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Nokia promises over the iPhone.

Touchscreen, GPS, rich multimedia features and up to 48 gigabytes of memory: With the N97 blows mobile market leader Nokia on the attack on the iPhone, BlackBerry and Co. The chances of success are good - when mobile phone companies by selling the subsidy of 650 euros press.
  Not just false modesty. Before Nokia president Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo presented the new mobile phone, for the hundreds of journalists and industry representatives for Nokia World were flown to Barcelona, quickly clarified that he was still on the status of his company enjoys. Four billion people, so Kallasvuo, will be the beginning of 2009 have a mobile phone. A billion of them, will continue its talks with Nokia phones handle. A second billion will soon complement to - also because of the new N97 multimedia phones.

And it has in itself - in every conceivable respect. Above all, but it has a touchscreen. The there are already at Nokia, the model 5800 XpressMusic, but there is still a comparatively unaufregende variant on the theme screen operation has been built. A screen as of now presented the Nokia N97 has not yet given.
Because the Nokia touch screen lets the user feel it when they established a virtual button press. Unlike it when Research in Motion BlackBerry Storm done, you must change but not the whole display down. Instead, a new technique that the screen exactly where you have a keystroke executes vibrates slightly. Tactile feedback call the specialists. Reports on how well this really works, are pending.
Push e-mail for all
That you are not already in Nokia exclusively on the touch-screen technique may be, shows a detail that hervorkommt if the screen of the N97 upwards wegschiebt. Then comes to a complete mini-keyboard appears. That should reassure large Tipper, not long e-mails on the screen want.
Above all, however, push for the new Nokia keyboard does not simply indicate the device, but moves while the screen in a slightly raised position. Thus, the display in an angle of 35 degrees to the keyboard postponed. The phone is similar to a mini-notebook.
And writing, which makes Kallasvuo in his long preface to the actual presentation clear, is a lot at N97. With the device, namely Nokia introduces several enhancements to its online services called Ovi (door) an. The most important: Nokia messaging. Under the umbrella of this offer Nokia wants to e-mail and messaging services together. Some e-mail offers, including Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail and AOL Mail, will be available via push new messages would therefore automatically to the phone are sent. So does Nokia not only Apple's MobileMe on the iPhone, but especially the e-mail offers of BlackBerrys strong competition.
Whether Nokia's push service is free, was at the presentation in Barcelona is not clear - the corresponding services from Apple or RIM cost extra.
Social Sites
First and foremost is the amalgamation of e-mail and messaging, but to ensure that you always in touch with friends and colleagues remain. So you also do not forget to leave themselves on the big screen called widgets, small mini-programs place. The show will be, for example when a new e-mail arrived. Moreover, there are widgets, RSS feeds, so you do not miss the latest news.

The Special: The widgets can be anywhere on the screen together. So should you around the clock, his diary, RSS feeds and e-mails constantly in mind can. And even if the screen is too full or you simply want to have his quiet, wipe it unnecessary widgets via pointer from the screen. Just as quickly should the little helpers back to fetch.
Flash in widescreen format
In combination with the integrated GPS receiver Nokia will also introduce a feature that the company as a "social locations" or Social Locations (Sun-Lo) refers. Photos and movies that one begins with the N97, with location information. Moreover, the current whereabouts of the phone for selected friends of the equipment owner, for example, in Nokia's software maps available on Nokia Maps. Fortunately can adjust who gets this information.
Nokia N97 - Technical Data

Symbian OS S60, 5th Edition

32 GB of RAM (expandable to 48 GB)

Expansion slot microSDCard

Screen resolution 640 x 360

8.9 inches diagonal

5 Megapixel Digital Camera

PC Connection Micro USB 2.0

Weight 150 grams

Dimensions 117 x 55 x 16 mm

Wireless connections EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0

Standby time 400 hours (16.6 days)

Talktime of up to 400 minutes (6.7 hours)

1.5 days of music playback

4.5 hours of video playback

Extras: Touchscreen, GPS, Aufschiebtastatur, N-Gage games, widgets

Price *: ca.650 euro

All data are based on manufacturer specifications, * Without mobile phone contract

