Monday, December 15, 2008

Parking ticket via SMS.

As if parking is not already stressful enough. First you need to find a free parking lot, then laboriously parking, only to eventually find that you are not suitable for the small park has vending machines. Lighter and cashless parks who pay fees by mobile phone.
  After parking it happening: The pay-as well as the automatic matching coins to be found - and perhaps with uncomfortable winter weather, snow or rain. Or you discovered after returning behind the windscreen, a call because the park has over time.
But it is also different. Telecommunications makes it possible to use the parking ticket to pay via mobile phone - and one minute of arc. "In more than 25 German cities is now cashless parking is possible," Michael Sandrock describes the state of things. He is chairman of the TelematicsPRO in Berlin. This association had launched a large-scale legal and substantive conceptions of the new mobile phone usage develops.
"In the coming year," said Sandrock believes, "will probably further 20 to 25 municipalities to participate in the system." Everywhere where the parking area with an additional symbol - such as a mobile phone - is expelled, the motorist by Motorola, Nokia & Co. Parkobolus his pay. Either is appropriate instructions at the beginning of the parking zone signs to the park or on the number of machines. Among find prospective a provider overview, a list of cities that already participate, and fare information.
A unified system is still missing
And so does the whole thing: First you have to get on the Internet at an operator of the cashless system register. Currently there are eight vendors, who in different cities may settle municipal parking. One drawback: The system works not yet nation. This means in practice that a motorist with several operators must register when, in different cities is - depending on with whom the respective municipality has concluded the contract. But there is also working on solutions. Sun wants the "Integrated traffic Region Frankfurt Rhine-Main" from 2009, a platform set up a selection of seven certified operators, but only a central point for buying and logout offers.
If you have logged in using the web, the mobile phone number, number plates, and the bank notified by mail or comes as a pdf file an orange sticker. Which is behind the windshield and has stuck from the vehicle. Park is a gap found, the driver gives his system the number of the supplier park by vending machines. With some providers, an SMS. Before he ausparkt notify the driver again.
The parking time can not extend mobile phone
The settlement is at the minute. Park per transaction providers require between two and 26 cents. The park bill will be sent monthly. The employees of the organization offices may be parking cars registered electronically retrieve and control.
Warning: It is also true for cashless parking is always the designated maximum parking duration.
In Mildura was already in April 2006, the mobile-wallet tentatively introduced. Meanwhile, the 55,000-inhabitant community over the system. "We currently have more than 1,500 users," depicts city spokesman Andreas Guenther acceptance among motorists: "The offer was well received."
Meanwhile feels Sandrock further potential for cell phone use and after thinking about paying a nationwide public transport or the reimbursement of parking charges by the retail trade.

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