Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Holiday calls cheaper from Wednesday.

Holiday greetings by mobile phone this summer are less expensive. From Wednesday, operators must disclose their fee according to EU requirements reduced. blogs ONLINE explains what it calls when abroad must respect, to make the new tariffs to benefit.


Berlin - And again it is the rip off prices to the neck: from Wednesday cost calls using your mobile abroad again less money. Calls with a German mobile phone on holiday or on business in the states of the European Union, according to an EU regulation as from 1 July did not exceed about 51 cents per minute. Accepting the call will also be a maximum of 22.6 cents cheaper. For the sending of SMS messages within the European Union on Wednesday a price limit of 13 cents.

Cell phone calls from abroad: From 1 July, lowered the fees again

From July, operators must also cheaper for consumers clocking offer: Up to now, most expected mobile operator in minutes from now, the companies after the first half a minute every second bill. In the traditional settlement paid by the minute, the consumer, according to the EU Commission just over 20 percent of it.

If you are traveling abroad with your mobile phone or laptop on the Internet surfing, getting from 1 July from its domestic mobile service provider for each connection information on roaming prices in the country sent. By no later than 1 March 2010, mobile operators will also offer customers, to protect against unexpectedly high bills when the connection is reaching a specific amount to be cut. For consumers who, until 1 July 2010 stipulate otherwise, this will amount to 50 EUR.


Can I just abroad with my mobile phone?

Most phones are designed from the outset for roaming, so the phone calls to foreign mobile networks, unlocked. Some providers require a specific activation but - although the cost mostly nothing, but may take some time. Especially with more exotic destinations is an appropriate demand.

How much does it cost phone calls abroad?

Under the new EU Regulation, outgoing calls within the EU from 1 July for German mobile phone owners 51 cents a maximum cost of incoming calls no more than 22.6 cents. In countries outside the EU - and thus, for example, in Switzerland, Croatia and Turkey - are depending on the country and the network often very different tariffs, each of the suppliers are to ask.

Is there a special international fare in my mobile operator?

Especially for contract customers, many mobile phone companies abroad special rates. These often offer cheaper per-minute prices, it will usually but connection fees per call added. This is only worth it for longer conversations. Particularly interesting may be the option tariffs but stay outside the EU, where per-minute prices are often otherwise.

How to SMS and MMS note?

The prices of short messages within the EU is now considerably reduced, with a maximum of 13 cents, the SMS so sometimes cheaper than in Germany. The SMS receiving is free. MMS can be expensive - with some vacation photos can be sent via mobile phone. The price for this sometimes very difficult - depending on the size of the MMS, the country and are often different network costs. Also, the MMS reception abroad is partly a fee.

Can I use abroad with your mobile phone and the Internet?

If you leave quickly his e-mails, football results or the weather on the Internet wants to check, this can also be done with his cellphone. This can be expensive. The EU has for the data roaming only the wholesale prices down - that is, the fees charged by the operators themselves. This should also decrease the prices, really cheap but it will not. Cheaper data rates of the providers also often need to be booked - and then other prices for calls to itself.

How can I save money?

Abroad, the mailbox can be a real cost to be the case - therefore better off before the flight! An alternative is to fully divert all calls to the mailbox - then the customer is only accessible via SMS or can call itself. Who long time in a country, you should be under circumstances where a prepaid card growth, so a card in for the talks will be paid in advance. It is recommendable that these in a store to buy several mobile providers represents - not calculated in the most expensive fare to come.

The leading German mobile operators want the new euro tariffs to implement one to one, as spokesman for T-Mobile, Vodafone and E-Plus news agency AP unanimously confirmed. In package deals or special travel rates, but some were clearly more favorable offers available.

Even domestically, the mobile phone costs more transparent: Provider of hotlines with 0180-code must be the cost for calls from mobile phones specify. The most often very expensive calls may also be no more than 28 cents per minute, or 40 cents per call cost.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Manufacturers agree on standard connectors.

Concludes with the cable-Chaos: From 2010 to the major mobile phone manufacturers to design devices with uniform Ladekabeln equip - not entirely voluntary. With the commitment, the company of a possible Directive of the EU Commission before.


Brussels - Who does not know the desperate Bittgänge of colleagues in search of something fresh for your current phone? Nokia Power Supply Wanted "or" Did someone may have a Sony Ericsson charger here? "Are typical titles of circular mail, the desperate mobile phone users with discharged battery by mail circular sent to all employees. Such desperate measures could be coming to an end, because some of the major mobile phone manufacturers have agreed on a uniform standard for chargers agreed.

The first generation of new cell phones that are no longer only with a certain power supply can be charged, from 2010 onwards should be available, said the EU Commission on Monday in Brussels.


Technikärgernis Charger: Fighting the cable salad (16.02.2009)

Netzwelt-Ticker: Mobile Farmers want Single Charger (17.02.2009)

Industry plays in Time: The great power poker (23.02.2009)

This mobile phone users need not each time a new charger when they move from one mobile phone manufacturer to another. The Chargers will be on the basis of a so-called Micro-USB connector standardized. The agreement was signed among others by the company Apple, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Texas Instruments signed.
The introduction of international standards on the same basis is only planned for 2012.

The fact that most chargers and mobile phones do not work together, be a big disadvantage for the users and leads to unnecessary waste, said EU Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen. "I am very pleased that the industry has reached an agreement with the consumer's life a lot easier," said Verheugen further. He was very pleased that an industry solution and have found no statutory regulation of the EU is more necessary. The EU Commission had the mobile phone manufacturers with a regulator warned that no single power should be standard to be created.

Through old power supplies currently incur several thousand tonnes of waste per year. The industry estimates that now the number of produced chargers could be halved. Moreover, the new power supplies consume less power.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The first-gigahertz phone.

TG01 Toshiba has the stuff to the winner: It has the largest screen, the fastest processor, a touchscreen and navigation software. blogs ONINE has tested whether the slim smartphone the high expectations may be.


The reaction in the initial contact with the TG01 is almost always the same: "Boah is great!" And yes, actually: it is large in size and must be. Toshiba TG01 Because not only has a screen that was much higher than the usual degree beyond, it is also driven by a processor, already in small notebooks has been sighted. Best ingredients for a potential multimedia highlight also.

It wants the device at the first viewing will confirm. Its screen is of 4.1 inch (10.4 cm) diagonal, not only almost as big as an entire iPhone, it is still two and a half times more pixels than the Apple phone. This promises more details, more clarity, finer colors.

More speed gives the processor on the other hand, a QSD8250 by Qualcomm, better known as Snapdragons. With a clock frequency of 1 gigahertz, he sets a new mobile high. For comparison: the new iPhone 3G will be a maximum of 600 S MegaHertz said. Indeed, the Qualcomm chip in the Toshiba phone to fix that even small notebooks, he should drive, which then
Smart Books will be read.

The combination of a giant screen, and Turbo-Toshiba chip developers have used to disguise as striking to that their new mobile work with Windows Mobile 6.1 equipped. Of these, at first glance, however, nothing to see. The Home screen greets with three color whose hue upwards in a gentle run to the black slip. Each color stands for a program group that contains three symbols, which - the high resolution can greet - with tiny letters are.

This color bar can be moved by clue, like a blind fold to the side. Actually, only three fit on the screen by sliding the trick, but a total of eight such bars prepared according to color a certain program group, three icons for quick launch of software can record.

When you start, however, one of these programs, followed by the disillusionment: after just one click you'll come to the surface of Windows Mobile on a device like this has plenty of old-fashioned. Above all, however, is the version 6.1 only poorly by finger control. Better be with the successor to the version number 6.5, but the leaves in coming.

Navi with expiration dates

Extremely thin, the Toshiba phone equipped with memory. Only 256 megabytes of RAM are installed in the device. That's enough, even the operating system optics angehübschten not always sufficient. In the surprise test the device on several occasions with the error message "menu functions for memory shortage restricted. Close some applications." Still, the test was based on a microSD memory card with 1 GB of storage space for.

Of all the rings are good already with 650 MB of data from the supplied CoPilot navigation software shows. The gut makes a perfectly good impression, it is fine finger control by use, but has a major shortcoming: There is only one trial included the 14 days after the service recruits - or must be purchased.

Glossy Display

The multimedia facilities on the other hand, is characterized mainly by the included media player
Core player, which pretty much all the current audio and video formats can play. This is fine to try, whether and how well the screen is actually the TG01. The result: Actually, he is class, he would not be so bad blogsn.

View makes movies only in dark environments really fun. Not because he is not bright enough, but because they usually require more of themselves than by the film looks, especially in dark passages. Did you but a neighborhood and found an angle where you have a glare-free view of the screen gets, you will be greeted with fine detail and a resolution rewarded, all the pixels disappear.

USB interface unit

Just out the graphics prepared in the test also recurrent problems. When surfing the Web, whether with the preinstalled Internet Explorer Mobile or Opera Mobile browser, showed regularly at the screen edges confused pixel pattern (see pictures stretch). At a crash, these pixels are not errors resulted but could only stop and restart the browser removed.

What is a reboot can not eliminate, the poverty of interfaces. Contact with the outside world, the TG01 prefer forth wirelessly, via cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Physical contact is only via USB. About this data must be an interface with the PC off, the battery and headphones can be connected. Standard headsets fit because of course not.

