Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From Dick Tracys telephone clock is but one more thing.

The shrinking trend for everything electronic in recent years, almost to a halt. After this pause, but now once again laid emphasis on miniaturization. Even wristwatch phones will get a second chance.
  Folklore of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, traditionally the gadget Year opened, one is that even before the fair, the rumor mill heftig seething. This year will be among other things, a mobile phone from LG Electronics as a potential star of the traded product review: The model with the unwieldy name GD910 comes in wristwatch format, but the functionality of smartphones with normal dimensions do not stand by and watch.
Although the Korean manufacturer GD910 has not yet been officially presented, but the basic data, and especially photos of the wrist-phones can seep through. Accordingly, the gadget has a small 1.43 inch color touch screen, MP3 player, digital camera and voice recognition functions. But really, the score GD910 especially through support of fast data services (HSDPA) for transmission speeds up to 7.2 Mbit / s. This should, inter alia, video telephony will be possible at the wrist.
Totgesagte idea
According to the relevant, usually well-informed technology blogs will LGs high-tech watch is still in the first half in Europe and Asia on the market. It is worth noting that one of the established, large mobile phone manufacturer to the concept of the wristwatch-phone turned. Because the idea of the mobile phone on your wrist is, of course, is anything but new - just think of the comic strip detective Dick Tracy. But they still wanted to enforce partout not, primarily because the format for the viable operation of the mobile phone functions simply too small.
Despite the fundamental problem often have in recent years, smaller producers like Phenom but also countless no-name manufacturers always adopted the format, but with moderate success. Last year, for example, the Australian company SMS Technology M500, with its model, the smallest real bracelet phone, generate some attention, but this was quickly lost. And so for mobile phones were even in the wrist last nerd circles as a half-baked gimmick.
Shrink break
IN COOPERATION WITH ... De-BugMagazin for electronic Lebensaspektewww.de-bug.deLGs hope, with the model GD910 the concept totgesagte again to resuscitate, however, is not entirely out of the air of plucked. On the one hand is the industry once again reinforces the miniaturization, after the issue seemed really exhausted. Smaller than the model N910, which NEC introduced in 2004, the phones that can no longer be. And Winz-folding phone with dimensions of about 5 times 6 centimeters rather than impractical already felt small.
But the miniaturization race has probably only one break, in any case if it goes for manufacturers. Particularly compact designs currently appear in any case it is to be in greater demand, such as rumors of an "iPhone nano" show. But Sony Ericsson also continues with its new Walkman phone "Xmini" back on the offensive dimensions shrink. It has been the fundamental problem of the operation in the smallest room of course, nothing changed.
ON TO ONLINEDas blogs end of the watch: From mobile swallowed (26.02.2007) high in pocket format: When Wroammmm call (08.12.2008) camera phone: liquid lenses for Knips phones (13.10.2008)-Macworld rumors: guesswork to Giant iPod (05.01.2009) technology trends for 2009: a giant iPod, touch-Netbooks and a snow leopard (31.12.2008) Nevertheless, the chances of miniature cell phones today, something better. First, allow numerous technological advances such as touchscreens Winzformate today without sacrificing the functionality. But above all, to rise with new or now mature interface concepts again the chances of a proper handling of micro devices. Thus, the success of LGs wristwatch phone decisively depend on how practical the speech actually is and how to enter the dwarf touchscreen has been solved.

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