Tuesday, March 31, 2009

T-Mobile blocked calls cheap.

With Skype on the iPhone cheap Internet phone calls? Nix da, says the telecom and locks the Internet telephony service from their mobile networks. It would improve the quality, the group argues. But actually go to something else, critics suspect.


Since today there is also Skype on Apple's touchscreen phone, a version for BlackBerry smartphones is planned for May announced. "Finally, are fans of the two device groups say. Because you want to have a lot: Smartphone buy data flatrate subscribe, cheap phone calls via Skype. Just now this dream could come true, at least theoretically. Practically, however, German iPhone users will continue as normal over mobile networks calls, because the mobile phone market leader Skype may not be seen in its networks.

This at least establishes a statement of the T-Mobile spokesman Alexander von Schmettow close. Compared to the "Business Week", he said, T-Mobile will Skype Internet telephony service in its mobile network block. The reasoning: If the iPhone-users to keep their data for use Skype conversations, would the performance of the network suffer. Data would be slowed down, the network could be overloaded. Prior to that we must protect.

Furthermore, the measure needed to ensure the consistent quality of voice connections to be able to guarantee. Problems with Skype could be approved by the customer as telecom issues to be misinterpreted. Well, therefore, the Group intends mobile Skype usage as well stop, where in fact plenty of bandwidth available, ie to the thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots on the T-Mobile is so proud.

With iPhone OS 3.0 but it works

Critics suspect the quality of debate was only a pretext argument. "T-Mobile does not deserve to run phone calls over Skype," for example, strongly
Macnotes and suspected in the concern about potential revenue losses to the actual reason for the action of the Telekom.

Skype itself has the possibility of VoIP calls via UMTS, HSDPA or EDGE to lead in the now available version of the software - at least in this country - apparently completely disabled. Although the accompanying text for the software in Apple's App Store is, you can also connect via wireless connections, do you get when you try to do this, only an error message on the screen.

This indicates that the device associated with the mobile Skype calls are not permitted. It is even in the official press release of Skype said that for example, Skype-to-Skype calls and calls to fixed or mobile network from any Wi-Fi Zone "were possible.

And actually quite a few users report that at least Skype is currently not only in private Wi-Fi hotspots, but also in T-Mobile hotspots uncomplainingly work. Possibly, the Group is still not sophisticated technical ability to the cheap VoIP phone calls to stop. And not only that
Engadget has tried out how the software on an Apple mobile phone with the
iPhone OS 3.0 installed. And lo and behold: Skype runs on the future iPhone OS is a bit shaky, but it also allows Skype calls via UMTS, HSDPA and EDGE.

iPod users can do regardless of his

But even without the iPhone OS 3.0 is it worth even now, the Skype software on the iPhone to install. In a brief test showed that the program is not only stable, but still comfortable and very iPhone-style to use. These include that it is not troublesome in Skype's contact details must be entered. Instead, it uses the software simply from the contacts of the iPhone.

Above all, should the owner of the iPod touch rejoice. Your MP3 player is using Skype on a real phone, though only within Wi-Fi networks. However, the publication of Skype once again a lack of your iPhone, you almost had forgotten about: programs can not run in the background. So if you are using Skype on the iPhone will reach the software must be constantly kept open in the foreground - and it will also deal with the iPhone OS 3.0 does not change. The blocks are not only different applications, it also sucks the battery very quickly.

Must it necessarily be Skype?

Really dramatic is the refusal of T-Mobile, Skype into its networks to be not so. Really useful, the software mainly for outgoing calls to use. And you should because of the greater bandwidth anyway via Wi-Fi it was - at least for now - even on T-Mobile hotspots still seem to work.

And if T-Mobile Skype really well in its Block hotspots should remain still have some alternatives. Because along with the new software of the VoIP market leader there in the App Store already several other programs like fring, Nimbuzz and Truphone, which is via Wi-Fi with iPhone Cheap calls - and the T-Mobile has apparently not yet on the radar.

Monday, March 30, 2009

3D-Porn for the iPhone.

