Monday, December 15, 2008

Trousers in step with the keyboard.

The smart T-shirt and jeans the keyboard will probably for the foreseeable future, remain just concepts. There are the promises of "wearable computing" used by mobile phones. Witnesses clothes today are smarter mobile footprints in the jeans.
  Under the slogan "wearable computing" haunts for decades by the promise of the technology-affine World, clothing and digital technology to a unit to merge. In reality disappoint the supposedly intelligent textiles but then regularly. The MP3 player button on the trousers or the cell phone pocket on the sleeve makes Jack a long time not just clever clothes.
At least in theory a refreshing approach to the topic of this year came from designer Erik De Nijs, of a pair of jeans with an integrated keyboard designed. Based on the Baggy-fashion young hip-hop fans De Nijs uses the abundant substance of the wide jeans, a full-size keyboard on the thighs and over the step to place. According to the designer, the input of the user via Bluetooth from the pants to gefunkt laptop, thereby no longer underway on the knees must be balanced.
Curse of prototypes
The prototype of the function of De Nijs trouser looks even halfway workable from, portable keyboard, the jeans thanks also to be rubber buttons. The biggest hook on the concept, however, is that it is just a concept, which probably never go into serial production will be. Apart from the fact that one wonders what the hardcore geek should do if the keyboard-pants look into the laundry needs.
This should enable the keyboard jeans similar Fernumarmungs rendered as the T-shirt. The "Hug Shirt" should be made by integrated pressure sensors and actuators exchanging hugs over arbitrary distances allow the tax data should be transmitted via mobile phone. Promising announcements came on the technical assistance Cuddle never beyond.
From the title to the much more modest functionality, the electronic drum kit shirt "so. This T-shirt still offers a complete electronic drums and loudspeakers, so everything for the mobile Jam Session: All seven graduated parts of the drum to make their own sounds and can play separately. The need for washing electronic parts, unfortunately, still be removed. Nevertheless, the drums stings the keyboard-shirt and jeans hug the T-shirt loose, and although simple and poignant, because it already for 21 euro can acquire.
IN COOPERATION WITH ... de BugMagazin for electronic crux of the "intelligent textiles" is well under its pretty easy to resolve. Because in reality, most promises, with the "wearable computing" are connected, already used with mobile phones, which are now often extremely shrunken computer. From this perspective, the clothes are not more "intelligent", because we have the appropriate functions in the pocket around with us.
The problems in the implementation of smart clothes would therefore dissolve well pleased. What remains is one symbolism, such as those found on Flickr, where in the pool "mobile_imprint_on_jeans" collected photos from jeans to be caused by many years, using steady impressions mobile got. In addition, the designer but still worry about, such as cell phones with the clothes could play together. Sun is seen Francesca Lanzavecchias draft for a mobile ruff really progressive. The "ProAestetics Neck Brace" that allows the direct phone calls without high-tech accessories.

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