Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hello? Occurs.

The Twitter baby already shipped from the womb diligently SMS: Each step is registered by sensors and the event via SMS to phone the father reported. And with the MP3 player can stethoscope to the heartbeat of their mothers unborn children listen.
  Parents that their children of primary school age by mobile phone to locate, now belongs to the wireless life. And also that children already in kindergarten age get their own cell phone, it seems today no more special exemption to be. Even with many births phones already play an important role because parents right after the birth of offspring photos to friends and relatives send.
Thus the seemingly effortless mobile in all phases of life established - except for the pregnancy. But here, too, could be mobile and Co. will soon make wide. In relevant gadgets and applications will in any case already worked feverishly. And because there is a huge new market beckons, the commercial offerings are probably only a matter of time.
Baby occurs SMS
The New York Web developer Corey people who see themselves as technologists, is the father of the first Twitter-baby: If it occurs or appreciably in the womb moving Twitter by his mother's account automatically send an SMS to the mobile phone of his father cleverly . With these messages, which actually only the "baby moves mean, is a human offspring almost a typical Twitter user. Because of the Micro-blogging services are also used by adults mainly mini-news-bites from our own everyday widespread.
Man has his Twitter system for the unborn called "Kickbee" recently as part of an exhibition at New York University presented, where the expectant father watching in the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) concludes his studies. Kickbee registered the movements of the child with piezo-so-pressure sensors, in a stomach pouch are housed, the expectant mother bear.
Then the data via Bluetooth to the home computer or the cell phone of the mother gefunkt, where it from a simple Java software analyzed. In particularly strong movements or kicks the software sends a message to Twitter, from where they are, for example, to the father's phone is forwarded. But, of course, may very well wish other relatives or friends at the throw of the unborn by e-mail or SMS participate.
MP3 Player Stethoscope
Given the unborn, the SMS sent, it seems the time for pregnancy gadgets really ripe to be. That has probably also the Polish designer Robert Majkut thought, as his MP3 player stethoscope "Beforeme" drafted. The device is initially an MP3 player with recording function which, however, to the microphone instead of a stethoscope is connected. This allows the heartbeat of the child during pregnancy and also tapped to be.
IN COOPERATION WITH ... de BugMagazin for electronic its inventor, the MP3 player stethoscope the emotional bond between mother and child before birth optimally promote. After the birth, they shared ideas Majkuts after the heartbeat-listening recordings. Incidentally, Beforeme outwardly be either an embryo or a heart but remember, but this may not exactly Majkut set. Supposedly even has an investor interest in pregnancy MP3 eavesdropper signal, the device could therefore actually in the near future on the market.

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