Monday, December 15, 2008

These ringtones only teens can hear.

Manufacturers of FantaManager effervescent wasted phone software, which for adults will produce inaudible tones. However, some high-frequency sounds so uncomfortable, so that other companies selling Teenagers herumlungernde.
  The drinks trademark Fanta into a current campaign on mobile software. The aim of the youthful audience for free download. For the advertising campaign has Organgenbrause-Cola offshoot of the group can produce two applications: firstly, the game "virtual tennis", which linked via Bluetooth phones as rackets on a virtual space to act. These are the movements of players on the three-dimensional pixel Court transferred the result will be on the phone screens.
Besides "Virtual Tennis" is the "stealth sound system initially unspectacular. The advertising agency Ogilvy application promises teenagers developed a secret communication system. It is based on sound snippets of sirens, howling wolf or spoken phrases such as "cool" or "let's get out of here".
The samples, however, are at a reduced frequency, usually the only young ears can exercise - with age can be heard after the fact, a process already in the 20-year-olds use.
With Fantas "Stealth Sound System" is the story of teenage high frequency sound is updated, two years ago in Britain, was built. 2006 designed inventors Howard Stapleton of a device that shades from 16 to 19 kilohertz and produced "Mosquito" was baptized. Stapleton wanted to but not the secret understanding among young people. His concern was much more teenagers hanging around in front of his shop to hold.
And as the Mosquito box this task done fairly reliable, Stapleton could compound security company in the UK alone, several thousand pieces to sell. But renitente angry youths and adults are naturally global phenomena, which is why the Mosquito 2007, also in other countries successfully marketed could be. In the United States and Germany met with the high-frequency lobe, however, not only at enthusiastic buyers, but also to harsh criticism because of the technical regulation of social conflicts partially principle is rejected, but mainly because of hearing impairments can not be excluded.

Fanta is not the first company to high-frequency sounds are not alone against the youthful audience to use. Initially marketed inventor Howard Stapleton himself successfully Mosquito ringtone. And last year Sony Pictures took a similar, high-frequency sound as a promotional tool for the movie "The Messenger". The corresponding slogan turned the negative effect of young ears into positives: "There are things that only children see and hear."
IN COOPERATION WITH ... de BugMagazin for electronic also the use of the Mosquito box against herumlungernde youths could be permanent as Boomerang prove. Even adult Hörgänge are not immune psychoacoustic attacks. Mosquito-adolescent victims could, for example, the pocket-friendly price of 29.99 U.S. dollars the Klangstinkbombe "Sonic Nausea" buy. The nasty little device is secretly in the premises of the "enemy" places where the sounds produced produce nausea and dizziness, and Young and old alike.

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