A special coating makes the iPhone into a 3D display which is annoying even without special glasses to work. To launch the mobile gadgets, however, there is hardly suitable 3D content - except porn.


Ironically quietschgrünes an enclosure into which you can plug the iPhone, in January was one of the undisputed highlights of Macworld Expo. The Apple cult wins phone is not necessarily of elegance when it Wazabee-3DeeShell Company
Spatial View covers. But the so tuned iPhone is not just green and plump, but also capable of three-dimensional images presented - without 3D glasses.

Wazabee 3D Shell: If the success of porn pictures?

This is made possible by the magic trick by a special lens over the display will be shelved. Then any kind of content can be vividly depicted. This works but only if they have previously with the help of the Spatial View software for the 3D effect has been prepared. Videos, photos and games can be like a hologram, apparently on the iPhone display float. After the green Gagdet at fairs and screenings for the press a lot of amazement care, think about it since Friday actually buy - even if only on the American website of the manufacturer.
On the German side, the device can still only be reserved.

Adult entertainment

The 3DeeShell is currently, however, with only three applications. Including one with the man himself geknipst photos for a spatial representation prepare. This should be a nice toy to be. But the really interesting applications are likely to come from independent developers, and Apple's App Store sold.


Macworld-innovations: 3D iPhones and dwarf projectors (06.01.2009)

Innovation: Watch TV in 3D (24.06.2008)

One of the few suppliers that are already on sale Wazabee Start 3D content offering, the company
Pink Visual. And this is the "adult entertainment" specialized, ie pornography. "We are really excited to offer our customers in cooperation with Spatial View in a new sense of the word porn dimension to be able to offer," said Pink Visual Product Manager Kim Kysar last week
AFP news agency.

The mobile 3D pioneers of Spatial View seems to be quite, they obviously have no fear: "The adult entertainment has historically always been a pioneer in the adaptation of new technologies and the development of appropriate business models," said marketing chief Jason King.

Technology from Germany

The 3DeeShell is with the sales launch, without a doubt, the pioneer of a new generation of 3D displays. In similar products to work almost all the major manufacturers of consumer electronics. The iPhone case for the 3D effect is likely in the foreseeable future, many more displays for space-grabbing presentations follow. The pioneering technique of 3DeeShell incidentally was developed in Germany. Only once in this venture was not enough, the developers decided to make their start-up in Canada to found.



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Another 3D Display, which has already caused a furore comes from Germany, more precisely, from the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, based in Berlin. The system of researchers is
iPoint and 3D, for example, presented at the CeBIT: Here was the classic Pong game with simple arm movements on a 3D display to be played. And that the new space feeling confident the audience will be on the
Videos of the event quickly became clear. Even if the 3D effect can not be filmed.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Garbage-network SMS begs for emptying.

The U.S. city of Somerville wants garbage by 50 mobile network in order to optimize the discharge and energy and money. This is made possible by solar-powered garbage presses, at Disney's garbage robot Wall-E "remember.


The town of Somerville in the U.S. state of Massachusetts is so far not as high-tech location noticed. But that could change in the future if the new concept of urban waste is rising: The community wants: 50 high-tech trash can connect via SMS.

The concept of networked dustbins provides that the container via the mobile station if they are nearly full. The aim is always tons of ideal date be emptied. And this exact emptied, the environment, the traffic in the city and reduce the $ 14,000 annually in the form of fuel and personnel costs.
This is explained in any case, the head of city administration, Michael Lambert, opposite New York Times.

Only they can speak not: The fully automatic garbage Press, which reports via SMS, if it wants to be emptied

That calculated by the electronic upgrade of really simple objects on the environment to be effective at first sight, of course, absurd. Finally, created by the manufacture, installation and operation of the new technology first loads. But behind the SMS-ton is more than one mobile gadget.

In the garbage, in Somerville with SMS features are upgraded, it is now high-tech items. The model
BigBelly Solar Seahorse Power Company is not only a container, but a fully automated garbage press. The "big belly" compresses the waste, if a certain level sensors reported. Repeated presses can be tons of garbage at least five times more than conventional models include the same size.

