Monday, December 15, 2008

Bending displays for mobile phones with touchscreen.

Smartphones and mini-computers need bigger screens. In Asia, is therefore eager to flexible displays researched, you can collapse or Curl. Initial successes have already on the Web to see.
  After the iPhone hype may soon point the summit has exceeded, have recently re smartphones with extendable keyboard economy. The device class in itself is anything but new, but new techniques and designs give the concept of the mini-computer in your pocket always new momentum. Last brought both Sony Ericsson as the new Nokia models with folding keyboard and touch screen. But while Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1 advanced options, unfortunately, only half-heartedly uses draws with the Nokia N97 the full potential of technology.

The N97 has a sideways herausgleitende keyboard and a touchscreen with tactile feedback. Nokia praises the device as the "world's most advanced mobile computer" - the difference between smartphones and Netebooks increasingly blurred. This is made possible by the continuing miniaturization and technological innovations such as the N97 screen. But also new design concepts are needed to ensure the potential advantage of technological progress.
Nokia needs a few more years
Current smartphone displays are becoming larger. After the front of current devices as well as coverage from the screen is taken, is a further extension only with new material properties conceivable. They are flexible or foldable displays currently very popular, initially in the course designers, with no regard for the need to take technically feasible.

What with flexible displays would be possible, for example, shows the "Ultra Mobile PC" the designer Felix Schmidberger, who actually only a borderless display that looks like a laptop can be folded up. From Nokia's design was recently wrought the bracelet phone concept "Morph", which according to a whim turn, bend and squeeze can. Before Morph becomes a reality, according to Nokia, however, still several years of successful research is needed.
Koreans before preschen
Against this background muten the promise of the Taiwan Research Institute ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) to quite boldly: Your flexible display based on the e-paper principle and should be in sizes up to five inches already in series production. To the industry of the possibilities of their invention to convince the researchers to design agency pilotfish instructed to design a concept. The result is a phone with sliding and folding mechanism - and truly impressive display.
IN COOPERATION WITH ... de BugMagazin for electronic next to the ITRI-inventors flexible touch screen make it so definitively as science fiction works. Utopian are the research goals, however, does not. For example, the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems until October "OLEDs with touch function" to have developed.
OLED displays (Organic Light Emitting Diode) can basically very thin and pliable also be manufactured. Perhaps the Taiwanese researchers therefore actually redeem its promises - if the South Korean group Samsung them zuvorgekommen is not already. A video gives you faith, which has been a few days on YouTube will take place, namely Samsung has been working on the prototype of a folding OLED displays.

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