sayings like "I'm standing in a traffic jam," "am already on, just go to mom," you can now save on your mobile. At least if you use Google Latitude. The expansion of the online map service Google Maps showing family and friends anytime, where you're staying. This works of course in the opposite direction by the location of the delights in the Google Maps display.

Whether you really want is another question.

To use the new service you need not just a Google Account, you must also have the right mobile phone. From Google's perspective would be the fact the T-Mobile G1, the so-called Google phone. Ironically, the Latitude software for the G1, but is not ready.

Even Apple's iPhone is already on the list, but also still waiting on the software adaptation. Nevertheless, the localization system according to Google, however, on most Symbian S60 devices, so Nokia's smartphones, on many BlackBerrys, and most mobile phones with Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher.

They are found

The application is simple: From the Google Directory, select the contacts whose locations you would like to know. By e-mail the chosen ones then post, must first give their consent before Google is trying to make their site to find.

The actual location is then according to the motto "we take what we get." If the searched around a GPS mobile phone, the satellite tracking certain position. If not, Google calculates the approximate position of the mobile phone via the mobile network.

However, PC users are not excluded. Who around the office on a standard PC is sitting, his whereabouts can also manually enter in Latitude. With Google's Chrome browser is that, as Google, also can be completed automatically. The midday performance in the canteen then logically remains unnoticed.

Motion without movement Profiles

But anyway the system displays only the approximate position of its user. A meter precise positioning, using GPS as they would theoretically be possible, the company promises not.

Above all, however, leaves it to the respective users to determine how closely one's position to communicate. For each location scouts can be adjusted, whether his current position, the only city in which it resides, or no position data may be communicated. That is at least a degree of anonymity and one can, for example, the pre-Christmas shopping before the family hide. Who knows everything on the other hand, in principle, is the service provider in the middle - Google.

After all, Google promises that the position data is not saved. A motion profile can be derived from the Latitude data do not create - at least not automatically. Who sets the value, you can of course also just a regular decent data retrieve a specified item, and then manually save it to a profile together. Good also conceivable that for this task is a software program.

"If you do nothing on!"

But by such paranoid ideas will not know about Google. Fun is the new tool do not create fear. Therefore, you can also simply the symbol of a friend on the digital map Click on him or her via SMS, email or chat to contact us. So should arrange spontaneous meetings, or just tips on what you just enterprise could be replaced. And because the whole thing within Google Maps is running, you may wish to also get directions for a meeting on the cell phone can beam.

In essence, Google has thus the promise of the so-called location-based services, the location service, a good bit more redeemed. It remains only the question of whether you actually want.

Those who are already on the Internet under the slogan "I have nothing to hide" digitally exposes will love Latitude. A test well in a dozen Google users send their request to release location data remained completely unsuccessful. Exemplary should notify one of the answer be: "If you do nothing to."

Since Google still has some convincing to be done.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Import iPhones with side effects.

Contract Free iPhones to import is a risky business, even if those from EU countries. The sale itself can Apple not prohibit, but also detours lead to Rome: Apple goes with warnings against the use of Apple's promotional pictures before.


At the end of January of the fax machine spat Kristof Loll a twelve-letter from a law firm in Cologne. Loll was surprised that screenshots of their online stores recognition. The lawyers wanted to with the warning not to sell the iPhone does, but the use of Apple's images. From a legal perspective, is perfectly legitimate: Apple holds the copyright to the images.

Prohibitions for Impoteure: Official Apple-promo-pictures of the iPhone to independent merchants can not be used

It's just unusual, "This is absolutely incomprehensible to me," says Kristof Loll. Every other manufacturer was happy when the original image material used. No brand manufacturer looks like badly lit amateur photos of its products on the pages of online shops.

iPhones from Italy

It sells no Loll by software (Jailbreak) hacked iPhones. The equipment comes from Italy and are responsible for the European economic space. You do not have a network lock, are Simlock-free. Glad to see that Apple still does not.

Because Apple actually leaves the exclusive distributor in Germany, its partner T-Mobile - and captivates the devices to his network. In many other countries, however, Apple has with the introduction of the second-generation iPhone on exclusive contracts with cellular providers waived. How can the Italian iPhones with any SIM card in Germany.

Also, the software updates and installing applications via the Apple iTunes software are easily possible. So enjoy the great demand for imported equipment. Exact sales figures will not betray Kristof Loll, but supposedly will be worthwhile for him: He does not abandon.

Trouble with Gmail

This allows the dealer does not have a shortage of anger complain. He had been warnings for a specific cost center established joked Loll. Because the iPhone has other import reactions.