The pressing process is carried out according to manufacturer with a huge pressure of 780 kilograms and will last exactly 41 seconds - during this period can be no garbage in the garbage can be thrown. The energy for the system comes from solar panels on the lid tonnes in its standard version is about the level LEDs. The upgrade to a wireless module is under these conditions of course, no particular piece of art, mainly because the power supply already is assured.

Although an automatic trashcompactor costs around 4000 euros, will the purchase worthwhile for many communities. In Europe, the tons currently in Dublin and Salzburg tested in practice, but still without SMS connectivity. But already in the execution, the ununvernetzten Waste 80 percent previously required emptying savings.



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And "BigBelly" is not the only one trying to garbage economy through automated systems to revolutionize. Thus, in a small village in Tuscany is currently a field, when the refuse collection and street cleaning robots take over.

The stakes of DustCart and DustClean are also coordinated via mobile, however, these garbage-bot does not compress the waste, they are also energy dependent from the wall outlet.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cell phone bills of 2008 are sunk.

The decisions of the EU Commission seems to pay off: One study suggests that the prices of mobile phones and SMS 2008 on the 2004 level. The accounts of the Germans were on average over the previous year and almost half lower.


Brussels - The monthly mobile phone bills of Germans are in the past year by almost half. This is the result of a study conducted on behalf of the European Commission. Thus German paid mobile customers with a "medium use" of their mobile phones in 2008 in average only 17.41 euro per month and almost 13 euros less than in 2007. The results of the study, the European Commission on Wednesday in Brussels.

Mobile bill: According to the EU Commission, the cost of mobile phone use of 2008 decreased

The Commission suggests that German consumers over two euros less than the EU average. The number of mobile phone contracts in Germany, meanwhile, as throughout the EU is also, again, as the annual Commission report on the telecommunications market shows.

Across the EU, prices fell for SMS and mobile phones from 2004 to 2008 at least 34.5 percent, they are now below the 2004 level.

Besides, consumers benefited from a better quality of services, said the Media and Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding. The improvements schlügen, among other things, faster Internet access down. Of the Germans meanwhile had 27.5 percent over broadband connections. "Millions of country people" were in the Federal Republic still cut off from broadband.

Rain was used in Europe according to the report, consumers from the possibility of their telephone company to switch. 20.5 million people changed accordingly fixed or mobile operator while retaining their old numbers. The EU average time of change at eight mobile phones days in Germany, there were three. However, the customers in Germany for this service in other countries is free, each 21 to 30 euros have to pay.

Killer SMS insecure Egyptians.

The rumor is absurd, but it stubbornly holds: Supposedly in Egypt is an SMS in circulation, which is deadly if you think of them. Now turn to authorities, and even try to cellphone users to calm down.


The scenario is known from Hollywood: It is a call, watching a forbidden video or receives a cryptic message, and a week later it is dead, the idea that Gore Verbinski as a template for his horror film "The Ring" served to offset in Egypt thousands of mobile users in fear and terror.

SMS messages on a mobile phone (here in Japanese): In Egypt, the authorities had to intervene because supposedly deadly text messages are in circulation

The reason is a report of daily Egyptian Gazette ", which a man in Mallawi, south of Cairo, would impose a stroke, shortly after one of the mysterious text messages received. Supposedly, the ominous, deadly messages from a combination of digits, with a plus symbol and ending with the number sequence 111 ends.

The rumors about the so-called killer-SMS were so persistent that even now the authorities were forced, against the further dissemination of information about the allegedly dangerous SMS approach. So reported the official MENA news agency on Wednesday, referring to security circles, there was no phone message, which is among the recipients until severe headaches and a fatal brain hemorrhage could trigger.

The Ministry of Health officially declared that it was the authorities no such case is known. "These rumors contradict any scientific evidence," it said in the statement. The Ministry of the Interior took three oil workers, according to MENA under the suspicion finds the rumor being circulated to have.

