Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Microsoft is planning iPhone rival.

Apple's iPhone gets new competition: software giant Microsoft plans after a newspaper report their own multimedia phone with touchscreen. The cell phone, code-named "Pink", to be next year at the exclusive network provider Verizon available.


A touch-sensitive display, an online store for additional programs: Depending on the model of Apple's iPhone to Microsoft
  appears to be a separate multimedia mobile phones on the market. The device is in the U.S. early next year in the mobile network provider Verizon Wireless to start, reported the Wall Street Journal.

The phone, which under the code name "Pink" is developed, the purpose of Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system to run. Although Microsoft was involved in the development of hardware and software of the phones involved, should be produced, but the device from another manufacturer. With a similar strategy was already using Google's Android mobile operating system on the market. The software came from Google,
Network operator T-Mobile launched the G1 in stores.

With Windows Mobile Marketplace for "plans of the software group after the report also has its own online shop with additional programs. Again following the example of Apple, from its App Store already has one billion programs have been downloaded.

Microsoft had already some years ago the music player Zune as a competitor to Apple iPods on the market. The device could not be enforced against the market leader and has only a small market share. Practically since the iPhone, there was also a "Zunephone" Microsoft speculates, the Windows group, however, the rumors had repeatedly rejected.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hackers steal Hayek's e-mails.

Online burglary at Salma Hayek: apparently gave hackers access to the Internet mailbox of Hollywood stars, now copied mails circulate on the net. Blame is not the technology - but a secret question too lax.


Hackers are apparently in Salma Hayek E-mail caved. Screenshots and a guide to breaking into her account with Apple's MobileMe, they presented in an Internet forum, reports Well probably circulate e-mails from and to Hayek on the Internet, which supposedly exciting insights into the glamorous life of Hollywood actress offer.

Or not: there's to be read in the mail, the hackers in the Internet forum "4chan" have, especially plenty of profane Allerwelts stories. These include a request for an appointment Japanese facial massage, a bill for iPhone applications, personal invitations and travel documents. But even their credit card information millionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault want the hackers have spied. Even more piquant details, so they are in the mail to find, are apparently not appeared yet - now is the access to the mailbox is blocked. Too often in the past hours a password reminder.

Particularly unpleasant universal service could be of service: Even the whole address book of a mobile phone can be secure, and MobileMe sync. Hayek should have used the function, the hackers could have the contact details of many celebrity friends have copied. Apple to take such stories no position, informed the Company on request.

The "secret" question, which was not

The actual hack was anything but expensive - and has nothing to do with shrewd programming knowledge and complicated cyber-attacks to do so. Join one of Apple's MobileMe, you will be invited to a "secret question" up. If you later forget their password, you can by birth date and the correct answer to the "secret question" given a new - one on the Internet widespread method, which of course is only as secure as the selected question.


Palin hacked e-mail account: son of a Democratic U.S. representatives among suspected Hack (19.09.2008)

Data-clause: Paris Hilton phonebook on the Web (22.02.2005)

In the case of Hayek, the question a bit too easy: The anonymous hackers appeared as Salma Hayek and gave to the password to have forgotten. Hayek's birth date can be found practically everywhere on the Internet, the answer was easy to guess. Hayek asked for their best-known film role - or the hacker typed in "Frida" and was thus correct. No wonder, was the Oscar-nominated biography of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo Hayek said dream role.

Selber schuld, one could argue they would have only a slightly more sophisticated secret question should conceive. However, Apple itself is similarly banal question proposed. As an example, after the maiden name of mother asked an information, like date of birth with a bit of effort and motivation in the corresponding personal life researching it.

Sarah Palin and Paris Hilton are suffering colleagues

What kind of trouble a minced contacts can bring about, knows Paris Hilton. They used four years ago, a service from T-Mobile, with which the address book of a mobile phone via the Internet can manage. Apparently Hilton was at the service of their real name and chose a very easy to guess password. Not even a secret question had to be cracked, the hacker handed it out, the name of Hiltons dog entered. The password was simply "Tinker Bell".
Immediately, the private numbers of rapper Eminem, Christina Aguilera, Ashlee Simpson, Anna Kournikowa Co. and distributed on the Internet.

