Monday, December 15, 2008

Put your electricity but themselves

A mobile phone, the battery has not, and never at the outlet, and runs forever? This vision could become reality. Researchers and chip manufacturers are working on technologies that energy from APPLIES their immediate surroundings - sometimes it even extends to dance.
  Chatter helps. In last few years may already have a long telephone conversation to the mobile phone fit for a few hours call willingness to make. That is at least the vision of Professor Tahir Cagin from Texas A & M University from. The chemist and his colleagues have found a way it could be possible one day, electricity from language to win.

The nanotechnology specialist at Cagin has discovered a material that is the energy of the sound waves emitted when speaking particularly effective to convert it into electricity. In the unspecified substance if it was a piezoelectric material, the university. That such materials are suitable for power generation, has long been known.
It exerts pressure on a piezo-electric element, this produces electricity. Applications for such substances, there are zuhauf. For example, with acoustic guitars, violins and other stringed instruments piezo pickups used to the sound of the instrument to decline to an amplifier and transmit them. The vibrations of the instrument are supported by the corresponding change in Piezos tensions converted.
Effectively only in the border area
Cagin discovery, however, will mean that by piezo-effect enough electricity can be generated in order to operate electrical appliances. Initially, however, the researchers aiming in particular miniaturized device, called nano-machines, an. Because in the current version works only if the energy particularly effective when its piezoelectric elements exactly 21 nanometers thin. For comparison: A human hair has a diameter of 100,000 nanometers.
Once Cagin piezo elements only a few nanometers thick or thin are manufactured, their effectiveness can be dramatically after. When the desired thickness of only 21 nanometers, but the energy yield is not very high. Nevertheless, given that Cagin and Texas A & M University optimistic, hoping the material through further research so far finally to be able to improve that sound waves from it alone can generate sufficient energy to just mobile phones, for example, with electricity supply.
Current TV channels
Researchers at the chip manufacturer Intel put in their efforts anyway equal to such devices that do not want to do with nanotechnology. Henceforth, it said it is the technology leader of the group, Justin Rattner, a few days ago, we wanted cell phones, notebooks and other mobile devices with virtually infinite equip battery life by allowing them equipped with chips, the energy from their environment.
Unlike Cagin wants you to Intel but not limited to piezo effects, but different energy sources to tap. Rattner cited as examples of body heat and kinetic energy of the user. But even well-known methods, such as solar cells, which simultaneously serve as a display, be conceivable. Similarly, remember, electromagnetic waves, such as TV stations generate exploit.
Install and forget
The top should make sensors that are independent of power outlets and batteries can operate. As a possible application called Rattner acceleration sensors, which is firmly in the wall built by the end of mobile stations broadcast electromagnetic waves with electricity. Thus, these sensors will be able to continuously move data over the airwaves of the building to a recorder to send. In an earthquake-prone area like California may even be useful.
Already completed is a self-serviced implant, which measured about bodily functions collects and wirelessly transmitted. Rattner described such devices as "install-and-forget systems," because you can not wait, and a patient is not equipped so that after a certain time to replace the batteries must be cut.
Fun Save Power
However, it is also in Intel still take a while to become familiar with the now pursued approaches can generate enough electricity to enable devices such as a smartphone with a reliable electricity supply. On popular among users can be in such techniques but certainly count. That showed a Forsa study. According support of 97 percent of Germans the expansion of renewable energies. Themselves with eco-friendly electricity serviced mobile phones would be an almost secure success.
The man admittedly already can exploit its environment in order to free green produce, show examples from Europe. It was in the Netherlands until recently a station cafe with a revolving door, which by their rotations electricity generated. In London, we even went so far as to the dance floor in a nightclub with a ground on which to the piezo principle follows: Once the audience begins to dance, the movements are used to generate electricity, without harmful emissions.
Good mood is good for climate.

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