Monday, December 15, 2008

Linux on the iPhone.

The development has been months, now is ready for a first version: Linux runs on the iPhone. About sense and nonsense of the company is vigorously debated among fans. But the project could also iPhone other alternative systems to pave the way.
  The iPhone community is not sure: Is now the good, bad or just a completely useless gimmick? Hackers have managed to Apple's multimedia mobile phones to manipulate the iPhone so that it instead of Apple's operating system, a Linux variant runs - with some restrictions.
Moreover, the nature of such restrictions, clarifies a demonstration video, a programmer with the network name "planetbeing online in May. It will be shown how to use the alternative operating system on the iPhone starts. The procedure, so much is clear, there is nothing for keyboard and mouse objectors fans. Because, as explained, is on the phone itself is not installed Linux. So far, it is the programmer only managed a modified so-called bootloader installed, as the gateway for their system serves.

About Ladesoftware can after switching the device to select whether the normal iPhone OS or Linux just to be started. Decide you opt for the latter, it starts at the craftsmanship. On the video is to clearly hear the projectionist commands into the computer, the Apple phone is connected to entry. As the voice says, must be the core operating system Linux and other parts at each start via USB to your phone will be dubbed. But it is even more to the victory over the closed system of the iPhone - and possible in this way to reach future hacker pranks.
Only a rough sketch
Even if the tinkering succeeds, the result is expected for hardcore iPhone users hardly refresh his first. Everything a Linux iPhone currently can be typed using the keyboard commands from the PC to receive. Neither does the touch screen can still surf the Web or retrieve e-mails. Not even the phone is compatible with the hacked device.
But the promise is not the hackers. For them, the software in its current version is not more than a rough sketch, which shows that an iPhone-Linux is possible.
The reactions of users ranging from total excitement to perfect incomprehension. On the Mac IntoMobile blog about a reader asks, "why people spend their time wasting so what." Another holds the hack even for "the senseless thing I have ever seen."
The Blog of the developers themselves outweighs the other hand, enthusiasm, which deals with comments like "this is totally fantastic" or "this is great news" express. Even programmers Zibri, known by an unlock software, which he developed for the iPhone, praises the project.
Way for Android?
Few dare to them but what they really hack the Linux expected. For example, a user is described as honeyanson and Linux-on-the-iPhone Forum outright for a "soft-unlock" asks, that is, software that the iPhone 3G for all mobile operators unlock. So far no one has yet managed.
Such an Unlock but is unlikely the goal of its developers. Where the journey of the Linux hacks should go on the other hand, says Simon Kjellberg in the same forum. He was already eager to which Linux versions will run on the iPhone will, he says. With the statement "Android is obviously a big name, he clearly what many are hoping the iPhone-trailer.
Indeed, would the Google mobile operating system Android on the iPhone work, it would be a fantastic playground for all technology-freaks - and a fine opportunity to Android and the iPhone OS directly compare.
Above all, the iPhone would be no Linux-way street. Because, as at the end of the demonstration videos will be shown, you can look for a restart of the phones back into the familiar iPhone OS return. For example, because you would like phoning times.

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