In December he reached on behalf of Daniel Giersch a warning. The young entrepreneur offers at the address postal services. The free mail service from Google is actually also Gmail. But in Germany, Daniel Giersch has this brand on the Prozessweg secure for themselves. So Google's service in Germany and Austria now Gmail, as otherwise only in Britain, where the brand is also someone in Gmail could only ride.

In Italy, however, says Google's mail service as anywhere else in the World: Gmail. And this mail service is in the import iPhones preconfigured. Of course you can see the logo. Exactly Giersch warned that the traders from Kiel. In Germany, the iPhone may sell the Gmail logo is not used. Kristof had Zähneknirschen Loll acknowledge the warning.

Illegal image use

The current warning he will sign it and the attorney's fees in the amount of 1,780 euros at a fixed value of 100,000 euros to pay. Now the question arises as to whether Apple's lawyers to other bloggers and site operators are released. The probability is large, because in the use of ties to the U.S. Apple site is clear that the images only for editorial purposes and analysts may be used. The use for advertising, brochures, books and T-shirts is strictly prohibited.

"Our terms of use, there are quite clear," says Georg Albrecht, Apple spokesman in Germany. When asked whether import more equipment dealer must reckon with the warnings and how to trade with Apple devices simlockfreien is like no Albrecht information.

Meanwhile Loll Kristof makes a virtue out of necessity. Since he has new images for his shop with a professional photographer had to be carried out, he thought, he could also contribute to the PR purposes. The different, he offered views of the iPhones may now use any and even change.
Creative Commons license called das

The only condition: The user must specify where the images he has. So the copyright notice at the photos now every time a little advertising for Lolle shop.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

30 percent interest loans for 30 days.

The fast and easy credit via SMS is a phenomenon that is particularly rife in northern Europe: After the Scandinavian countries, measures against excessive debt have taken the mobile credit now a problem in Estonia.


Banking transactions with the phone to execute, this country is still an exotic niche phenomenon. True success as a mobile wallet account, and probably only in high-tech nations such as Japan and South Korea as well as in emerging countries. It replaces the mobile phone in Japan are increasingly cash when making purchases for daily needs, while in countries like India the mobile phone assets now account for the first But for millions of poor people.

Serious offer already on the homepage of SMS Laen we learn that for 30 days credit up to 30 percent interest is charged

Less well known is another form of mobile financial transactions, although this in northern Europe is widespread: Spontaneous credits via SMS. In this special kind of mobile banking companies promise to quickly and easily transfer money to pump. They hold the provider with old-fashioned practices such as the review of the creditworthiness of, but they require, however, unfortunately, annual interest of up to one thousand percent.

The mostly young borrowers are these exorbitant interest rates but most do not realize, because the loans are usually only for a few weeks are awarded.

Estonia indebted to mobile

Currently, the SMS is booming lending business, especially in Estonia, where no fewer than ten companies that operate business model questionable. Overall, the company is an annual loan volume of up to half a billion Estonian crowns (32 to 64 million euros) awarded - exact figures are obviously not to be identified because the credit transactions in their companies generally do not publish.

The undisputed leader of the SMS-loan industry in Estonia is
SMS Laen, the company will be around for half of sales responsibility. In a press release SMS Laen, said last November that about ten percent of his customers are serious problems with the repayment would have. This is contrary to that already in April a representative of the company Julianus collection from the good order situation in its sector through the SMS-loan case geschwärmt had.

Accordingly, it is for most of the insolvent debtors to amounts from 1400 to 1600 euros. And not even the global financial crisis, including through the rotten loans to U.S. home buyers was triggered, it seems that the questionable lending in Estonia to disrupt. Consumer loans without collateral have their permission to
SMS Laen, said CEO Aare Sosaar late last year because they allow for "unforeseen bottlenecks" to be bridged.

The first wave

Your first big boom experienced SMS credit wave two years ago in the Scandinavian countries. And after more and more young borrowers headless in the case of credit had fallen, the phenomenon has been appropriately critical perception. So did the Finnish Financial Supervision FIN-FSA in 2006 a study has concluded that with the SMS credits a new problem had arisen.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

In the Scandinavian countries, but the regulators are now responding to the problem. In Sweden, for example, since early 2008, a scheme under which the loans are no longer within a few minutes to be allowed. On the payment must be in Sweden since then until the next day wait, so the SMS credits are no longer for spontaneous shopping adventures are suitable, which can then be immediately regretted it.