Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barbie, Nova and nano make mobile.

A mobile phone in the Barbie design? An iPhone nano? A Zune player as a mobile software? A new Palm OS? Everything is possible to look into the pots of rumors cooks. Matthias Kremp has checked what the end of the year on their menus stands.
  Actually, we expect new mobile phone models in February. Then, namely, when in Barcelona Mobile World Congress taking place, the most important mobile phone trade fair of the year. But this year everything is different. Rumors surround him and announcements are hardly more new phones from Nokia and Co. Instead, orakelt what niche manufacturers will present new mobile phones - and when.
Is certain now that Palm finally lift the veil of new smartphones and - more importantly - its new mobile operating system will show. The invitation specifies at least one close to the company a few days ago to many press representatives sent. It says: "Come to CES to all the Palm novelties to see you on the waiting searched."
And you do not have waited much of Palm. For years, the company is situated in the descent. That once the Palm Pilot PDA as the first truly digital calendars and address lists bearable, was nothing more to long felt. Last floppte the Foleo, a kind of mini-notebook, the phones with his keyboard and his screen Surfmaschinen should complement - but never came on the market. The last respectable success of the company was the low cost Centro smartphone. More than two million copies, the company could sell them.
The product, with the Palm itself in early January at the CES dares to be the cart now herumreißen. As potentially "major announcement since the Palm Pilot," estimates the company close observer Palms plans.
Palms fate hours
To see what it will give technology journalists is hardly controversial: Nova should it be. Nova, that is the code name for Palms new mobile operating system. That is what the programmers of the company with many years of work completely rewritten. The basis for Linux. What longtime Palm fans will be pleased: Nova is compatible to his old Palm OS. Software written for that purpose, should therefore on the new Palm Mobile also run - and Palm programs, there are tens of thousands.

Moreover, as the rumors oracles chefs, will a new Palm smartphone with Nova on board show that it is technically with the iPhone and similar phones can be. Whether it really can, but will probably only on 8 January, when the veil Palm airs.
This revelation is for the enterprise is vital, as is, for example, Wired safe. "If this event is disappointed they will have a hard time in the future, once again the attention," it is said there. And that is certainly not exaggerated. Finally, Palm it with heavyweights such as Apple's iPhone, Nokia's new touch-screen phones, BlackBerrys and diverse the coming Android phones record.

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