A similar message was once widespread in 2007. At that time, the SMS has made a round in which some numbers were called, which allegedly would lead to death as soon as one of them is called. The story turned out, however, quickly took a hoax and had no official complacency.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

End of SMS roaming Abzocke.

Now the greed of the mobile when sending the SMS-off valve. After 2008, the EU already charging caps for mobile phones in other European countries established, will now also send SMS messages and data will be cheaper.


Strasbourg - Good news for fans of SMS text messages to and from other European countries will probably be cheaper than before. Instead of up to 80 cents to citizens in the EU from July maximum is 11 cents per SMS, plus VAT, as the European Parliament on Tuesday in Strasbourg announced. For tourists and business travelers would be an SMS-price of 13.1 cents. Furthermore, the cost of data transmission and Internet use via mobile phone will be capped.

Using mobile phones abroad will be cheaper, at least within the EU to be used for SMS and data should be a ceiling

This compromise on legal limits on the so-called roaming, representatives of the Parliament with representatives of EU member states. The Parliament House is the end of April to vote on the compromise. Following still need the relevant ministers give the green light. The new rules would be from 1 July to apply - ie time to travel season.

For browsing the Internet or the e-mail sending via mobile phone abroad, the EU parliament also new ceilings. Targets can therefore but initially only for the wholesale prices - the cost of about a Spanish network operator to the German mobile operator to a passenger when data roaming bill can.

Protection against shocks billing

The wholesale prices will be here from July to a maximum of one euro per megabyte (MB) of data are transmitted. From July 2010 to 80 cents are from 2011 and then 50 cents (plus VAT).

It will also give it an option with which consumers from March 2010 billing shocks could protect. Thus, they could limit their suppliers, or about 50 euros, pretend, after reaching its roaming connections would be blocked.

The Act is an initiative of the EU Media Commissioner Viviane Reding, who tried for years, prices for international mobile usage costs. It was in July 2007, a new Euro Tariff for mobile calls duty, the ceilings for the so-called roaming charges provided. These are the tariffs, the telecom providers charge each other when their customers make calls abroad or write an SMS.

From 2012 the market should regulate itself

The ceilings for outgoing calls German mobile phone customers must be due to the Euro tariff scheme this summer to a maximum of 51.2 cents per minute including VAT, will fall. Incoming calls will then cost a maximum of 22.6 cents allowed. Under the current regime, these caps a year later to 46.4 and 17.9 cents in July 2011 again to 41.7 and 13.1 cent fall. New is also the obligation to exact payroll in seconds of the talks after the first 30 seconds.

The new regulation will apply only to 2012. Thereafter, the competition itself to ensure that prices remain low. Ministers and Parliament House must still approve the new regulation. "I now expect a healthy competition for attractive retail prices," said the chairman of the parliamentary committee for industry, energy and research, Angelika Niebler (CSU).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vuitton Motorola, Mickey iPhone, Gucci Mouse.

Have your new cell phone from orange seen? Chinese counterfeiters are - depending on the perspective - grow bolder, and resourceful. Instead of simple copies, they are increasingly desert brand mixes, which are identical in several models to operate.


Is there a Louis Vuitton Edition of Motorola's mobile-Edel "aura"? Disney cooperates with Apple in the production of a Mickey Mouse-iPhone? Is there really a game edition of Nokia's 8800 model?

A clear answer is probably no to these questions, at any rate, it depends on the perspective. The above-mentioned companies and brands are the questions clearly negative. On the black market and on relevant web pages are the phones mentioned but very much to have.

Indeed, Chinese counterfeiters are confined no longer to the exact imitation of existing models. They already have a lot more like a free product interpretative tradition developed in which really nothing is impossible. For the affected company is obviously very angry, while the illegal creations but also quite entertaining.

For example, if resourceful pirates once across Apple's product range and the result fantasize
"iPhone Air call: The phone combines elements of MacBook, iPod and iPhone into a bizarre flip phone with two SIM card slots. Or, if the forger on the safe side think that the apple because they are consistently replaced by an orange. It is then the
"iOrgane" out an iPhone-plagiarism, which acts as if it momentarily into a hallucinogenic paintcan fallen (and by the targeted Buchstabenwürfler also marks the collision with the Orange mobile avoids).

