Thursday, December 18, 2008

Transparent chips for Sci-Fi phones.

South Korean researchers have completely transparent memory chips developed. This will in a few years' design visions a reality, such as monitors or cell phones, which apparently only consist of glass panes. Chic designs, there is already.
  Only U.S. researchers presented an extremely robust and bendable screen now surprised scientists from South Korea with transparent memory chips. The transparent modules with the unwieldy name could TRRAM according to the developer "a milestone in the development of transparent devices of the future" be.

It seems as if the international community join forces to the realization of sci-fi gadgets work, such as Nokia has introduced in February. That was shown design concept for the mobile phone of the future called Morph "(see pictures below route), was skeptical added. Dirt surface, extremely malleable, largely transparent - how should this go because?

The transparent TRRAM chips were at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) developed. Their promising findings, the South Korean inventors now in the science journal Applied Physics Letters "was published. The completely transparent TRRAM is a development of the semi RRAM, whose practice already in numerous corporate laboratories will be tested.
And RRAM and TRRAM have more transparency in addition to the amazing properties. The new chips retain stored information is also without power, while they should also be inexpensive to manufacture.
If the TRRAM chips actually make the leap from the laboratory into the production create would be conceivable, for example, monitors, which apparently only one pane of glass there - until as if by magic, a picture emerges. But also for concepts such as "LucidTouch" will improve the chances of implementation: This is a joint development study of Microsoft and Mitsubishi for a pocket computer, the only one semi-display, which operated from the back (see video below). Advantage: The finger does not always cover the screen, as the current models in the case.

In addition to the industrial projects for future electronics but they are also particularly bold Vison of free designers, for which the feasibility of their designs not a big role. Thus, the U.S. junior designer Michael According to a circular mobile phone concept called "Hamburg" designed to simply from a ring of brushed steel consists of a touchscreen disc semi surrounds.
In cooperation with ... de BugMagazin for electronic also designs, where not only the display, but all other offal are kept transparent - which besides the TRRAM chips but further breakthroughs would be necessary .
So impressive about the impact of the draft Funamizu Japanese Mac, where the frame at a minimum has been reduced. Left with only glass, which folded up or can be pushed, and where necessary, depending on the user interfaces or contents are displayed. This solves the design, however, almost to himself.

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