Monday, December 15, 2008

Beware of the four-shot phone.

You're harmless, but they have a lot to offer: mobile phones, which can serve as a weapon. Only recently, the Italian police such a camouflaged gun safe. Indeed, there are many such Tarnwaffen - with Pefferspray times, sometimes as shocking.
  So something had at least the policemen on the spot never seen: A few days ago, the Italian police in a raid in Camorra-environment inter alia, a cell phone disguised as a firearm safely. To use the phone supposed to shoot, the lower half of the device to the side and a deduction of four buttons on the keyboard. The four .22 caliber cartridges are governed by a disguised as an antenna run shot down.
The firearms phones bear the inscription fantasy "Nokitel." Telephoning with them, you can not, however. The British "Daily Mail" reported under the heading "Dial M for Murder" about the discovery, described the killers as a mobile phone once. They are such as a phone disguised weapons are not so new.
Presumably the British settled by the statement of an Italian police spokesman, who spoke mutatis mutandis, for the first time a mobile firearm had been confiscated. He was apparently not aware that the "Time" magazine four years ago already shot on mobile phones had been reported. Under the title "Press M for Murder."
Video Screening
In the article "Time" is also used by cartridges of .22 caliber reported, suggesting that it was a very similar phone weapon could have acted. Assuming the archive still a little further back, you feel for this presumption is indeed a confirmation: Already in 2001 warned against the Bundeskriminalamt firearms of the same caliber, as "Nokitel" phones are camouflaged.
For more information promotes a search on YouTube revealed. There you'll find without even a second demonstration video Ballerr the phones mark "Nokitel." But although the pseudo-phones has been seven years in the sights of BKA and FBI are, it seems that the origin of the deadly Tarnwaffen remains unclear. Only the BKA conjecture from 2001, that it was weapons of self-brand which is expected given the repeated findings baugleicher style probably no longer be tenable.
Fiese phones
The Nokitel-Baller men are not the only mobile weapons. For example, a Korean company develops pepper spray, which is a red folding phone disguises. To use it, you must subtract the antenna and then a button on the fake keyboard. In contrast to this rather arcane device are disguised as a cell phone almost shocking commercial products, which in many variants are produced. Under martial names such as "Stun Master 800,000 Volts" or "Pretender 950,000 will be available online for 50 to 100 U.S. dollars offered.
IN COOPERATION WITH ... de BugMagazin for electronicücklicherweise is not just any fake phone a weapon. Nervous contemporaries can, for example, on a wide range of mobile flat men fall back. The enjoyment of the contents of such equipment should at least less painful than its clumsy handling of an electric shock. And to sip from the mobile phone can be a cigarette from the iPod pouch contagious: The classic Apple MP3 player has a perfect format to seven cigarettes to be stowed.

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