Monday, December 29, 2008

Grave with phone number.

What the Stone Age people hand ax was, for us today is the mobile phone. The trend for the phone as a gift grave is therefore ultra modern and traditional alike. Only functioning mobile phones in the coffin is still the exception.
  The New York attorney John Jacobs, is three years ago to pancreatic cancer, but always reachable by phone - even if only on the mailbox of his mobile phone. This was a grave Jacobs gift placed in the coffin, his widow paid on time since the monthly phone bill. Finally, on Jacobs' tomb next to his name, birth and death even his mobile phone number engraved.
The idea for this grave with cell phone number was one of Jacobs' sons, because his father had the habit, when he and other relatives and close friends several times a day by telephone to report. After Jacobs' widow, Marian Seltzer, with the idea that had been the battery from Jacobs' Motorola T720 once fully loaded, and then placed in the coffin.
Gadgets in the grave
Meanwhile maintain Jacobs' relatives commemorating three years since the phone: "Some people talk to God, I speak to my deceased husband," Seltzer told the New York Post "their calls. Except Seltzer, which once a month a message on the mailbox of the deceased leaves, also use their two sons, this type of memory. And now, this kind of memory even when friends of the family accepted, while the mobile phone in the coffin during the funeral for more irritations caused: Back then chose one of Jacobs' sons, the number of the father, then the phone rang in the coffin.
The fact that the family is still a regular phone number of the deceased person chooses, it is probably quite unusual. The fact that people can bury their phones, but less: "It seems like everyone under 40 in the death of their mobile phone to be buried," said Noelle Potvin from about funeral companies Hollywood Forever MSNBC recently.
According deceased often want their favorite gadgets into the grave - from BlackBerry on iPods to Gameboys. Ed Defort, publisher of the magazine "American Funeral Director", says even one case in which a man with his Bluetooth headset on his head was buried.
Trend from the Stone Age
What are the dimensions of the phenomenon of Gagdet-grave goods in the U.S., can not say with certainty. But "the trend has been five or six years to observe," said Frank Perman Funeral entrepreneurs turn MSNBC. Consequently, mobile phone, MP3 player and Co., but rather the future are increasingly adding to the grave, finally, "it is not a major problem, a mobile phone in the coffin to lay."
Expressed a similar view recently, Rolf-Peter Lange, chairman of the German Association of Undertakers (VDB). In Erdbestattungen it was not difficult, the beloved gadget easy to place in the coffin. For Feuerbestattungen there, in contrast, "but strict regulations" on which metal and other materials are not likely to be burned.

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