Monday, December 22, 2008

Twittert passenger plane immediately after the accident.

He had just survived a plane crash, was a burning Boeing escape: C Mike Wilson took the phone. But not to call his wife. First, he reported the crash to the Web via Twitter.
  It may shock some people as a shock to overcome. Mike Wilson is such a man. Wilson was one of the passengers aboard Continental Airlines flight CO1404, that plane, which on Saturday in Denver when you start of the runway and abkam in flames aufging. The accident occurred around 18:18 local time clock. Only seven minutes later, at 18:25 clock, Wilson began his first Twitter message from the "Holy shit, I was just in a plane crash here!"

Together with 110 other passengers and five crew members, he was just a disaster escape. Particularly impressed him this experience seems not to have. Even a half hour after the accident, in which 38 people were injured, he starts to joke again. "The crash was # 2 for me. Maybe I should henceforth bus," Wilson twittert around 18:58 clock.
Shortly afterwards, Mike Wilson and the remaining intact passengers in the business lounge of the airline market. They arrived - just one hour after it with the Boeing 737, in which he sat, short of a disaster vorbeigeschrammt was, he already begins to nag. They had passengers in the lounge virtually locked up, it would not even free drinks served mäkelt the Twitter fan. "One has to be scared of death, nor his ass straight from a burning wreck rescued, and then you get not yet have a vodka and tonic. Boos," Wilson twittert almost exactly three hours after the crash.
Twitter until the battery gives up
And then suddenly there is silence in the blog Micro man who is still so openly of his experiences reported crash. Debt is not a sudden collapse or the realization that really Pig he has had unhurt from the wreckage come out to be. Guilt was simply the battery of his mobile phones, the sometime simply had abandoned the spirit.
Only when he finally arrived home late is, it reports back. But then, like his charged battery, again with full energy. From then on, shortly before midnight in Denver, he sends a message after the other in his Twitter feed, trying to explain how he witnessed the crash, what he has seen.
And these portrayals could the investigators of the American airline regulator may really help a little bit better understand what the machines happened. Completely unexpectedly, and after a hitherto entirely normal acceleration process was the plane from the runway Bloc, was then "with four-wheel drive further driven."
From the same in the next few fliers
Eventually it will have a strong RUMM, when the entire plane suddenly absackte. Presumably this was the moment when the landing gear was demolished. When the jet finally came to stop, one side had already burned. "I was able to heat even through the window feeling." By an emergency exit, he finally came out of the burning wreckage and rescued itself, like many other passengers in the nearby station of the airport fire brigade.
His few words after the accident expressed intent, but will rather take the bus to drive, Mike Wilson has, incidentally, despite this bad experience has not been implemented. Continental offered the substitute flight in any case grateful Wilson has claimed. This time, but he settled a seat directly on the emergency exit type. Not from fear, as he twittert in his blog, but mainly because he has more space, extend the legs.

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