Doppelt hält besser

Once upon illegal Produktabwegen course there is no more reason to stop an infringement of copyright to make. Because if that sell counterfeits, because they shine from an established brand to benefit, then yes, they might sell even better when you are in the same two brands operated. Following this logic, for example, is
the Mickey Mouse-Apple cell phone emerged, although in this case the logo on a fairly unimaginative Cheap phone combined.

With the same mesh, but a bit sophisticated in style, the
Louis Vuitton editions of Motorola mobile phones from the counterfeiters workshop. The "imobil V453 Phone" or "imobil Phone V358" baptized phones combine the Motorola models "aura" and "RAZR" with the familiar pattern of French luxury brand. The fact that piracy is not necessarily better, double stops, shows, among which the fact that the two double-fakes after a few days again disappeared from the net - two angry groups also react with more legal action as a counter.

New Features: Better than the original

But counterfeit products are not only by multiple copyright or trademark infringement on. Sometimes the pirates complete their creations, including functions that the original did not have. So the phone is ringing with the name "Gucci Doll" a brazen forgery of iRiver Mplayer. This has - officially licensed - in the form of Disney's Mickey Mouse, but offers only MP3 player functions. Plagiarism can, in contrast to the original fold and so does the mouse calls.



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A similar situation is also a Barbie-mobile "P520" for example: The exterior is similar to the device by the dominant pink to make the blogs legally licensed MP3 Player Barbie B2 ". But unlike with the original can be reached by the Chinese pirate creations also make phone calls. Even more daring seems to last a peculiarity that the name "Cool8800C" listens. The mobile phone is reminiscent at first glance striking at Nokia "8800 Arte". Unlike the original, you can fake the Open twice, however, so as a mobile gaming console to get.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apple is dreaming of giant mobile software world.

New push-services and sales models, Bluetooth networks, and more than a thousand Interfaces: Apple iPhone will be the final mini-computer. The Group opened programmers now lucrative opportunities for better mobile software - without great expense to the competition abzuhängen.


The figures, Apple's software boss Scott Forstall on Tuesday at a press conference in Cupertino announced that speak for themselves. The Software Developer Kit (SDK), with the user's own applications for the iPhone can write, since it was launched over one year ago downloaded about 800,000 times. Active program, according to 50,000 users Forstall good software for Apple's smartphone. Altogether there are already more than 25,000 programs.

That business with the iPhone software is booming, mainly due to the fact that it may be worth considerably for Apple's smartphone programs. Because the programs are downloaded via a central store sells, the App Store. 30 percent commission Apple collects per downloaded application - get the rest of the programmer, who is also the price of its software itself may determine.

With this model, Apple fired a huge creative market that the company not only additional money into the coffers flush, but the iPhone with new, creative applications always smarter - and thus against the competition unique features ensures that Apple without anything to do needs. The App Store model is so successful that it recently
a number of Apple's competitors was copied.

  But it seems that the Apple's rivals in this field one step ahead.
During the presentation of the new Apple operating system, few surprises emerged promoted, the SDK has been considerably refined.

For more than a thousand new programming interfaces (APIs) is the modular growth - more functions of the mobile phones are so for other programs harnessed. The software offers a universe of new possibilities to develop smarter applications. Forstall said on Tuesday the following improvements of particular importance:

Multiple iPhones can now via Bluetooth to a network together. This is especially interesting for computer games, but also for fast data exchange.
The management of hardware on the iPhone has been significantly improved. It is now possible, for instance, the equalizer of a loudspeaker on the iPhone to control or medical devices with intelligent software to connect.
Apple finally implements the "push notification" service, with the alert signals on the iPhone can be sent. This is for example, messenger services interesting. Originally, Apple had this feature already in September 2008 to publish.