Toshiba TG01

Operating System
Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

Integrated Memory
256 MB

Expansion slot
microSD (1 GB included)

Screen Resolution
800 x 480 pixels

Screen Size
4.1 inch

Digital Camera
3.2 megapixel

PC Connection

129 grams

129 x 70 x 9.9 millimeters

Wireless connections

Standby time
11.5 days

up to 5 hours

Touchscreen, GPS

500 (My O2 mobile finance)

All values are the manufacturer's specifications

But this is perhaps one of the swabs, the Toshiba's developer had to make to the electronics of the TG01, despite the large screen in such a flat housing squeeze them. Only 9.9 millimeters thick, it is, in this way compensates a little for that of its outer dimensions far larger than any other touch screen phone on the market. From a shirt pocket lugt it will always be a few centimeters out. Nevertheless, one can in this way unnoticed recordings with the integrated 3.2 megapixel camera make.

And that is precisely the strength of the muscle shallow. As a mobile multimedia player with which you can also still make phone calls, TG01 makes a very good figure. The screen shows all previously assembled in Mobile Phones Displays negligent in the shade (as long as one sees him in the shade), the fast processor itself raises AVCHD and DivX movies on the brilliant flicker-free screen. Who likes to adorn with a gadget that is different than the others, because hardly anything can go wrong. The sensation that one of the first gigahertz phone is expected, but Toshiba has not succeeded.

But that could still come. The models TG02 and TG03 are Web rumored to already being planned.



Universal Mobile Telecommunications System - is often referred to as standard for third generation (3G) that it takes much higher data rates than its predecessor, enables GSM. German UMTS networks typically create a bandwidth of 384 kbit / s for data transmission from the terminal Mobilfunkmast. Regular DSL connections offer today übrlicherweise 1024 Kbit / s. (more on blogs KNOW)


High Speed Downlink Packet Access - is based on UMTS to achieve but significantly higher transmission rates in the transmission of Mobilfunkmast to the terminal. The practically achievable data rate is currently at 1.4 Mb / s. Through technological improvements, it gradually to 5.1 Mbit / s rise. (more on blogs KNOW)


General Packet Radio Service - this standard decomposed data at stations in individual packets, transmits them gestückelt and puts them back together at the receiver. By bundling multiple transmission channels is theoretically a transmission rate of up to 171.2 kbits / s possible. In practical operation, it is usually 55.6 Kbps - modems were so slow in the days before DSL. (more on blogs KNOW)


Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution - technology to increase the rate of data transmission in GSM mobile networks. Through more efficient modulation techniques are in the sum up to 384 kbit / s can be achieved - that is UMTS speed. Edge has been accessed in 75 countries. (more on blogs KNOW)


The WiMax technology includes several standards, data on different radio frequencies. Some WiMax standards need sight between the transmitter and receiver, other signals can also penetrate walls. Tests WiMax will have data transfer rates of more than 100 Mbit / s has been achieved. Hermann Lipfert, an expert in wireless networks at the Munich Institute for Broadcasting Technology (IRT) estimates that in a regular-WiMax wireless cell Tranferraten from 50 Mbit / s are realistic - under ideal conditions and with application of all presently available technical tricks. This range would need to be as in UMTS all users share in the respective cell line. (more on blogs KNOW)


The DVB-T standard provides for the distribution of digital television signals by radio. The DVB standard is also designed to evaluate Internet content to transfer - in the frequency range of a single analogue television channel (about 7 MHz) fit, but just 13 megabits per second into it. If a single broadcast station that is 20 users hanging around the same time, a file download attempt, it is already tightly - the data rate for each user would be less than one Mbit / s, ie lower than the cheapest DSL connections that are currently on offer are. "The greatest danger to this technique is different from the present to be overhauled," said Sven Hansen from the computer magazine "c't". Applying the content via DVB, which also goes in only one direction - just like in television. The return channel must then be produced by other means, such as through a conventional telephone line. Mouse clicks in the browser went with this method over the telephone line to the provider, the req!
uested pages would be of the DVB broadcast station back to the receiver gefunkt. This is cumbersome - and slow. (more on blogs KNOW)


Long Term Evolution is the name that a number of mobile phone companies a broader standard of the fourth generation mobile phone has been given. LTE is basically an evolution of UMTS - but requires completely new hardware, including new stations. LTE competes with the WiMax standard to the market leader in the mobile Internet of the future - between the two standards may be a new format war. LTE has been estimated by experts to WiMax, however, about two years behind in terms of technological development. (More at blogs KNOW)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Apple Rejects iPhone from C64.

The project sounds programmed Success: A software makes the legendary C64 on the iPhone after - including a virtual joystick and quick way for Games. The program is ready and it threatens to fail, because Apple will not publish it.


It sounds like the software has become a dream of many old-school gamers: the C64 alive! And the very modern, to-be-Always have, always ready for a quick mid-game. On the iPhone that you could soon be the classic
good old bread box again leave. But only if Apple's software assessor change their minds. Their ruling that allowed the virtual C64 is not on Apple's mobile phone.

It all began so well that which. As Brian Lyscarz Apple over its project, including the C64 joystick control and play on the cult touchscreen phone to transfer outlined, it was by the idea evidently pleased, said the programmer support. But now came the provisional Off. Apple's testing laboratory for iPhone programs rejected the "
Commodore 64 for iPhone "ab.

It seemed Lyscarz everything, but really all right to have made. Support for the costly project, he is in the mobile games company specialized Danish Kiloo. And to make things right with anything approaching, he settled for Commodore Gaming, which today have the rights to the brand Commodore hold a license for its iPhone-C64 exhibit.

Can others, what the C64 can not?

Despite all these safeguards could be Apple's software Vorkoster not soften. Their reasoning: The software injured paragraph 3.3.2 of the Terms and Conditions for Apple's iPhone software developer, the iPhone SDK. It says iPhone software could not install executable programs or download. That would, however, the C64 emulator do.

The Apple now but precisely for this reason the intake of the C64 in its software shop denied, but makes aback. Finally, it Lyscarz, there are already some iPhone programs, which worked very similar way. As an example he gives the program "Frotz", a software-old Infocomm Adventures playable on the iPhone does.

Unclear registration practice

Apple's practice, the iPhone software only after prior review for sale or to give on the App Store release, has since the opening of the Software Stores with harsh criticism to fight. First, because the accreditation process for the software vendor is not transparent, they are not informed about how far a new software title in the approval process is and when the publication is to be expected. Marketing and advertising can hardly be planned.

Above all, however, surprised both providers and users time and again about the criteria according to which applications may be rejected. For example, the humorous "
Me so holy ", the portrait photos with Saints images linked, flatly rejected, while a very questionable game in which
virtual babies almost shaken to death should be durchgewunken was initially uncritically.

On other phones already running the Commodore

Programmers Lyscarz hopes that public pressure on Apple to be able to exercise. On the Web site of his company
Manomio it calls on, as much as possible about the "C64 for iPhone" on blogging, and tweeter to be reported - at least in Twitter with full success.

Whether Apple, however, a little web chirping restores, is questionable. So far at any rate, the company remains silent as ever, refuses any comment on the C64 emulator from.

So if you are actually on the old C64 games again to be carried out, must still draw on other smartphones. For mobile phones with Google Android OS and Nokia phones, there are some long-emulator software, the old Commodore on the mini-screen magic. Consistent with the retro look of the "C64 for iPhone" however, can not keep both.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This may be Apple's high-speed mobile phone.

When iPhone 3G Apple sets S Turbo A. Should it be faster and many new features. But is Geschwindigeit for a cell phone really important? Or is the magic of this program? blogs ONLINE Web Apple has already tested mobile phone.


On unpacking the disillusionment follows: "That looks so like the old" one would say. Visually, this is at first sight clearly, does the iPhone 3G S hardly by his predecessor. Only the lettering on the black back is no longer kept in discreet dark gray, but silver shines in the same color as on the Apple logo. Inside the cult-mobile, but Apple's engineers have no chip on the other left.

Faster is it that you notice immediately. Everything goes a bit quick and fluid out of hand. But seriously anyway gemeckert has hardly anyone on the speed of the Apple phones. What iPhone users, but then noticed the screen of the new model bears an improved coating. Something with "nano" must be. At least it feels somehow softer, it seems less easy to pollute.

On the other hand, the concept has not changed. And even some of the user request has not yet been met. For example, after a higher-resolution screen. The real innovations, but stuck in the software. A function for a lost iPhone again to find some, improved Bluetooth data radio and a new virtual keyboard.

Read the following pages what the new iPhone 3G S differs from its predecessors, what features the iPhone 3.0 software offers and much more.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What really is luxury phones.

Who is a precious cellphone for thousands of euros to buy, white in the rule that what is really special because the price is: In the often complex hull potter mostly normal off the shelf equipment. Exceptions prove the rule - and then are really expensive.


Not only has Apple's iPhone may be smart phones. With the launch of the Prada phone in early 2007 about making the genus of aufgehübschten design phones as a result of collaboration between manufacturers and fashion labels has already been the center of attention. But the touch screen of the Prada phone, almost no one noticed - unlike a short time later genius imported from California with the apple logo.

The GoldVish "Piece Unique" shoots in all respects to the bird: the sock design with precious metals and diamonds, the Edeltelefon a sales value of one million euro

Meanwhile, the mobile phone a status symbol more than ever, and often hides under the cover of a design-mobile commercial goods - except for the wickedly expensive equipment.

The fashion designer or company, together with producers of mobile devices from the ground up exclusively to develop was "rare," says Markus Eckstein, editor of the magazine "Connect".

Sample Boss: Hugo Boss Behind the Mobile Phone hide is a popular Samsung SGH-F480 in a new guise, he says. Also, the mark of a designer for Armani Samsung sought such cooperation into the boat. What started as a designer mobile phone coming on the market, was mostly a device from the portfolio of manufacturers, only with a new brand logo, the so-called co-branding: New shell, different logo, refreshed menu design, the packaging and maybe even new ringtones.

"This is common marketing practice, and nothing special any more," says Eckstein.