Even Sarah Palin, 2008 Republican candidate for the office of U.S. Vice-President, has already been victims of their lax secret question. She used a private e-mail account with Yahoo, her question was: "Where you learned to your life partner to know?"
With the help of Google and Wikipedia to the son of a Democratic U.S. representatives in 45 minutes, the correct answer and have found the password immediately published in the infamous "4chan" forum. The contents of the messages were less profane: Palin had to explain why as governor of Alaska seems to government business on her private email account was made. According to the law is prohibited.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apple stops Babysch√ɼttel software.

Stir until it is quiet: A long known as a dangerous method, crying babies to calm, came as shaking game in Apple's iTunes Store. Only after protests, the program was again deleted from the offer.


Apple announced the sale of the program "Baby Shaker stopped. The program simulates the display on an iPod touch or iPhone by a cry infant, obtained by the jerky shaking to bring peace. Organizations like the American National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome and the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation, however, protested. They complained that such an Apple software was released.

Because it is a wisdom, which in any guidebook for new parents is to be found: When the baby cries and screeches, it must in no case be shaken. This may do it to internal bleeding. The baby may be permanent damage, which. Although "Babyschütteln" in many states, including Germany, as a criminal offense shall have iPhone users briefly the possibility of a virtual infant with jerky movements to bring about peace.

Since Monday was the software for 99 cents in the iTunes Store. "Try it, as long as you love his or her worth crying can endure before you find a way to calm the baby to make," said little caring in the program description. Had one of the virtual baby by shaking calmed, on whose eyes were two red crosses appear.

How many users since Monday have downloaded the application is not yet known. According to Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris declined Baby Shaker on Monday in the sale on Wednesday and was removed from the online service center.

What is surprising is that the software it distasteful even to sell Apple's virtual shelves did. Each program in the iTunes Store, it must be from Apple a lengthy inspection process. Repeatedly providers complain that there are too inexplicable, sometimes week-long delays.

Currently the company is preparing to Einmilliardsten download software from its offer.

Nokia music comes flatrate.

Music fed for a year. This will offer mobile phone market leader Nokia is now also attract customers and provides current to four phones at a music flatrate. The offer is tempting - but also has its pitfalls.


Tired of music for mobile phone users: The world's largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia in May, brings his music flatrate "Comes With Music" on the German market. Customers of the bid should have access to a digital music library with more than five million songs get, said the head of Nokia's music division, Liz Schimel, on Thursday at the presentation of the music offered in Hamburg. Nokia enters against offerings like Musicload from Deutsche Telekom and the iTunes Store, which also offer music for mobiles.

First "Comes With Music" only in conjunction with one of four current Nokia phones available. A year long can the buyer of such a mobile phone via a flat rate unlimited songs from the Nokia Store - whether via mobile phone or computer. After the end of the year, users can continue their songs and keep playing.

The service, from 4 May be available, according to Nokia is also a response to the problem of music piracy: "Comes With Music is a bridge between the booming popularity of digital music and the legal purchase and the possibility of earning opportunities for labels and artists," said Heikki Tarvainen, General Manager Nokia Germany.

Cheaper initial tariff

The distribution of the service in Germany, the first provider mobilcom-debitel. The offers to introduce the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in combination with mobile flat rate tariff for a flat M euros. The monthly cost of M is flat on 24.95. If you are such a variant decide, but music can only have the home-pc. Users who also want to download songs on, the company offers a data flat rate for 9.95 per month. The total monthly charges for call charges, SMS sending, web surfing and music downloads so that adds up to 34,90 Euro.

It is here that Nokia is not related to any of the four major commercial operator could be agreed. Quite possible that the retention of T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and E-Plus to the fact that this mobile service providers already partially own music download stores in their networks to offer. A competing music-Flat is unlikely because a supplier to bind to bone. Nokia is also in talks with other operators, said Tarvainen.

Doubts about the success so far

In Britain, where Nokia's "Comes with Music" since October 2008 is offered, the offer will only sell poorly. Only 23,000 UK mobile phone customers had been on Nokia's Music-Flatrate obligation, claims based on digital music specialist market research company Music Ally. A number that Nokia does not confirm liked.