In order to program more attractive, Apple also expanded its App Store. The number of countries in which software can be downloaded to be from 62 to 77 increased. For developers it means more coverage - and more potential buyers.

Apple added to the business of the App Stores for three major issues - and responds to the demands of many developers who search for the marketing of its software more flexibility wish:

Apple claims to future cumulative sales models: A game developer can, for example, only the first ten levels of his games sell - and the next ten only against payment of an additional unlock fee.

Subscriptions should be supported. Vendors of e-magazines, therefore, get the opportunity to present their products for several months in advance to sell.

Micropayment: The sale of small items within fee software is also made possible. Users can thus, for example, now on the iPhone in virtual game worlds clothing for an avatar buy. As the drainage presented on Tuesday the company Electronic Arts - with an iPhone version of their successful game "The Sims".


Apple: online portal of the new SDK

Online presence: ngmoco:)

Online presence: SMUL

Online presence: LifeScan

blogs ONLINE is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Apple pushed with all these new features, the strategy of competitors with a veritable flood of intelligent applications for the iPhone be topped. What new opportunities to improve the SDK and the App Store opened, one could on Tuesday in Cupertino already guessed: Seven software programmers were the new SDK in the past two weeks for free - and showed at the press event, which is within a short time from the Developer Kit can bring out.

blogs ONLINE presents the best three program ideas.

This may be the new iPhone software.

MMS-Versand, "Cut & Paste", comprehensive search function: With the third version of its iPhone operating system, Apple includes many important gaps - and the programmers kit, with the user's iPhone applications can write to the final mutated killer application.


Since only helps self-irony. Apple's iPhone, a cellphone, which the entire mobile market has circulated. Two versions of the operating system already exists, the third will now follow. And only then it contains a function that in the eyes of many users has been long overdue. Scott Forstall, vice president of Apple knows that and that is why he flees into the humor, as he died on Tuesday morning (local time) in Cupertino, the news of iPhone OS 3.0 presents.

Google Vice Forstall at the presentation of the new iPhone operating system: "Cut, copy and paste. And undo"

For months, twitter and blog users that the iPhone lacks a simple way, the other smartphones like the BlackBerry (Research in Motion) or Treo (Palm) long have the option to cut text and images - and any other body reinstates .

"Cut, copy and paste" says Forstall and shows how a few simple finger point text and images from e-mails, SMS or web pages ausschneidet into other programs and insert again. Forstall then makes an art break - and shake the iPhone. "And undo," he says. He grins and waits until the laughter in the hall again abebbt.

That one can cut and paste content from iPhone-shaking undo it, is one of the pretty details that make the third of the smartphone operating system in store.

Over 100 new features, the iPhone OS 3.0 - for virtually all of them, however, to applications that are critical users have long been calling for - and where one wonders why it took so long until Apple offers these features . Since, for example ...

... the possibility to send MMS,
... Programs decency to browse,
The touch-screen keyboard in landscape mode in the major programs to be able to use, so the letters are larger.

Apple offers these functions now - and thus closes important gaps in an evergreen
tougher competitive market. The smartphone revolution has the power relations of the producers in their foundations shaken. Nokia dominated the end of 2007, yet over 50 percent in the smartphone segment, the end of 2008 there were just 37 percent. The shares of Apple and Research in Motion rose significantly: 13.7 million iPhones sold, according to Forstall, the company last year, 17 million since its launch on 29 June 2007.

But the competition never sleeps - they always produce smarter smartphones - and Apple takes the spot. For innovators from Cupertino, it was important, therefore, the operating system to the needs of users. A really big surprise, as they occasionally Apple unveiled on presentations, the OS 3.0 but not - at least for now.

Indeed, the really impressive new feature of the new operating system is its power only in the coming weeks and months unfold, the new Software Developer Kit (SDK) that enables programmers around the globe, new applications for the OS 3.0 and write a self-defined price the App Store, Apple's software bazaar sell.