Also at the first Prada phone was not different. It was in the standard version previously as the manufacturer LG KE850 in trading skillfully. On fruitful cooperation as well put Sagem and Porsche Design. Sharp introduced in 2007 model named 770SH McLaren Mercedes, Alcatel an association with the Italian brand Mandarina Duck bag on the market. Also, the designer or fashion label Dolce & Gabbana, Giambattista Valli, Dior, Versace and Escada have made excursions into the mobile world.

Luxury cars: mainly outside hui

"Is the branding, or what I really want an exclusive?" - Based on this question is the boundary between design and real mobile luxury cars to move, says Eckstein. Like the Nokia 8800 with titanium casing for around 900 euro fell the Motorola Aura model with its retail price of 2000 euros in the jet class.

As a partner won Motorola no designer, but as a style icon traded footballer David Beckham. Highlighted in this "first cell phone with circular display" the stainless steel casing and the chemically etched surface structure "- and that the manufacturing front alone takes two weeks.


Emporio Armani (Samsung SGH-M7500, 399 euros)
Hugo Boss Ringtones (Samsung SGH-F480, 499 euros)
Prada Phone by LG (from 530 Euro)
Georgio Armani (Samsung SGH-P520, 649 euros)
Porsche Design P 9521 and P9522 (1200 or 600 euros)
Bang and Olufsen Serenata (Samsung SGH-F310, from just under 400 euros on the Internet; MSRP around 1300 Euro)
Motorola Aura (1999 euros in Germany exclusively through Phone House)
Tag Heuer Meridiist (from 3400 euros, depending on equipment)
Vertu (Edelhandys from Euro 4100, new collection in April: "Constellation Vivre" from 5200 to 21000 Euro)
Goldvish (devices from 20,900 Euro)

"In principle I have the luxury device to view, and it must also feel that it is not a mass product," says Eckstein. What should apply for Motorola, Nokia writes for many years on the flags - especially with its luxury brand Vertu, in a higher league. Since 1998, there is Vertu. After watching Eckstein operated the first luxury brand, with moderate success, but now profitable: "The approach pays off slowly."

Vertu devices cost from 4100 to 60,000 euro, the more noble metals and diamonds adorn the Handschmeichler and the more rare it is a model limitation is, the higher the price. The manufacturer claims "made from pure gold or platinum" produced models of the Signature series are Feingehaltsstempel with the Swiss Central Office for Precious Metals Control provide. All the ringtones and sounds of the signature, therefore, come from a specially designed for Vertu composed piece of music from the pen of Oscar-winner Dario Marianelli, by the London Symphony Orchestra was recorded. The price includes: A so-called concierge service, according to Eckstein a 24-hour service (Vertu: Lifestyle consultant), for example in the hotel or restaurant reservations worldwide customer support subtle promise.

Edelware off the shelf: Normal is the combination of aufgehübschtem design with brand logo and standard phone

The marketing bird shot three years ago, the Swiss manufacturer GoldVish, who, with Le million actually as much for his money in diamonds and gold gewandetes phone sweetie demanded a million euros. Were sold by its own account three devices. Currently the most expensive costs GoldVish device 255,000 Euros.

Illusion Collection models are available depending on the diamond upgrade from 20,900 euros in the list. GoldVish but promises "the best Swiss craftsmanship." Even in the crisis means the manufacturer's business as "stable" and justified this with his offer for the niche nots, those who already bought. About sales figures and further details keep you covered.

Eckstein still an expert sees a contradiction, which is the manufacturer of the Edeltelefone not completely dissolve, "If I buy an expensive product, it should be timeless." Since the functionality of the ever increasing mobile phone, mobile phones are anything but timeless. Vertu, GoldVish and Co. are talking thus appears that cell phones only for calls and SMS's letter would be used.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sun shines brightly Samsungs Google Galaxy.

Now the Android phones: Samsung provides with the Galaxy its first mobile phone with Google operating system before, immediately shows what you can do it better than the competition. blogs ONLINE has the high-tech gem before the market tested.


Long did it take a very long time. Actually should be the first mobile phones with the Google Android operating system launched at the end of 2008 on the market, it was nothing. But now it is finally happening. With the Galaxy makes Samsung the first Android phone, and thus heralds the summer of Google's smartphone.

Pretty is the Galaxy. Its dimensions agree almost with those of the iPhone agreed that only the Samsung mobile phone curves a little differently distributed. Moreover, in his shiny back cover, unlike Apple's cell phone, take off, gives you access to the battery, SIM and microSD card slot.

But these are only optical and mechanical properties. however, it is to clarify the difference between the Galaxy from other Google mobile phone is different. Finally, the outstanding feature of Android phones yet their operating system - and that is currently available on all Google phones are identical.

Sometimes one loses points

Samsung model is only the third Android-based phone, which will be introduced in Germany. The beginning made in January, T-Mobile with the HTC-manufactured T - Mobile G1. Its outstanding features are its postponement keyboard control and the various possibilities. It is via touch screen or trackball control.

Fewer options than the control G1, the Magic, also developed by HTC and produced. It is flatter than the G1, because it lacks the keyboard. Instead you have this model, which in Germany is being offered by Vodafone, with screen buttons take preference.

Similarly does the Galaxy. Articles, news and notes you write on a virtual keyboard. This is nice and big enough, but nothing for quick Schreiber. before they actually set one letter, she forced a short break. Who typing too fast, loses necessarily letters. For occasional short typing SMS or e-mail messages but it is all.

A shining example: The screen

As for the Galaxy but really stand out from its competitors is its display. That is amazingly bright, high contrast and colorful. The reason: The Korean construction in the Galaxy called AMOLED display, a relatively new display. Its preference is to make a direct comparison with other cell phones sometimes dramatically noticeable (see photo gallery), lift the Galaxy has its luminosity forth from the mass showed. It can be smooth as a reading lamp use.

It would be better suited as a media player of course. For one, because it is built with 8 GB of memory from the factory already a lot of space for music and movies offered on the other hand, because it is a true 3.5-millimeter headphone jack has. This can be any type of headphones, whether from the discounters or the hi-fi dealer. The two phones HTC G1 and the Magic have only via a USB jack. The required special USB headset or a USB-to-jack adapter.

In addition, the memory of the Galaxy via a microSD card of up to 32 GB, so if you have a large memory card can perform. In any case, but it offers plenty of space for a mobile music collection - or photographs. Even when the Galaxy consume a little more space than most camera phones, Samsung as a 5-megapixel image sensor fitting. Geknipst The pictures are good, but even with those cheap digital cameras do not keep up.



Universal Mobile Telecommunications System - is often referred to as standard for third generation (3G) that it takes much higher data rates than its predecessor, enables GSM. German UMTS networks typically create a bandwidth of 384 kbit / s for data transmission from the terminal Mobilfunkmast. Regular DSL connections offer today übrlicherweise 1024 Kbit / s. (more on blogs KNOW)


High Speed Downlink Packet Access - is based on UMTS to achieve but significantly higher transmission rates in the transmission of Mobilfunkmast to the terminal. The practically achievable data rate is currently at 1.4 Mb / s. Through technological improvements, it gradually to 5.1 Mbit / s rise. (more on blogs KNOW)


General Packet Radio Service - this standard decomposed data at stations in individual packets, transmits them gestückelt and puts them back together at the receiver. By bundling multiple transmission channels is theoretically a transmission rate of up to 171.2 kbits / s possible. In practical operation, it is usually 55.6 Kbps - modems were so slow in the days before DSL. (more on blogs KNOW)


Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution - technology to increase the rate of data transmission in GSM mobile networks. Through more efficient modulation techniques are in the sum up to 384 kbit / s can be achieved - that is UMTS speed. Edge has been accessed in 75 countries. (more on blogs KNOW)


The WiMax technology includes several standards, data on different radio frequencies. Some WiMax standards need sight between the transmitter and receiver, other signals can also penetrate walls. Tests WiMax will have data transfer rates of more than 100 Mbit / s has been achieved. Hermann Lipfert, an expert in wireless networks at the Munich Institute for Broadcasting Technology (IRT) estimates that in a regular-WiMax wireless cell Tranferraten from 50 Mbit / s are realistic - under ideal conditions and with application of all presently available technical tricks. This range would need to be as in UMTS all users share in the respective cell line. (more on blogs KNOW)


The DVB-T standard provides for the distribution of digital television signals by radio. The DVB standard is also designed to evaluate Internet content to transfer - in the frequency range of a single analogue television channel (about 7 MHz) fit, but just 13 megabits per second into it. If a single broadcast station that is 20 users hanging around the same time, a file download attempt, it is already tightly - the data rate for each user would be less than one Mbit / s, ie lower than the cheapest DSL connections that are currently on offer are. "The greatest danger to this technique is different from the present to be overhauled," said Sven Hansen from the computer magazine "c't". Applying the content via DVB, which also goes in only one direction - just like in television. The return channel must then be produced by other means, such as through a conventional telephone line. Mouse clicks in the browser went with this method over the telephone line to the provider, the req!
uested pages would be of the DVB broadcast station back to the receiver gefunkt. This is cumbersome - and slow. (more on blogs KNOW)


Long Term Evolution is the name that a number of mobile phone companies a broader standard of the fourth generation mobile phone has been given. LTE is basically an evolution of UMTS - but requires completely new hardware, including new stations. LTE competes with the WiMax standard to the market leader in the mobile Internet of the future - between the two standards may be a new format war. LTE has been estimated by experts to WiMax, however, about two years behind in terms of technological development. (More at blogs KNOW)

The fact that the Galaxy also to communicate with all the Google services understand is systemic. Gmail on Maps
Latitude and the calendar are all important Google offers directly available. In addition, a mail program installed, with which e-mail accounts outside the Google universe can retrieve. So it is no longer bound to the search engines empire bind to a Google mobile phone use.

