Monday, December 15, 2008

Eco-Stars for mobile phone chargers.

Unused to the AC power outlet suspended for two thirds of electricity through mobile responsible. The big manufacturers are therefore in future power supplies with stars indicate that the standby consumption assessed.
  The five leading mobile phone manufacturers want to standby power consumption of future uniformly labeled. They have Nokia, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson on a five-star system agreed in consultation with EU and U.S. authorities was designed. Accordingly, signaling five stars on the charger, that it is a particularly efficient model with a maximum of 0.03 watts consumption in standby mode is.
On the other side of the scale, ranking the "zero stars", especially those with energy-hungry power supplies should be marked in the standby more than 0.5 watts claim. With the action to the mobile phone manufacturers begin an awareness of energy wastage caused by standby power supplies in creating. Because they consume electricity even if they only plug into the socket, but no phone is charging. And actually, this is also very easy to understand, because the power supplies to heat up as soon as they can be connected.
High bills
Power supplies that many users permanently stuck in a wall outlet, is probably primarily a matter of convenience - otherwise you would have the charger before each use only one search and find. Moreover, the tangled cables rather quickly when the power supplies to a power outlet is not "fixed" are. These are obviously minor and the same appears for the consumption of the devices in standby to apply. But according to Nokia are unexploited in the hanging wall outlet for power supplies lush two-thirds of electricity consumption, the total mobile phone production.
And as so often in environmental issues here for the effect of mass: If all mobile phone users on a four-or five-star equipment would switch, could be the performance of "two medium-size power plants" be saved, expects Nokia with The reference to more than three billion mobile phone connectors. Against this background seems to be the new star system, the manufacturer makes sense, it also further producers such as HTC, Apple or Research in Motion is open.
Eco paradoxical
Praiseworthy the introduction of the star system for mobile power supplies may be, it is not out of hand that, while it is a step back. Actually have the goal of energy saving efforts so that unused Chargers general disconnect from the mains - the resulting zero consumption would be smooth six-star deserves. Seen is the assessment of the standby consumption actually counter-productive because power supplies with a good score even conscious and in good conscience remain unused in the outlet should be allowed.
IN COOPERATION WITH ... de BugMagazin for electronic bug.deDer black-Peter goes in this case, however, not only the industry but for the most part, to consumers.
The star system is therefore only a pragmatic compromise that will reduce the consumption until a really neat solution to the stand-waste is available. The ideal combination of comfort and energy efficiency would be a power supply with zero consumption in standby mode. In the laboratories of the mobile phone manufacturer will also closely worked. A prototype of such a "zero waste Chargers" from Nokia's research brings the absurdity of the theme nicely to the point: The device has an on-off switch, of course, in green.

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