In Britain Comes with Music is, however, even with the relatively outdated phone models N95, N96 and 5310 offered. Here are the current device N95 8GB, N79, 5630 XpressMusic and 5800 XpressMusic. All so far more attractive offers.

Nevertheless drags "Comes with Music", a huge spread with clubfoot: DRM. All songs that are from the Nokia Store downloads are compatible with Microsoft's rights management provide. The Technology Blog
Tech Digest therefore complains that the songs downloaded via Nokia with Nokia's own media player can be made audible. Other players refuse it, like trying to burn to CD.

A year and then forever

In the other corners of the digital music world separates you under the tutelage of such zealous attempts noticeably, the music of such customers to free technical pitfalls. Even Apple, otherwise a very eigenbrötlerische product policy known, has its entire digital music catalog on the iTunes Store DRM-free titles converted.

Almost all other manufacturers are following suit or are the same. There seems Nokia's DRM-crippled offer something to be late. Pragmatically, however, is the Finnish Music Flatrate not only a nice, but rather an incentive for ordinary users who are already with the purchase of a new mobile phone flirt - and then yet again to use a Nokia.

For fun, the states: A year long download music, songs and performers to try that one yet knew. And above all: After a year, not conclusions, everything during the first 365 days has downloaded, you can keep forever - as long as the DRM stops.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EU cuts mobile roaming charges.

The summer holidays can come: From 1 July, mobile phone calls abroad cheaper. In addition, charges for international SMS sending via mobile phone and web surfing to be lowered. What consumer is happy, satisfied some corporate organizations with horror.


Strasbourg - phone calls and sending SMS messages from abroad will be cheaper this summer again. For German users to talks after 1 July maximum of around 51 cents more expensive, SMS still up around 13 cents, as a regulation, the European Parliament on Wednesday adopted. New price limits also apply to surfing the Internet via mobile phone.

Mobile phone calls on vacation: What has often led to costly surprises becomes affordable vacation fun

The new regulation requires that telephone customers from 1 July maximum is 11 cents per SMS plus VAT. For tourists and business travelers is the highest price for an SMS from abroad in view of the VAT from 19 percent to 13.1 cents so reduced. Currently, cellphone users have sometimes up to 80 cents charged.

The ceilings for outgoing calls German mobile phone customers will start from July to 51.2 cents per minute including VAT, capped, incoming calls may only cost a maximum of 22.6 cents. New is also the obligation of providers to the second accurate billing of calls after the first 30 seconds.

Price limit or price dictation?

The ceilings for cellphone fees should then be further reduced. For Canadian customers will be the highest since July 2010 for outgoing calls at 46.4 cents for incoming calls and 17.9 cents per minute. A year later, the charges to 41.7 and 13.1 cent limit. Already in the past two years, prices have been capped.

For surfing the Internet or the e-mail sending via mobile phone abroad, the new rules also set new price limits. Targets, however, there is initially only for the wholesale prices - the cost of about a Spanish network to the German mobile operator, a passenger on the transfer of data into account. These wholesale prices will be from July to a maximum of one euro per megabyte of transferred data, until July 2011 will be gradually increased to 50 cents per megabyte to be lowered.

Moreover, it is from March 2010, a protection against "bill shocks" type. Accordingly, their suppliers, customers can specify a limit, after which reaching the roaming connections are capped. For customers who until July 2010 no limit has been selected, will automatically limit of 50 euro. The provider must warn their customers if they are 80 percent have reached their limits. When reaching the upper limit, they must send a new message. If the customer fails, the provider of data roaming services block.


SMS price cuts: Who does not want, we must (19.09.2008)

EU decision: End of SMS roaming Abzocke (24.03.2009)

Mobile abroad: How to keep costs under control (15.06.2008)

Data Roaming: mobile surfing abroad and holiday text messages are cheaper (07.02.2008)

The President of the High-Tech Association Bitkom, August-Wilhelm Scheer, criticized the new rules as "Price dictates." The limit of around 13 cents per international SMS is under the "typical domestic price of 19 cents." With this cap would be removed from the company funds, they invest in network expansion and quality required.

