Monday, December 15, 2008

Ringtones for managers.

A U.S. start-up company wants precisely Klingeltonverächtern call signals for mobile phones to sell. The new mesh: beeps with professional standards. Which should be especially discreet, little upset - just cheap, they are not, however.
  The business phone ring tones is been a long time in descent, even teenagers are turning to increasingly overpriced download the tune from scraps. Constant seems only the image of ringing lousy and the download providers to be. Beyond the youthful stupidity new target for the fee to download ring tones to excite and therefore seems Mission impossible.
The start-up with the zeitgeist name iRingPro tried it anyway, and despite less, but precisely because of the disastrous reputation, the ring tones have. Under the company motto "The Innovators Of Luxury Mobile Rings" will be here Ringtones are sold to people who really pesky find ringtones. iRingPro provides anti-ringing, so to speak before the task as their phone signal discreetly and stylishly it should.
To precisely Klingeltonverächtern the purchase of ring tones to make tasty, the iRingPro sounds especially one that is subtle. This concerns the sounds themselves, but also the interval in which they signify a call. The time from the first to the second ring is so determined that the call actually before the first repetition can accept or wegdrücken. Last sold iRingPro no different tones, but an entire set to package price of 9.95 U.S. dollars.
For this, even in comparison to the usual practices in the ringtone business juicy price, you get 21 signals. These are, inter alia, as "professional iPhone ringtones" advertised, while the sagacious name "Zen Collection" probably every Jamba Association already in the approach should be avoided. Will therefore iphone ringtones-lee actually grown up yet? After all, Apple as a "door openers" notorious, the previously closed markets for subsequent companies opens. And what in the music download fee and the mobile Internet use has worked, but now could also work for ringtones?
Given the well-designed site, it is not surprising that behind iRingPro a proven marketing expert hides: Joel Hladecek has the mid-nineties temporarily fairly well-known agency Red Sky Interactive and co then almost a decade as chief creative acts. His tone is running the project, however, despite this wealth of experience to slow. Testifies the thin iRingPro feedback on the site, but also the unsuccessful attempt with an encouragement to generate competition.
IN COOPERATION WITH ... de BugMagazin for electronic of iRingPro initiated reduction of the "world's best free ring tone" was thematically in the blog world is interested above all to reject incomprehension. At second glance also reveals the company's name as a questionable choice. Product names preceded by an "i" when companies are enjoying popularity is unbroken. Whether the i-mesh with consumers as well arrives, which may be doubtful. Sure seems only that the flood of iProdukte primarily benefit Apple, because everyone imitators especially on the iMac and iPod manufacturer recalls. The riders have made it difficult on the other hand, in the shadow of the "i" an independent profile to develop. Also aggravating that "iRing" even for a design concept and a software is used. The establishment of "professional ring tones" should in any case not work.

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