Equally self-evident as the Google integration is the diversity of wireless network technologies, the Samsung mobile dominates. These include UMTS and HSDPA with other Bluetooth and wireless LAN. A GPS receiver is also somewhere in the device, hidden, and helps to navigate using Google Maps.

On the equipment, the functions and the user interface of the Samsung Galaxy, there is neither suspend such as T-Mobile G1. The graphical symbols of Android flut chen lightly over the screen to launch applications swiftly, only the camera is reduced in the test a little, needs at least seven seconds before the first motif can shoot.


Long range


Google's operating system is compatible with many mobile devices. The more terminal manufacturers in Google's Coalition of the Willing are, the greater the reach of Android. more ...

Free use


The use of open-source operating system is in contrast to other mobile operating systems for free, the production of mobile devices will be cheaper - the use of Android so appealing.

Demanding services for everyone


Experts say the potential for Google, the market disintegrated together. Users of very different devices could in future be able to move to demanding on-line services access. The range of available applications is expected to expand. more ...

Expansion of market users


Online service providers can thus with higher traffic and new fields expected, operators with higher capacity utilization. more ...

Much more serious, however, that the Galaxy, just as before, the G1, with an imbalance between battery capacity and power suffers. It's always online, asks regular e-mails and sucks in the current memory is empty. Longer than a day one should therefore not be removed from a wall outlet. Even after a night in a drawer wanders the charging of the battery into the yellow area that signals the imminent end of the power supply.

One end has, at least for O2, the Galaxy for a few weeks exclusive offer, including the binding of the mobile phone to a purchase contract. After all, the Galaxy offers the mobile group also customers of other network operators. Under the title "My O2 mobile phone" can the new Android mobile phone via installment purchase. Over two years will be a total of 437.50 euros for the unit due.

A mobile phone contract, preferably with flat rate data you need then of course still there.

Samsung Galaxy

Operating System
Android 1.5

Integrated Memory
8 GB

Expansion slot

Screen Resolution
320 x 480 pixels

Screen Size
3.2 inch

Digital Camera
5 Megapixel

PC Connection
USB - only to recharge

119 grams

115 x 56 x 12 millimeters

Wireless connections
GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Standby time
Not Disclosed

Not Disclosed

Touchscreen, GPS, accelerometer sensor

437.50 (O2 My mobile finance)

All values are the manufacturer's specifications

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer of smartphones.

Apple has released just in time for WWDC Developers Conference a new version of the iPhone presented. But this is only the beginning: In the coming weeks and months there will be smartphones rain.


Truly ground-breaking innovations, the new iPhone 3G S not to offer. It is faster, of course, but on the performance there were hardly any complaints. It can now record videos, shoot some better photos and has a compass chip installed. Moreover, it is now controlled by language, knows the Copy and Paste commands, and can finally send MMS messages and as a mobile modem on your notebook can be used.

Whether the latter also features the German iPhone partner T-Mobile can use on Monday night was still unclear. Meanwhile, a company spokesman confirmed blogs ONLINE: Yes, MMS will be in the German network can use. Depending on the contract are different quotas such multimedia messages included in the basic price. Any additional MMS should be charged 0.39 euro.

Also, the modem function, the so-called "Tethering", T-Mobile support. There is, however, a separate fee, similar to what the group already in the Internet telephony (VoIP) networks in its handling. Exact prices for this are still not fixed.

The rise will cost extra

It is clear what the future iPhone will cost: The high-end version with 32 GB of memory is in the cheapest fare (Complete XS, 25 euros per month) 250 euros. In the most expensive tariff (Complete L, 120 euros per month), it is almost a gift euro. S 3G iPhone with 16 GB will cost about half, so a maximum of 130 euros, while the price for the more recent iPhone 3G with 8GB to a maximum of 60 euro is lowered.

If you are already a 3G iPhone have in place before buying the new model, however, exactly as expected. Although there is the possibility of 3G on the 3G upgrade S, but T-Mobile wants to unconfirmed but reported to be 25 euros per month for the remaining term of the contract still in force calculated. So, for example, even twelve months of his contract iPhone is bound to pay for the transition 300 euros extra.

But that is probably not necessary, because many of the new iPhone features you will encounter the iPhones of the first and second generation can use. The corresponding update is on 17 Of June are available - free of charge.

But who still has no iPhone, only with the purchase of a new mobile phone with touch screen, internet connectivity and multimedia features toying should not hastily go shopping. Finally, other parents have beautiful daughters. Should read: Much of what the iPhone 3G is S, other smartphones, too.

Even Nokia, Research in Motion (RIM), Samsung and all the others have new smartphones in the pipeline. Many of them will be in the next few weeks on the market, at least one of which already exist. One thing is for sure but in any case that it is a mobile hot summer. The mobile phone giants and their smaller competitors are dealing with spectacular announcements are trying to beat.

Read the following pages all about the mobile phone highlights of the summer. blogs ONLINE, the main iPhone followers gathered.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Apple iPhone pimpt.

More speed, better camera with video function, a built-in compass: Apple presents its new iPhone 3G S ". For all owners of the phone also has a new operating system that has many features that rival far dominate - even copy & paste.


Hamburg - 3G iPhone was the previous version - now depends Apple an S for "Speed" on it. Many frequently used functions should be at least twice run faster. Otherwise, there are mainly the features you can from other mobile phones already familiar: a high-resolution camera that can record video, a battery that runs longer than before, and a voice control.

In addition, the new edition of the multimedia cell phones have built a compass. The digital street maps of the "Maps" application is one which helps automatically in the right direction can rotate. Aufgebohrt was also previously abundant rudimentary camera. The resolution of the autofocus camera is now three megapixels, the focus can be via pointer on the preview image are sharp. In addition, you can now also videos in VGA resolution with sound are recorded.

The S is also 3G with various voice commands around - and not just on call to make calls, but also the built music player control. When asked about the iPhone, especially for what music is playing, answering the phone and gives title and artist of. The duration of the device with a built-in battery should be firmly based on up to five hours talk time in 3G network, or up to nine hours in total wireless internet - extra three hours Internet use Apple promises so its customers. Fast is also the connection, if the provider plays HSDPA is now running at 7.2 megabits per second, so far, there were 3.6.

The 16-gigabyte device will cost $ 199, the 32-gigabyte version $ 299. The old 8-gigabyte iPhone for $ 99 will be available. The publication in the U.S., Germany and six other countries for 19 Announced in June, and August, the new device in 80 states available.

At the developer conference in San Francisco was the next version of the iPhone operating system presents. In the third edition provides Apple now functions under the iPhone rivals dominate long: Copy & paste is below, including MMS. New is also a feature that allows the iPhone's internet connection via USB or Bluetooth with other devices can share, without any additional software. How to Mac and PC The "Tethering" must, however, by the mobile operators are supported.

With the new operating system is the iPhone for full navigation system: The system known TomTom now runs on Apple's pocket computer, computer voice included. In the trade sector also an enhancement that enables the iPhone to the windshield of a car makes paperboard and it is still more accurate GPS data for locating receives.

Cheaper mobile roaming tariffs in the EU.

The call from holiday this summer will be cheaper: According to the EU Parliament on Monday, the Consumer Minister new ceilings for mobile phone calls within the EU approved. And this is not the end: In the coming years, the prices continue to fall.


Luxembourg - Just in time for the holiday season will be mobile phone calls and text messages abroad cheaper. From 1 July calls from cell phones may be a maximum of 43 cents per minute instead of 46 cent as hitherto. The cost for receiving calls are from 22 to 19 cents reduced. That is a decision by the EU consumer ministers on Monday before. The step comes as no surprise, because in April, the EU Parliament approved the compromise.

Holiday call: Cell phone calls within the EU are getting cheaper

From July 2010 to apply maximum fares of 39 cents for calls and 15 cents for receiving calls. A year later, the ceiling at 35 cents and 11 cents reduced. SMS text messages in other EU countries may be from 1 July maximum of 11 cents cost. Currently they cost about 29 cents, in some countries even up to 80 cents. The EU Commission estimates that the cost of the so-called roaming around up to 60 percent could.

For data transfers from one EU country to another, the ceiling of one euro per megabyte. From July 2010 apply to 80 cents and 2011 then 50 cents (plus VAT).

Consumers can agree that the connection from a certain amount is automatically disconnected. This is to "shock bills" should be avoided. Furthermore, discussions following the first half minute seconds basis.

Since July 2007, a "Euro Tariff" for mobile phone conversations, the ceilings for the so-called roaming charges provided. These are the tariffs, the telecom providers charge each other when their customers make calls abroad or write an SMS. The new regulation will apply until the end of June 2012.

What is Apple's new iPhone.

It will be able to have a cost and that the speculation about Apple's new iPhone thrive for weeks now, the idea of mobile phones is expected for today. Whether the new cult device actually made his debut will be is unclear - what is it is not.


Today, a new Apple iPhone, as are (almost) all agree. At
Macmagazin.de for example, says marketing chief Phil Schiller will "- that much is sure - to announce a new iPhone." The justification for this assumption, however, is thin. Telecom employees were already in place for an introduction on 19 Been trained in June, T-Mobile try to remaining stocks of the current iPhone 3G poised to bargain prices - in combination with matching mobile phone contracts.

For T-Mobile in the Netherlands had already activated the new iPhone data appeared. "iPhone 2009" should be hot, with storage capacities of up to 32 GB in black and white will be shipped. And even from a cheap iPhone with only 4 GB of memory to some rumors have already experienced cooks. $ 149 it cost, a kind of folk his iPhone.