The chairman of the Industry Committee in the European Parliament, Angela Niebler (CSU), dismissed the criticism back. The aim was to use "disproportionate impacts" on mobile roaming charges to make conclusions.

The telecom sector VATM Association welcomed the fact that price limits for surfing the Internet via cell phone at the wholesale level. The prices here were still the major mobile companies and were too high. The association stated that the regulation of wholesale prices are also the prices for the consumer to fall.

Instead of compensation free SMS for T-Mobile customers.

Five hours total failure, instead of compensation one days free ledges: As an excuse for the power failure adopts T-Mobile customers on Sunday the charges for simple text messages.


Because of a breakdown was almost 40 million T-Mobile customers on Tuesday from 16 to approximately 21 clock neither phone, cornices still surf the Web. Compensation is available to clients not to. The contractual terms and conditions of T-Mobile would be in principle no such interference compensation, said company spokeswoman Marion Kessing.

Disturbance in the T-Mobile network: A software error was the cause

But as a so-called "gesture of reparation" on Sunday may be T-Mobile customers a day-long standard free text messages to send to all networks, announced T-Mobile Germany boss George Pölzl to.

On questions about the causes of breakdown and crisis management of blogs ONLINE T-Mobile said on Wednesday not. Which "gesture-reparations" for customers is planned for the already-Flatrate SMS charged, said the group may not.

The SMS Tröster Chen to customers for the Group is an inexpensive gesture: SMS services are highly profitable because they are the mobile operators cost hardly anything. At least in normal usage behavior: In the United States, there are two T-Mobile customers managed in a month to send 217,000 text messages - together create 6000 messages a day. The 40 million German T-Mobile customers could thus - similar SMS Training provided - purely arithmetically on Sunday sent 120 billion text messages.

Record attempt: an expensive fun

The U.S. record aspirants had, however,
their time-trial anger SMS with T-Mobile received more than 26,000 U.S. Dollar requires the operator of one of the two. The 29-year-old Nick Andes had the time sending SMS to its flat rate had left. The bill came in one package. With the postage this was according to U.S. media reports, $ 27.

Because T-Mobile accurately detailing all the individual connections on - the stack of paper will be as thick as two phone books have been. Possible Explanation: As the Andes regional television station WSB-TV said that T-Mobile informing him that the flat rate for technical reasons to 100,000 SMS per month is limited. This limit was never a problem, because so far no such customer schreibwütig was.

Disturbance in the T-Mobile network fixed.

It was the biggest power failure so far: Million T-Mobile's customers were suddenly on Tuesday evening, no more calls. The troubleshooting lasted until late at night. A similar error was already a year ago, the network of a T-Mobile's competitors paralyzed - software was to blame.


The shock came before Feierabend: Shortly after 16 clock on Tuesday
silent with shock million mobile phones. "No network" was the lapidary error message on the display of the parties involved. At least three hours took the trouble to cut a lot of customers of the mobile market leader of the mobile from. To 19 clock reported the group then:
Errors, mistakes corrected, the systems are running again. The restoration lasted but late into the night. Now reports of the Group: Everything is working again without errors.

Power failure at T-Mobile: hours were customers of Telekom subsidiary is not phoning

All customers can now make phone calls, said the head of the Telecom mobile division T-Mobile, Pölzl George, on Wednesday morning in the ZDF magazine. The disturbances were in the course of the night has been completely eliminated. At the same time apologized Pölzl at all T-Mobile customers. The company is constantly striving to offer its customers the latest and best technology to offer, he said. However, it never totally exclude the possibility that it may cause interference.

Telekom stated reason for the failure of software errors are the Home Location Register (HLR) have been. This system is used on a total of three servers, which on Tuesday had two failed. The referenced technique ensures that a connection between mobile station and the associated number is produced. T-Mobile boss Pölzl said on ZDF, Deutsche Telekom had here last year, a new system installed. Now it was right there on the interference. The causes should be investigated further. Such an error should not occur, said the T-Mobile boss.

