Friday, December 19, 2008

Home cornices.

"Once home," breathed 1982 with smoky voice full of longing-all of our favorite alien ET, "calling". Today he might have cheaper: A British company offers free SMS into space, from British Telecom using satellite technology impressive sent.
  Actually, the bizarre service as a romantic alternative to the postcard thought. Meanwhile, however, the universe of SMS also discovered alien believers.
One could the company as a first intergalactic communications providers designate. After all, the British offer a kind of SMS service that allows any Internet user free short messages can be sent into space.
It is in the nature of things that really only sending the text messages is guaranteed. Whether this also as desired when aliens arrive, faith remains a matter of the sender. And the question of what device you the answer could receive SMS, is certainly totally unsettled.
But these details can people affected by the existence of alien life really convinced, not prevent, remove messages: Everything you need is a working e-mail address to sign in As a registered user, you have to Alien SMS then only have to type in Web forms. The extraterrestrial greetings from there on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall led, which has the largest satellite facility in the world is located. Here, then British Telecom for the professional dispatch of messages in the depths of the universe.
Employment for Technology Museum
The satellite park in Cornwall is Goonhilly Earth Station and consists from 61 antennas, which is also the first built in bowl shape. This was in 1962 in operation and has an impressive concrete shell with a diameter of 25 meters. The proud satellites has its best days, however long behind him. Since powerful fiber-optic networks span the world, remain the satellite communications is always less tasks.
What is the dwindling importance of satellite technology has experienced is the example of the Goonhilly Earth Station particularly clear. At year end, the commercial operation and the final investment to a gigantic museum re-engineering. Goonhilly already attracts lures with exhibitions and attractions such as the "fastest Internet cafe in the world" every year around 80,000 visitors. To the future to attract even more curious should dispatch of Alien SMS exactly the right time come.
The ship itself
As the transit-SMS the Alien technically accurate manner, seems under his no relevant role to play. In any event, hold British Telecom and to release technical details. According to the intergalactic SMS provider but you can assume that the radio signals really long and deeply penetrate into space. Human-scale, the cosmic SMS even infinitely long road, even if the signal intensity ever further declines. But practical considerations play in the service anyway no central role, it is about symbolism and imagination. was obviously of two marketing experts to create a "meaningful" alternative to Grußpostkarte offer: While postcards are often perceived to be only fleetingly, the messages into space gefunkten still "underway" when the sender and recipient are long dead - That for months, the meandering greeting card from Mallorca then really light years. That the latter never learns how the message now reads, plays, given the alleged importance of profit does not matter.
The business of start-ups which follows the usual Internet Scheme: The free transit of messages to be potential customers on the premium-priced service to your attention. This is officially designed shipping confirmations, which calculated by postal mail to the sender and recipient of the intergalactic SMS sent.
Whether there actually are people who have to pay 9.95 British pounds, was then asked. It is clear that alien believers have discovered for themselves, and of course hope this is not due to an "eternal service".
The chances for a successful reception on the Alienware mobile phone is now even by the alignment of the bowls broadcast live on particularly friendly planets like Gliese 581C targeted increases. The belongs to the immediate cosmic neighborhood, which makes appealing thing twice: In the ideal case would be within the next 42 years with an answer is expected.

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