So far, however, is only so much clear: A Milestone, as the first iPhone, the new model will be difficult. In the second edition, the iPhone 3G, one could still have a faster Internet connection via UMTS and HSDPA are delighted that one, however, with a cheap plastic back instead of the previously used metal had bought back part. The model is now expected, it in turn to evolution rather than revolution act.

In the center of the opening speech, the keynote, the marketing chief Phil Schiller tonight in the Moscone Center West in San Francisco will hold, something else will stand. Apple's future operating system Mac OS X, Snow Leopard. Its publication has already been announced for the summer, must be forthcoming shortly, already Microsoft's Windows 7 pre-empt.

Read the following pages: Highlights of the new iPhone, which the new mobile software, and whether Steve Jobs will indeed come.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Palms risky game with the Pre.

Saturday is the Palm Day: In the U.S. at the weekend is the new smartphone in the U.S. producer in the sale. Critics give the device high marks, fans eagerly wait for it. The success is still not secured.


San Francisco - Just over a year ago, some experts have hardly anything left on the pocket computer pioneer Palm to. The computer-phones from the Palm Treo series were at that time with modern smartphones like the iPhone, Apple does not keep pace.

And the big announcement
Foleo project for a new ultra-mobile PC in the autumn of 2007 was again stopped. Now Palm prove that the legendary company to product successes, such as the PalmPilot, the first "personal digital assistant (PDA) for the masses, can once again pick up. Together with the U.S. mobile provider Sprint Nextel launched the company in California this Saturday (June 6) the marketing of the smartphone Palm Pre.

Behind the design of the Pre is Jon Rubinstein, who was previously at Apple in the development of the iPod music player was responsible. For the development of pre Rubinstein canvassed some 250 experts mainly from Apple and other Silicon Valley companies. With this team, he wanted an Internet mobile phone design, which makes it not only with the iPhone or the new Google mobile phone record, but the models in some areas also have to be taken. Funding will be the last burst of Palm from venture capitalists Elevation Partners, in July 2007 more than 300 million U.S. dollars into the ailing company invested.

Integration of Social Networks

The result can be clearly seen: Known IT journalists in the U.S. such as David Pogue of the New York Times "or Walter Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal was the Palm before pre launch test and distribute good marks. "The Palm is a spectacular success. From zero to a hundred in the first version," writes Pogue. Mossberg looks at the pre an "intelligent and sophisticated product that will appeal especially those who (for a smartphone) want a physical keyboard."

Unlike the iPhone, the Palm is not only pre on a virtual keyboard, with the large number of recorders can not be friends. Furthermore, the pre run multiple programs simultaneously, resulting in the iPhone it is not possible.

Furthermore, the Palm Pre scores with a successful integration of social networks like Facebook or web services like Google Calendar.

Europe must wait again

Whether the Palm Pre laurels after the advance of the critics also a major sales success, is still out. For one can not pre anywhere with the iPhone to keep up. Since the Palm software developers only an extremely short lead time has to be the launch of the Pre little add-on programs available.

For the Apple cellphone, however, are now in the iTunes store more than 40,000 "Apps" are offered. Extensive games from the iTunes bestseller list, it will be for the Palm do not pre enter, since the Palm device for grafiklastige programs is not suitable.

The Sprint Nextel in the U.S. offered Pre Palm is outside the U.S. can hardly be used because it is based on the U.S. CDMA mobile standard running. A variant for Europe (GSM / UMTS) Palm has at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For Germany, however, has neither a start date nor the partner for the mobile market announced.

Apple could make trouble

Palm also inconvenience threatens foes from Apple. Two days after the launch of Apple's pre gathered on Monday in San Francisco software developer for the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). There could be Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller a new version of the iPhone imagine the Palm Pre immediately from the wind takes the sails.

In addition, Palm Apple to take legal action. The Palm Pre used not only by Apple's patented multi-touch technology "to control the smartphone with multiple fingers. A week ago Palm announced a surprise, precisely
the iTunes software from Apple to have chosen to download music tracks, videos and photos between a computer and the Palm Pre exchange. Thus the comparison between the pre and iTunes works, camouflages the Palm device technically seen as a music player from Apple. And how it works, knows the former iPod product manager Jon Rubinstein only too well.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sony Ericsson painted with watercolors.

Mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has always had a green logo. Now, with years of delay compared to the rest of the industry, the group tries to get a matching green zuzulegen image - but is only moderately ambitious to work.


With two new phones, the Group intends to implement its goal, "the ecological footprint of the company to reduce." The German translation is slightly stupid-sounding phrase stands for the environmental damage caused by an activity occurring - from the mobile phone production to barbecue at the weekend. A large "footprint" stands for large loads and the environment is a matter for the image not at all good. The race for small footprints is part of the industry-wide competition. Now Sony Ericsson is also part of it - a Spätstart.

Only in September 2008 Sony Ericsson had the goal postulated to be a green future, and will now begin with the implementation. Very radical but it will probably not proceed: Until 2015, the CO2 balance of Sony Ericsson mobile phones by 15 percent.

How protects the environment while saving, Sony Ericsson wants its customers to show that they will no longer be bothered with printed manuals will be. Their task will be, at least for two on Thursday introduced mobile phones, electronic, pre-loaded on the mobile phone manuals assume. The paper consumption would be reduced by 90 percent, says the manufacturer. That is certainly true, but holds pitfalls - such as when the battery is empty or someone with the user needs exactly why, because he deals with mobile phones really do not know.

By eliminating the paper inserts can however also be smaller packaging. On this rotation is also Nokia have come - in a while. The waiver of packing material improves not only the LCA, but also the profit margin. Finally, smaller packages cost less, can be shipped cheaper. In addition to the environment also seems to be Sony Ericsson from the savings benefit.

Water color and recycled plastic

In addition to such cost-cutting measures, however, there is also real environmental improvements. Thus, the new model C901 Green Heart with a water color and painted with a headset that you almost completely from recycled plastic is produced. The model presented simultaneously Nait is opposed by a particularly economical charger.

Both phones is common, according to Sony Ericsson that their housing about half from recycled plastic. Furthermore, a very sensitive light sensor, the brightness of the display particularly sensitive to the ambient light and adjust as helping to save energy.

Apart from these changes and eco-supplied applications such as a CO2 calculator, it is two devices in order to completely normal mobile phones. While the Nait with its price of 159 euros apparently little more to users, is intended to the C901 Green Heart, with its 5-megapixel camera with xenon flash mobile photographers seem to address. Very interesting is the choice of storage media: When C901 is Sony's Memory Stick Micro for use, the cheaper Nait uses the Sony Ericsson long spurned microSD cards.

Good is not good enough

The idea of mobile phones more environmentally friendly, is quite understandable and encouraged. Just as Sony Ericsson is trying to take out, but remains the bland taste that only the bare minimum has been done. If it is an economical power supply, why are not all equipment delivered? And when a method has developed, environmentally friendly paints to use, then why not the same as in the manufacture of all products?


FREE Dreingabe: Nokia gives away music (05.12.2007)

Eco-Mobile: Samsung is trying to Biohandys (17.06.2008)

Maybe because it is enough to set itself to achieve objectives. Total is supported by the innovations in both products' CO2 emissions by 15 percent, "reads a press release. This is sometimes good, is still half-heartedly. Perhaps we should simply aim to savings of 15 percent CO2 and revise rephrased into "as much as possible."

Sony Ericsson would have at least the eco-balance the nose before Nokia. The Finns have it that even with a mobile eco-tries, but the first model, the Evolve 3110, stuck. Also because there is pent-up demand.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Phones are used for electrical wallet.

Soon, phones could be credit cards as a cashless payment replaced. Simple, cheap and fast payment will be via phone - when there are so-called Mobile Payment not a few practice problems.


Berlin - Every second German hopes, with the mobile phone is not only, but also pay them. The scientists at the University of Augsburg found. "Consumers want it and do not understand why it still does not work," says the head of the Research wi-mobile at the University of Augsburg, Key Pousttchi. It would be so handy in a vending machine, or in a taxi at the supermarket checkout only to the mobile zücken and all payments from one hand to do.

Trial of a Dutch supermarket chain in any case governed by the Mobile Payment been enthusiastic, says Pousttchi. In this experiment, however, have to work, so far only a few mobile payment methods offered: "You held the phone to a station at the box office, it made 'Beep' and that's it," says the scientist.

Ease of use is for the customers of A and O, because there are already other payment methods, whether in cash or by credit card. "Since M-Payment must at least be easier or nicer to use. If you click here, and yet there's something to select, the procedure is dead," he knows from experience with other experiments.

How can you make money?

It would be too cumbersome, for example, at the box office only an SMS reply to the merchant and the payment trigger. Again, this possibility has already been tested, but could not be enforced.

When payment is only for the SMS mobile services like ring tones in use. One reason is that all payments to these so-called Premium SMS-third of the money to the mobile operator, and another third is still often to other service providers, which the payments.

Reason for the slow deployment of mobile payment is Pousttchi according to the complexity of the technology. You will still underestimated. Difficult is the business itself: How can one with M-payment money? And how will the security be ensured? Which procedure is the best and who will introduce it? Of the few suppliers of mobile payment methods, two at the beginning of this year: Crandy - a word created from credit and cell phone - and LUUP. This company made the sending of money between individuals possible.

"NFC is the future"

At the moment exists only MPASS, a system for customers of Vodafone and O2, which is based on the payments in the Internet is limited, and "Call & flexible pay" from the telecoms, with the machines can be paid. Success is a promising technology, which is also the Dutch supermarket was trying to basically says Pousttchi. It is based on wireless technology RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). An RFID chip in a piece of clothing could be the price of the phone display and send a payment request. RFID implementation for mobile is close-range communication (NFC, Near Field Communication) called.


RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. An RFID system consists of a transponder, the incoming radio signals and answer to an object is located. Moreover, a reader of them. The transponder can be as small as a grain of rice.

The implementation of RFID for mobile is a Near Field Communication (NFC) refers. This is a transmission standard for contactless exchange of data over very short distances. It was developed by Philips and Sony. With an NFC mobile consumers will be comfortable and cashless ticketing, for example, by touching or solve a so-called tags, information from a poster on their phone can.


"In three years there will be no new phones without NFC give" expected Pousttchi. "What mobile payment at close range, it is the future of NFC." With an NFC mobile phone of Nokia, for example, were customers of the Rhine-Main transport association in a pilot project by touching a stop on the radio chips attached information and ticket purchase.


Discuss about this article

How long it will take to the Mobile Payment prevails, depends on the behavior of participants, says Key Pousttchi. Still, it would be possible with a really good method to market quickly aufzurollen ". If this does not happen, American corporations could win the race, just as in the credit card was. In the Netherlands in any event, every second customer specified, for a mobile phone with mobile payment function, the network provider to another. Actually an unbeatable argument in the hotly competitive mobile market.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Startup problems with Nokia's software shop.

Software, games, ring tones: Nearly a year after Apple announced on Tuesday Nokia's Ovi Store opened its doors. Million mobile phone users can get with extensions for their mobile phones supply - in theory. Indeed, shortly after the opening of the first problems showed.


With plenty of delays are now also the Finns to the starting line: On Tuesday opened the world mobile phone leader Nokia's Ovi-Store, an online store, where mobile phone users with software, games and amusing little person. At the opening of the online shop Nokia fans have waited a long time. Finally, Apple has been almost a year before, how to successfully market mobile phone software: Within the first nine months were from the App Store for the iPhone one billion programs downloaded.

This figure has now topped Nokia begun. Actually, the task of the Finns can easily be overcome. That at least put the sales figures closely. While Apple's market researchers Gartner that in the first quarter of 2009, not quite four million iPhones to sell could put Nokia in the same period, nearly 15 million smartphones - and also sold around 82 million less powerful mobile phones.

Despite this advantage is the market leader is not easy to catch up with its competitors. This shows itself in the scope of supply. In Apple's App Store are now more than 35,000 applications, games and fun programs to find. Many of them free, the bulk of the pay programs at prices of 0.79 and 1.79 euros.

Rates up to 40 euros

Nokia's shop has plenty of growth there. Currently, he offers, for example, 471 for the current touch-screen mobile phone Nokia 5800 XpressMusic on. The share in the areas of programs, audio and video, games and personalization on. The percentage fee deals is considerably higher than for Apple. Thus, the store on Wednesday for the 5800 model only 34 free title, on the other hand, has 437 paid listings.

Only rarely stumbles man rummaging through a software available for 0,99 Euro is offered. Even for simple tones should be 2.99 berappen, Wallpapers for mobile phones cost 1.99 euros. Games, such as the card game "Omar Sharif Bridge, beat most with 4.99 Euros. True it is expensive but when you get to seriously hunt usable applications. A tool that is available Wi-Fi networks in the area indicates, has a price of 9,99 euros. Dictionaries and cities leaders are 15 to 25 euros, office utilities and security software costs up to 40 euros.

A "total disaster"

But at least the first approximately 24 hours after the opening of the Ovi Store, it was not even sure if we ever found admittance. Apparently the systems were not designed to rush to the start of worldwide sales followed. Partial receipted Store logon attempts with error messages, sometimes the pages were just white. Unusually, these performance problems with the introduction of such online services, however, does not and it is expected that the situation calmed once the great early interest has resolved.

But many laurels could Nokia software does not yet store einheimsen, neither Nokia nor fans of technology journalists. The high-tech blog Techcrunch called about the opening as "
total disaster, "criticized the inconsistent user guide and noticed that some have recommended applications in the morning a few hours later, no longer in the store were found.

Similar criticism is based on the Symbian mobile operating system specialist website
Ovi Allaboutsymbian with the store to court. Also there is the criticism hakelige operation. Above all, you disturb the specialists that the Store does not distinguish between different applications based on Java on and those that are directly adapted to Symbian.

However, there is, however, that the Ovi Store still far with Apple's App Store or the Android Market for mobile phones with the Google Android operating system can absorb. But still, there is widespread agreement that the Finns still around the rudder cracks Ovi from the store but still a successful model can tinker. Tech Digest has even already have a
Five-point plan.

Jesus programs, beer glass simulations fart and software are not among them - this is precisely such a fun-time applications to the burners at rival Apple. Whether Nokia users should not have joy?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The iPhone, which is none.

Success attracts imitators to. Just like designer clothes and expensive watches are also increasingly sophisticated mobile phones copied. blogs ONLINE has a Chinese iPhone copy under the microscope. If the cheap model, what the manufacturer promises?


What is that? It just looks like an iPhone, clearly. But it's smaller, much smaller. If there's an iPhone nano would be, then it would probably look like this - or something like that. Because what happened to me because in the hand is pressed, is no iPhone, it only does so.

Indeed, it is by its manufacturer as m888a means, but by that name on the device is no trace to be seen. Instead, there is great "mini" on the back, next to the Apple logo.

An Apple logo? Well, almost, because as the metal was shaped, how does an apple that also recalls Apple Crest fruit, but is somehow wrong, almost as if someone had the wrong template placed on the copier. But so have the curious failure of the Chinese Nachbauer still no end.

Especially nice is the lettering on the back cover has succeeded. Just like the original there are a serial number and the reference to the country of manufacture to China. Where Apple makes it clear however that the device was designed in California, is on the clone to read: "Made by USA". Aha, produced by the U.S. also. Whether the know?

Not every icon keeps what it promises

Hardly, because the developer and manufacturer of the mini, the
CisCam Electronics Co. LTD., Has its headquarters in the Chinese industrial city of Shenzhen. Originally, the company had engaged in the manufacture of network surveillance cameras and specialized. Meanwhile, the engineers seem but copies of successful mobile phone as lucrative field of activity to have discovered. Besides iPhone replicas offering the company openly Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson clones. Even phones in the style of Nokia's Vertu brand Nobel Ciscam has on offer.

Which has been used as "mini iPhone" device advertised, however, precious little to do. Apart from its aluminum rear of the device is not noble to be found. However, the software developer an honest effort, the Apple-imitated look. The main menu presents itself with smaller versions of the iPhone icons. They have, however, often quite different features than the originals. A click on the Google Maps logo carries around in a file manager.

Where is the hidden pen?

Anyway reveals immediately that the pretty icons are only aufgeflanscht. Directly below, the graphical splendor to an end, shows a text-only menus. The show also that they do not actually touch screen for mobile phones designed. Next to each menu item is emblazoned a number between 0 and 9 Had a keyboard, you could probably order the functions by pressing a button control.

In the small iPhone but you have to try each line of text with a finger to take what is tricky. The only 2.6 inch screen is small for the many lines of text presented simply too little space. Well, that Ciscam pen as a pointer operator assistance mitliefert. Pity that the design was apparently not taken into account, completely under the back lid is hidden. To join the mini-pen, you must first commercially the phone partly disassembled and then put back together.

Everything except Internet

But there are also highlights. Thus, the two m888a Sim card slots, can therefore two providers simultaneously einbuchen. This is handy when you call for voice and data provider uses different holiday or a SIM card of the country in addition to the trip home would like to insert. Moreover, the battery is replaceable and the Bluetooth feature allows you to transfer music. One such feature is Apple's first with the next software update in due course.

The musical abilities of the device itself, however, are on MP3 files, which are but not many can be accommodated. Although the product is stamped indicating 8GB is only 1 GB of memory installed. Internet functions do not exist. Neither a Web browser or an e-mail program are available. Given the slow data rate of the built GPRS module, this is probably better that way.

Is there a copy of his cult?

A real iPhone is the replacement m888a or "iPhone mini" so little. With Apple's cult-mobile announced it just a little appearance, nothing else. However, not even the price. For 85 dollars, about 62 euros, praises the manufacturer's device. For a simple GSM mobile phone with dual sim touch screen feature and not a bad price.


Discuss about this article

But who wants to save the mobile phone, is now no longer on such replicas instructed. Only on Tuesday, for example, entry-level Nokia phones that have similar favorable as the iPhone clone, but was technically far superior. These include the Nokia 2720 fold, a folding mobile phone, which still go online via EDGE may not look sick and even 55 Euro cheaper than Apple's clone.

Similar low-cost mobile phones is available from various manufacturers, quite legally and with warranty, if something breaks. Whether this is recognized by the "mini iPhone" can expect? Doubts are appropriate.

Friday, May 15, 2009

More protection against pushy salesmen.

"Phone number is suppressed" - Callcenter may no longer hide behind the claim, if they call unsuspecting citizens to newspaper subscriptions or perceived Glückslose for sale. And who ordered something on the phone, can easily reverse order soon.


Berlin - Telefonvermarktern be closer limits. The industry, which often unwanted calls to customers by surprise and pushing operations, it will be difficult. After the Bundestag voted on Friday, the Chamber of countries for stricter regulations in the fight against illicit phone advertising.

None Advertising: Consumers will be better protected from unwanted sales calls protected

With the new rules should be easier for citizens by telephone contracts may resign. A comprehensive Widerrufsrecht enables them to place orders again to reverse. Moreover threatening call centers that work with suppressed numbers, sentences of up to 10,000 euros. May be called only those who previously expressly for such calls has given his consent ( "opt-in" procedure). In cases of infringement, so-called Cold Calling, threatening a fine up to 50,000 euros.