Incidentally, the new Nokia course, as Web surfboard suck, as reflected by the screen 16:9 format in particular is supported. The best fit for the widescreen format that YouTube has recently offered. Above all, but should deal with the device, including Flash videos, as it, inter alia, on blogs ONLINE be used.
But videos will be with the N97 can also record themselves in widescreen format and DVD-quality, as Nokia. Above all, however, the company on the integrated 5-megapixel camera out of a lens by Carl Zeiss Tessar chairs. An LED flash will help to ensure that even in darkness to shoot usable images.
Already a permanent burner?
That an MP3 player is installed, aligns itself with a device from Nokia's N-series by itself N-phones are multimedia phones. Including the N97, besides the music in the MP3 and AAC and WMA formats can play. With replenishment should one after Nokia will of course provide Nokia Music Store. Really is amazing but the music playing time, the company promises.
One and a half days to deal with the N97 incessantly listen to music before the battery service acknowledged. This applies only if the phone during part of the unit is off.
But otherwise promises Nokia, the N97 will be a long-running. More than two weeks it is in standby mode persevere, almost seven hours talk time offer. These are super values, provided they are in practice will be achieved.
Memory tired
Super is the memory of the touchscreen Nokia. With 32 gigabytes, which is already incorporated in the purchase, it offers twice as much space for music and movies as Apple's iPhone 3G. Should also not yet sufficient, it is the memory via microSD card expand. In combination with a 16-gigabyte card would be the casual total capacity of 48 gigabytes.
MOBILE BREITBANDFORMATEUMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System - is often referred to as mobile standard for third generation (3G), because it significantly higher data rates than its predecessor GSM allows. German UMTS networks usually a bandwidth of 384 Kbps for data from Mobilfunkmast to the terminal. Regular DSL connections today offer übrlicherweise 1024 kbit / s. (more blogs in KNOW) HSDPAHigh Speed Downlink Packet Access - is based on UMTS on, but achieved significantly higher data transfer rates for the transfer of Mobilfunkmast to the terminal. The practically achievable data rate is currently at 1.4 Mb / s. Through technological improvements, it gradually to 5.1 Mbps rise. (more blogs in KNOW) GPRSGeneral packet radio service - this standard data when broadcasters cut into individual packets, sends them gestückelt and puts it back together with the recipient. By bundling multiple transmission channels is theoretically a transfer rate of up to 171.2 kbit /!
s possible. In practical operation, it is usually 55.6 Kbps - modems were so slow in the days before DSL. (more blogs in KNOW) EdgeEnhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution - technology to increase the transmission rate of data in GSM mobile networks. Through more efficient modulation techniques will be the sum of up to 384 Kbps to achieve - that is UMTS speed. Edge has been introduced in 75 countries. (more blogs in KNOW) WiMaxDie WiMax technology includes several standards for data on different radio frequencies. Some WiMax standards need a visual connection between the transmitter and receiver, other signals can also penetrate walls. When testing WiMax is already data transfer rates of more than 100 Mbps have achieved. Hermann Lipfert, an expert on wireless networks at the Munich Institute for Broadcasting Technology (IRT) estimates that in a regular WiMax wireless cell Tranferraten of 50 Mbps are realistic - under ideal conditions and application of all currently available!
technical tricks. This range would need to be as UMTS all use!
rs share
in the respective radio cell are online. (more blogs in KNOW) DVB-TDer DVB-T standard regulates the distribution of digital television signals via radio. The DVB standard is also designed to Internet content to be transferred - in the frequency of a single analog television channel (about 7 MHz) match but just 13 megabits per second into it. If a single broadcast station ie 20 users hanging around the same time, a file download attempt, it is already closely - the data for each user would be less than one Mbit / s, ie lower than the cheapest DSL connections that are currently on offer are. "The biggest danger for this technology is, by the presence overtaken," said Sven Hansen of the computer magazine c't. " I transfer the content over DVB, which also goes in only one direction - just like watching TV. The back channel will be produced by other means, such as through a conventional telephone line. Mouse clicks in the browser received this method over the phone line to the p!
rovider, which would then requested pages of the DVB broadcasting station back to the recipient gefunkt. This is cumbersome - and slow. (more blogs in KNOW) LTELong Term Evolution is the name that a number of mobile phone companies an additional standard of the fourth generation mobile telephony has been given. LTE is essentially a development of UMTS - but requires completely new hardware, including new broadcasting stations. LTE competes with the WiMax standard to the market leader in mobile Internet of the future - between the two standards will possibly a new format war erupt. LTE is recognized by experts over WiMax, however, about two years behind in terms of technological development. (More at blogs KNOW)
The combination is expected to eventually be the N97 to an audience will make. A bold touch with a real keyboard, good camera, large memory, faster network connections and abundant multimedia functionality should find many friends.
Only the price for the Nokia einfordert, could deter: 550 Euro net, so around 650 euros after taxes, the N97 without a contract cost when it comes sometime in the first half of 2009 comes into the shops.
But that price is hardly someone must pay. At least this is Nokia manager Anssi Vanjoki in prospect. He said the end of the presentation show for the N97 that he hoped that mobile operators would be interested in the potential pain avoid such a issue with would.
Sure, the new Nokia mobile phone will be subsidized with contracts offered. It was also his predecessor, the N95, the box-office hit, could sell 15 million times. The N97 could also create loosely - if it holds, what the manufacturer promises.

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