Million Affected

How many of the nearly 40 million T-Mobile customers were affected by the disorder, was not yet known, but industry experts spoke of millions. Customers could not make calls with their cell phone or surf the Internet. Even text messages were not sent or received. Initially it was unclear exactly what areas were affected. ONLINE blogs are messages from readers that even in countries affected by the accident were.

On the telecom competitors Vodafone, the failure of the T-Mobile network, however, no impact. "For us, everything around," said spokesman Jens Kuerten on Tuesday evening in Dusseldorf. Vodafone has 36 million mobile customers in Germany. Also, the landline provider Arcor in Frankfurt, which is about three million customers and will be merged with Vodafone, has indicated that it has no problems in his own net.

Similar power failure a year ago

Before quite exactly a year, but also with Vodafone
a major power failure to fight. One evening in April 2008, the network was the second largest German mobile phone company plagued by problems. First it had been the group said that the entire network was paralyzed, and later indicated that it is only occasional failures.

The cause of the error was in the Vodafone-Rechenzentrum in Ratingen identified. During a routine maintenance was an employee there made a false entry, so an error is triggered avalanche, which is characterized by the Vodafone network spread. The restoration of the networks had at Vodafone had approximately two and a half hours.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The mobile phone with the rotation.

This device is the phone for minor matter: The Ondo man is making music, changing music, and especially fun. A design firm in Munich had the idea. But still has a matter hook.


Is that still a cell phone or even a musical instrument? Somewhere in between lies the definition of what is really the Ondo - or even could be. So far, the cool green black device is not much more than a good idea. Three years have designers, marketing experts and engineers of the Munich-based design firm Pilotfish worked at Ondo. The result is a concept that with ordinary mobile phones about as much to do like a microwave with a grill fire.

It begins with the display, rather the display on. Because the main screen of Ondo is not just any screen - the device has three screens. During normal operation, everything will be shown what is on a cell phone needs for information: contact information, calendar entries, if necessary, perhaps even a weather forecast.

The special thing about this display is that the three parts of which it exists, can be removed. About a clip on the back to the mini-displays of musical instruments then stapled. Alternatively, they can also simply as a microphone in hand.

In this configuration, the Ondo serves as a miniature recording studio, you can on each of the micro-displays a different tool, or just start singing. These recordings could then, for example, wirelessly to the device or the flash memory sticks are stored.

A digital Jammer hook

Did you this way, a song recorded, the real fun started: The cell phone itself is the music recordings of different instruments such as a mixer can mix. Effects would also conceivable, for example, the vocal reverb and echo added.

In this phase, another highlight of the course to Ondo, his elastic centerpiece. The green rubber knubbelige lobes, the two parts of the phone together, will consist of a flexible material with piezoelectric properties are produced.

And that would be the specific rotation of the thing: by upper and lower part of the Ondo against twisted, you could almost digital sound parameters such as with an analogue controller fluently change.

The simplest application would be a volume control: The more you twist the device, the louder the sound. Impressing should it be, though, so sound effects to manipulate. Approximately by the pitch of a sound by turning changed. It works a bit like the so-called Jammer hook, the tremolo of electric guitars, the guitarist with their solos spice.

A mobile music community

If you are with the results of the grafted host so happy, can you send them via MMS. The designers use floats a model in which musicians from all over the world to exchange their ideas with each other, mutually song fragments and send them again to expand Own.

Whether it actually will come once the extent is far from secure. Still Ondo is the only one concept. Three years in Pilotfish has worked to the idea and its implementation again and again refined. Now the company is looking for companies who are so bravely the unusual concept to realize.

When will we see it?

Success, the Munich designer with such projects have often had. Companies like Asus and Medion have products they can make. In the professional field of music include the Berlin-based company Native Instruments Pilotfish to customers, has evolved from the Munich devices can be designed with musicians such as guitar, and computers can - what a great success.

Whether the combination of mobile phones and musical instruments as well and remains to be seen. Interestingly it seems that the idea in any case. But it made the Ondo even as so many sports car study, the international automotive fairs is shown. Only rarely are such concept cars actually later in series. Individual innovations but there is not rare in series wagon again. Keep your eyes peeled, perhaps soon, there is the first mobile phone with Knubbel joint.