In practice, this approval is connected but often, even if this does not realize is that appropriate consent ergaunert the industry is happy with tricks such as the notorious among the small games. Or it connects a service - for example the award of interest-free loan to the Electric Discounter - on the agreement, the address "to others for advertising purposes." Even in cases where the consumer to share their data freely, there is the phone advertisers such thing as approval.

Many companies call whistle, however, to such formalities: they harass consumers without a permit and provide data from which you can close, who is on call, preferably only when it becomes clear that an interest of the customer.

Consumer Protection Minister Ilse Aigner (CSU) said: "The prohibition of unauthorized advertising telephone calls in the past, some have been systematically ignored. The air is thin for now advertising annoying callers." The agreed package of measures specifically put there to indicate where problems had arisen: in the most affected by telephone advertising industries such as gaming and lottery services in the enforcement of consumer rights and in conflicts over untergeschobene contracts in connection with telephone advertisements.

The most significant changes at a glance

Contracts for the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines as well as gaming and lottery services can be without giving any reason, as has been the case with all other contracts on the phone is possible. It is for the right of withdrawal does not matter whether the advertisement call was illegal.
If the consumer time revoke a contract has, he needs him to fulfill. That means he must not pay back orders. The deadline for a timely withdrawal is - depending on the circumstances of the case - two weeks or a month. You will only begin when the consumer a notice on his right in text form (such as your e-mail or fax) received. For illicit advertising calls, the minimum time a regular month.
The right to call for promotional lotteries or magazine and newspaper subscriptions is now a month.
If the consumer about his right not taught in text form, it may Contracts for services, which he on the phone or on the Internet has, henceforth revoked. That right there is not, if a company with the execution of the service without the express consent of the consumer or the consumer started the execution itself has been held.
Phone contracts, with those so-called "circuit in the background", such as for example electricity, gas or telephone company bills, will only be effective if the consumer has confirmed in writing.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who is poor, does tend to the fixed network.

It sounds paradoxical, but is detectable: in particular low-income households with affordable waive fixed line and rely solely on the mobile phone. Approximately nine percent of all German households have no regular phone line anymore.


Berlin - In almost every tenth household replaces the traditional fixed-mobile. Around four million households in Germany were only the beginning of 2008 with mobile phones equipped with additional fixed lines in place. That, the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden on Thursday, relying on results of current income and consumption sample. In more than nine percent of all German households there is no traditional phone line, 2003, the proportion of households with mobile phones and no landline phone even at four per cent.

No G1 no iPhone, but works: phones are sometimes not a luxury, but rather the opposite of that

The fact that it is primarily low-income households are the mobile phone before the fixed preference affects irritating at first sight: Mobile telephony is still significantly more expensive than the classical variant.

To explain the figures anyway. The cost argument is valid only if the phone also uses to make a call. In principle, can be a prepaid mobile telephone on the purchase price of the card to reduce - if you can just call. A monthly fee is for prepaid mobile is also irrelevant. Payment is only, which is also used.

This is the advantage that mobile phones offer, if you change the place of residence more often than usual: The re-registration of the trouble is fixed line. Similarly, the typical cell phone-only household then from there are especially very young households whose members are clearly moving more often than older and to low income people.

In more than every third household (35 percent) of under 25-year-olds, there was only the beginning of 2008 mobile phones and no fixed phone line anymore. The percentage of exclusive mobile user households increased with increasing age of main income recipients and recipients from the inside. In the 25 - to 34-year-olds, there were still 19 percent of households in the 55 - to 64-year-olds only six percent and the 70-year-olds about two out of 100 households.

The cell phone rings, even if you can not pay more

The highest proportions of households with mobile phones and no fixed for low-wage earners: while the proportion of households with a net income to 900 euros for 23 percent, was he in the income groups from 2600 euro only three percent. This structure blogs, according to Federal Statistical Office, even to the possible employment of the residents will geblickt: 21 percent of unemployed households, eleven percent of workers and six percent of households of the self-employed households had only cell phones and no fixed phone line anymore.

And this is not an expression of failed preferences, but a form of defense against the costs: poor shifting the cost of telephony to the people who call them. And they prefer price models, where it costs an absolute control down to Einzelgespräch have. The mobile phone is also certain that it is still achievable, even if it costs for the next prepaid card can no longer bear.

Apple finds Jesus not good.

Who's with small programs for the iPhone wants to make money must be in Apple's App Store to create only what is offered is centrally located, has opportunities to be perceived. But Apple does not take long for each program - so you've got standards. Easy to understand but they are not.


It is normal that Apple has not justified its decision: Power words from Cupertino are not only act when "guru" Steve Jobs expresses it. The Apple model is based on a good piece that her small company's world with an iron grip. Because the highly efficient business-world lives like this from Apple, not just any profane markets with products to use. Apple makes its markets with a preference - and where there is re-inventing the wheel.

Offensive: Saints and humor combine, you can not find Apple

Nowhere is the hitherto succeeded so perfectly as with the iPods (vulgo: MP3 player) and iPhones (vulgo: mobile phone). The secret of Apple's exorbitant success with these products is not least is that the product developer and supplier industries in the iron grip has. Who wants to sell music online - this law has been in years - must be in Apple's iTunes Music Store and be represented Apple can dictate terms. Who programs for the iPhone will sell, must be in Apple's App Store represented. But not everyone is allowed.

Rejected was currently very small, for example, the software "
Me as Holy "of the developer Benjamin Kahle.

The program is one of the typical small iPhone gimmicks, which are useful as some describe it, some more than cute or funny, as many more and even more silly than actually completely superfluous. If you like, inherit the iPhone program Tweety and Co., the stupid little cell phone applications, the pain-free years of service prior to the mobile hochjazzten cult. Today squawk just chicks no more silly, hysterical enthirnte rats or frogs, and on mobile phones in the music charts. Today, the iPhone user the phone to the lips to create a virtual beer to drink. Very funny is that - even if only very briefly original.

Even Benjamin Kahle had invented something original. That it would work, he knew - finally, the program builds on its already successful iPhone software "Animalizer": Here you can find cute pet photos with the insertion of a separate portraits, for example, into a sheep's head, then aufhübschen. His pig is beautiful, so to say - "Me so holy" varies with the functionality of the program in animalcule another topic.

Also his new plant would have a program with potential for success may be because the operation is described with a few words. Who "Me so holy" wants to use must

Religion is a sacred figure and decide
a photo of the insert,
a small text message type
and the whole ship.

Seconds later, the addressee of the message has a kind of picture postcards from the sender as a saint greets.

Me So Holy iPhone App from Benjamin Margolis on Vimeo.

But the developer has to work his program from the animal kingdom into the kingdom of the saints to port, probably made in vain: Apple rejected the program. And unlike in most cases with justification: "Me so holy" is contrary to section 3.3.12 of the Terms of Apple made available for free iPhone software development kit (SDK), the production of iPhone games and their publication in Apple's own store allows.

Section 3.3.12 is a kind of pornography scheme, offering the "offensive" content bans. The fact that users with "Me so holy" is not only an image of Jesus and Co., but even their own to make Jesus and Co., Apple faces - and the program flew out of the shop.

Decency rules are part of the GTC

This is by no means rare. The fact that Apple apparently thinks that it was offensive, Jesus pictures with your own picture to send, you can still understand it perfectly: Humor is nothing you with most religions, or in combination will bring, if you have his grandchildren grow up to see wants. Also that an iPhone program that is on
violent shaking of infants is based, nothing is what Apple wants to be associated, one can understand.

For other appleigen decisions may be the program's makers, however veräppelt feel. As an example iBoobs, the small application, when it comes to breasts shaken after Schwingen is rejected, it was trying to morally or aesthetically motivated censorship to believe. But far from it: the competition from Wobble Bikini Babes provides and offers exactly the same - and more. Because here you can not just shake breasts, but also to rear parts. Very witzisch, Alder, eyh.

So why iBoobs flew out of the shop? Because it is the functionality of the corresponding wackelnden Babes: Apple reserves the right, functional duplicity simply to prohibit them. This reasoning was also mail programs, which Apple's own iPhone Apps-mail may have a rival, is prohibited. Opera Software renounced from the outset of the new Opera Mini browser (market leader in the mobile market) for the iPhone, because Apple's Safari Opera so that competition would have a chance, and thus would have been - Apple would have the distribution via App Store probably rejected.

Indecent is apparently also politics, because even a game where you shoes on George W. Bush and could pose a trampoline, where you can umherwerfen Barack Obama, were rejected. A South Park application for dirty language flew out, "Slasher" because of violent content: The program showed a kitchen knife and left the phone painful yelp when you shook it.

Such nonsense, Apple also other reasons from the shop repaid: Applications will be disqualified, the "no benefit for the user" status. These include - as opposed to virtual beer and breasts wackelnden - the application "I am rich" and "I am poor", which ultimately did not much more than just make that clear.

Rules? Sovereign decisions? Arbitrariness?

"I am rich" was also the first totally functionless program for the iPhone: The application showed no more than one incident-free pictures - and demonstrated the well-equipped pecuniary status of the buyer by the fact that it should cost $ 1000. "I am poor" on the other hand, one could not refuse because of futility, here again the argument went, the program was indecent or obscene.

"Pull my finger", however, fell through, but then was lucky to return to the store included: rolling since the ruble, because obviously enjoys the game, where one mobile phone to fart brings by a cartoon character on finger pulls , the highest popularity. Whether this is tasteful, not offensive, useful or for other reasons is not superfluous?

