Monday, December 15, 2008

This car keys kapert the phone.

Parents will love him, hate teenagers: the Bluetooth car keys Key2SafeDriving. It aims to help young motorists driving to a safer help by blocking their cell phone - and the parents via mobile network drivers informed of the misconduct.
  "The key to safe driving is to avoid distraction." So simple it looks Zhou Xuesong assistant professor from the University of Utah. And just as easily sees its solution. Together with colleagues, he has developed a car key, the driver of the mobile phone via Bluetooth wireless can disable.

Zhous argument: Driver, the phone in the car were four times more often in accidents than road, their entire attention to the traffic dedicate. As in the United States also one in ten youngsters at the helm phone or write text messages, here was the danger is greatest.
And precisely because Zhou wants to start. Parents of young motorists should be Key2SafeDriving, so "the key to safe driving," designated high-tech key enable mobile mobile phone calls using an electronic lock advance.
An automated response from the car
And this bar works like this: Once the keys in the car stuck, a Bluetooth module activates the control of the phone over. The user is significantly capers of his mobile phone through a large stop sign on the mobile display signals. At the same time, SMS and call blocking feature. Only the American emergency number 911 can still be elected. Optionally, there is the possibility of tax software on the PC unlock additional numbers, such as the parents.
Now that the key to violence over the telephone has taken over, it is also clear to the outside done. To calls and messages that are received during the trip, the device is equipped with an automatic response. The aim roughly read: "I am leaving just the car. I will sign when I make to my destination bin." Prima, because one feels the same but better.
Mamas data collector
Nor are the bold logbook functions, which the developers vorschweben. So they want to, for example, a monthly statistics on the personal use of the phone in the car driver whose car insurance send. The so their customers could discounts when they use the Key2SafeDriving, no tax on telephone calls and so - at least statistically speaking - safe driving.
But while the researchers want to not leave. Such functions in the cell phone, provided they could imagine, much more driving to collect. For example, about areas in which you are, how often it slows sharply, and whether you limits to keep pace.
Just off
But no later than when their parents during their dinner talks about the fact that they now once again much too fast and were also on the freeway braked too hectic had expected many teens fun at the car - and especially to modern technology - pass.
May be a trend towards low-cost Spartan-equipped mobile phone trigger. Because mobile phones without blutooth function of the security key has no access. Even easier, however, if the young people themselves briefly with the manual of their mobile phone deal would be. Namely, they would then find that you simply Bluetooth cell phone on and off the Key2SafeDriving in this way can aushebeln.
Whether their parents probably know?

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