Monday, December 29, 2008

Experts reckon with 300 million New Year SMS.

Good business for the mobile service providers: For New Year's Eve expects the industry association Bitkom with 300 million mobile phone short messages. Tipsters send large in the night at 1 January thus about five SMS.
  The new year begins for the mobile network operator gratifying. According to the Bitkom industry federation, the Germans of the year approximately 300 million SMS. A profitable business, customers finally have depending on your plan, or even 20 cents more per message charged. The most active mobile phone users to write New Year's Eve, on average, about five SMS with congratulations for the new year.
The German mobile networks, the 2008 total of 23 billion short messages sent, whether for the onslaught on New Year's Eve prepared, the industry association. Nevertheless, there could be delays in the interval transit come. Because the SMS will not directly from a mobile phone to another.
On the Internet, many network operators and e-mail provider SMS delayed shipment. This allows the greetings before the New Year's Eve party and will be sold shortly before midnight to be set. Here, too, should be the expected delay miteinrechnen shared with Bitkom.
Basically SMS lands after first sending in the message center of the network operator. There will be tested, which mobile service provider the recipient uses. Does the SMS in their own network, send the message center the message to the recipient phone, once it is turned on and the network is registered. If Anders sending them the message to the message center of the target network. From here the message is then sent to the recipient's mobile phone affiliate.

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