At least the people who buy the application, do seem to assume. And thanks to Apple, they may rethink the whole of the official App Store, the only approved for quality worthy of programs can be found.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Microsoft is planning iPhone rival.

Apple's iPhone gets new competition: software giant Microsoft plans after a newspaper report their own multimedia phone with touchscreen. The cell phone, code-named "Pink", to be next year at the exclusive network provider Verizon available.


A touch-sensitive display, an online store for additional programs: Depending on the model of Apple's iPhone to Microsoft
  appears to be a separate multimedia mobile phones on the market. The device is in the U.S. early next year in the mobile network provider Verizon Wireless to start, reported the Wall Street Journal.

The phone, which under the code name "Pink" is developed, the purpose of Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system to run. Although Microsoft was involved in the development of hardware and software of the phones involved, should be produced, but the device from another manufacturer. With a similar strategy was already using Google's Android mobile operating system on the market. The software came from Google,
Network operator T-Mobile launched the G1 in stores.

With Windows Mobile Marketplace for "plans of the software group after the report also has its own online shop with additional programs. Again following the example of Apple, from its App Store already has one billion programs have been downloaded.

Microsoft had already some years ago the music player Zune as a competitor to Apple iPods on the market. The device could not be enforced against the market leader and has only a small market share. Practically since the iPhone, there was also a "Zunephone" Microsoft speculates, the Windows group, however, the rumors had repeatedly rejected.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hackers steal Hayek's e-mails.

Online burglary at Salma Hayek: apparently gave hackers access to the Internet mailbox of Hollywood stars, now copied mails circulate on the net. Blame is not the technology - but a secret question too lax.


Hackers are apparently in Salma Hayek E-mail caved. Screenshots and a guide to breaking into her account with Apple's MobileMe, they presented in an Internet forum, reports
Gawker.com. Well probably circulate e-mails from and to Hayek on the Internet, which supposedly exciting insights into the glamorous life of Hollywood actress offer.

Or not: there's to be read in the mail, the hackers in the Internet forum "4chan" have, especially plenty of profane Allerwelts stories. These include a request for an appointment Japanese facial massage, a bill for iPhone applications, personal invitations and travel documents. But even their credit card information millionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault want the hackers have spied. Even more piquant details, so they are in the mail to find, are apparently not appeared yet - now is the access to the mailbox is blocked. Too often in the past hours a password reminder.

Particularly unpleasant universal service could be of service: Even the whole address book of a mobile phone can be secure, and MobileMe sync. Hayek should have used the function, the hackers could have the contact details of many celebrity friends have copied. Apple to take such stories no position, informed the Company on request.

The "secret" question, which was not

The actual hack was anything but expensive - and has nothing to do with shrewd programming knowledge and complicated cyber-attacks to do so. Join one of Apple's MobileMe, you will be invited to a "secret question" up. If you later forget their password, you can by birth date and the correct answer to the "secret question" given a new - one on the Internet widespread method, which of course is only as secure as the selected question.


Palin hacked e-mail account: son of a Democratic U.S. representatives among suspected Hack (19.09.2008)

Data-clause: Paris Hilton phonebook on the Web (22.02.2005)

In the case of Hayek, the question a bit too easy: The anonymous hackers appeared as Salma Hayek and gave to the password to have forgotten. Hayek's birth date can be found practically everywhere on the Internet, the answer was easy to guess. Hayek asked for their best-known film role - or the hacker typed in "Frida" and was thus correct. No wonder, was the Oscar-nominated biography of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo Hayek said dream role.

Selber schuld, one could argue they would have only a slightly more sophisticated secret question should conceive. However, Apple itself is similarly banal question proposed. As an example, after the maiden name of mother asked an information, like date of birth with a bit of effort and motivation in the corresponding personal life researching it.

Sarah Palin and Paris Hilton are suffering colleagues

What kind of trouble a minced contacts can bring about, knows Paris Hilton. They used four years ago, a service from T-Mobile, with which the address book of a mobile phone via the Internet can manage. Apparently Hilton was at the service of their real name and chose a very easy to guess password. Not even a secret question had to be cracked, the hacker handed it out, the name of Hiltons dog entered. The password was simply "Tinker Bell".
Immediately, the private numbers of rapper Eminem, Christina Aguilera, Ashlee Simpson, Anna Kournikowa Co. and distributed on the Internet.

Even Sarah Palin, 2008 Republican candidate for the office of U.S. Vice-President, has already been victims of their lax secret question. She used a private e-mail account with Yahoo, her question was: "Where you learned to your life partner to know?"
With the help of Google and Wikipedia to the son of a Democratic U.S. representatives in 45 minutes, the correct answer and have found the password immediately published in the infamous "4chan" forum. The contents of the messages were less profane: Palin had to explain why as governor of Alaska seems to government business on her private email account was made. According to the law is prohibited.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apple stops Babysch√ɼttel software.

Stir until it is quiet: A long known as a dangerous method, crying babies to calm, came as shaking game in Apple's iTunes Store. Only after protests, the program was again deleted from the offer.


Apple announced the sale of the program "Baby Shaker stopped. The program simulates the display on an iPod touch or iPhone by a cry infant, obtained by the jerky shaking to bring peace. Organizations like the American National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome and the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation, however, protested. They complained that such an Apple software was released.

Because it is a wisdom, which in any guidebook for new parents is to be found: When the baby cries and screeches, it must in no case be shaken. This may do it to internal bleeding. The baby may be permanent damage, which. Although "Babyschütteln" in many states, including Germany, as a criminal offense shall have iPhone users briefly the possibility of a virtual infant with jerky movements to bring about peace.

Since Monday was the software for 99 cents in the iTunes Store. "Try it, as long as you love his or her worth crying can endure before you find a way to calm the baby to make," said little caring in the program description. Had one of the virtual baby by shaking calmed, on whose eyes were two red crosses appear.

How many users since Monday have downloaded the application is not yet known. According to Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris declined Baby Shaker on Monday in the sale on Wednesday and was removed from the online service center.

What is surprising is that the software it distasteful even to sell Apple's virtual shelves did. Each program in the iTunes Store, it must be from Apple a lengthy inspection process. Repeatedly providers complain that there are too inexplicable, sometimes week-long delays.

Currently the company is preparing to Einmilliardsten download software from its offer.

Nokia music comes flatrate.

Music fed for a year. This will offer mobile phone market leader Nokia is now also attract customers and provides current to four phones at a music flatrate. The offer is tempting - but also has its pitfalls.


Tired of music for mobile phone users: The world's largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia in May, brings his music flatrate "Comes With Music" on the German market. Customers of the bid should have access to a digital music library with more than five million songs get, said the head of Nokia's music division, Liz Schimel, on Thursday at the presentation of the music offered in Hamburg. Nokia enters against offerings like Musicload from Deutsche Telekom and the iTunes Store, which also offer music for mobiles.

First "Comes With Music" only in conjunction with one of four current Nokia phones available. A year long can the buyer of such a mobile phone via a flat rate unlimited songs from the Nokia Store - whether via mobile phone or computer. After the end of the year, users can continue their songs and keep playing.

The service, from 4 May be available, according to Nokia is also a response to the problem of music piracy: "Comes With Music is a bridge between the booming popularity of digital music and the legal purchase and the possibility of earning opportunities for labels and artists," said Heikki Tarvainen, General Manager Nokia Germany.

Cheaper initial tariff

The distribution of the service in Germany, the first provider mobilcom-debitel. The offers to introduce the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in combination with mobile flat rate tariff for a flat M euros. The monthly cost of M is flat on 24.95. If you are such a variant decide, but music can only have the home-pc. Users who also want to download songs on, the company offers a data flat rate for 9.95 per month. The total monthly charges for call charges, SMS sending, web surfing and music downloads so that adds up to 34,90 Euro.

It is here that Nokia is not related to any of the four major commercial operator could be agreed. Quite possible that the retention of T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and E-Plus to the fact that this mobile service providers already partially own music download stores in their networks to offer. A competing music-Flat is unlikely because a supplier to bind to bone. Nokia is also in talks with other operators, said Tarvainen.

Doubts about the success so far

In Britain, where Nokia's "Comes with Music" since October 2008 is offered, the offer will only sell poorly. Only 23,000 UK mobile phone customers had been on Nokia's Music-Flatrate obligation, claims based on digital music specialist market research company Music Ally. A number that Nokia does not confirm liked.

In Britain Comes with Music is, however, even with the relatively outdated phone models N95, N96 and 5310 offered. Here are the current device N95 8GB, N79, 5630 XpressMusic and 5800 XpressMusic. All so far more attractive offers.

Nevertheless drags "Comes with Music", a huge spread with clubfoot: DRM. All songs that are from the Nokia Store downloads are compatible with Microsoft's rights management provide. The Technology Blog
Tech Digest therefore complains that the songs downloaded via Nokia with Nokia's own media player can be made audible. Other players refuse it, like trying to burn to CD.

A year and then forever

In the other corners of the digital music world separates you under the tutelage of such zealous attempts noticeably, the music of such customers to free technical pitfalls. Even Apple, otherwise a very eigenbrötlerische product policy known, has its entire digital music catalog on the iTunes Store DRM-free titles converted.

Almost all other manufacturers are following suit or are the same. There seems Nokia's DRM-crippled offer something to be late. Pragmatically, however, is the Finnish Music Flatrate not only a nice, but rather an incentive for ordinary users who are already with the purchase of a new mobile phone flirt - and then yet again to use a Nokia.

For fun, the states: A year long download music, songs and performers to try that one yet knew. And above all: After a year, not conclusions, everything during the first 365 days has downloaded, you can keep forever - as long as the DRM stops.