This approach enables many programmers suddenly in the position, as a freelancer to work for Apple - and, if the software is successful, so good to earn money. And it was loud Forstall set like a bomb. "Since the introduction of the first eight months ago SDK have been over 25,000 applications in the App Store is set," he says. These were so far over 800 million copies have been downloaded. "And we're only scratching the surface," said Forstall.

  With the introduction of the new operating system, Apple has now also the software developer kit developed - and still much stronger than the operating system itself to over 1000 new programming interfaces (APIs) is the modular now richer.

The new interfaces include the ability, via peer-to-peer computer games together with other iPhone users to play or the iPhone, and networking of medical devices like blood glucose meters with an iPhone software, which facilitates self-diabetics and it has a mobile available social network together with other diabetics.


Boom of the mobile phone software: Revolution is in the air (17.02.2009)

What a powerful software with the new SDK can be programmed, it was possible on Tuesday in Cupertino already guessed: Seven software programmers enjoyed in recent weeks the privilege, with the new SDK to work - the presentation of what they are in such a short Developing time with the kit program, provoked in the audience frenetic applause. On the stock market, the Apple shares, mainly because of the new SDK, significantly.

50,000 programmers who are already on the Apple developer program, the software now for free. If you have not registered,
may SDK to test register. The new Apple operating system, according to Forstall in the summer will be available for download. For iPhone users can download free of charge, owner of an iPod Touch, with the same operating system, paid $ 9.95.

What the new Apple operating system can do - play an important role in blogs ONLINE Overview

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The biggest mobile phone in the world.

The largest, fully functional mobile phone in the world is 4.5 meters high, stands in Chicago and is of course a commercial gimmick - but it is not absurd gadget. Passers-by can be a little gymnastic exercise on the XXL SMS keyboard on the device write.


The Guinness Book of World Records has long been dominated by questionable excellence whose sole purpose it seems to a new record somehow measurable category justified. Because so beckons the entry into the Compendium of the Irish brewery, the world's advertising works: Cheap can be from a company advertising hardly get.

The simplest mesh to create a new category is of course the modification of an existing entry. Sun can be found in the Guinness Book record of not only the fastest SMS Tip of the world (41.52 seconds for 160 characters). But also - more or less comprehensible - Entry for writing SMS with your eyes closed and the completely absurd entry for typing SMS at Skydive.

And since Wednesday, the world is at another record Gaga-rich, whose reverse logic seems almost philosophical: The biggest, functional cell phone in the world was in Chicago the astonished public. The Monster Mobile fits with a height of 4.5 meters determined in any pocket - so long as no ambitious tailor the right, the world's largest trousers sew. The current record holder, a pair of jeans with a total length of 40 meters, in any case is still too small for the largest mobile phone.

Monster buttons

The Handy-size record is part of a marketing campaign of the U.S. wireless service provider Cricket Wireless. The company has, in cooperation with Samsung an exact copy of the model "R450 Messager" in XXL format built. It was particular emphasis, not only the shape but also imitate all the functions. This includes one of Schiebmechanimus with which the keyboard of the device can pull out, which in the case of the giant model of a hand probably is not enough.

But the inner workings and operation of the mobile elements have been selected for the promotional gimmick reconstructed. And so passersby can currently in Chicago with the monster and send SMS mobile phone calls - while typing 160 characters, given the distances between the keys rather extensive gymnastic exercise requires.

Dream of a cellphone tower

That the phone giant from Chicago for a Samsung model, meanwhile, seems logical. The South Korean group has in the past, a high affinity for mobile monstrosities proven. So Samsung was about 30 about six feet high statues made to a hand with emporgestrecktem mobile phone display. These were for advertising purposes, especially in Asia at prominent places. Served as models in several Samsung models, which displays partial functional designed.



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The record for the largest, fully functional mobile phone currently considered the "Megaphone" with a height of 123 centimeters. The device was oversized in an IT company built it for trade shows and other events rented. The truly mobile megalomaniac plan came from Australia. They announced the enterprising self-made millionaire John Ilhan 2005, for 20 million euros a 120 meter tall skyscraper in mobile form to want to build. However, succumbed to the entrepreneur a heart attack 2007, which also plans to "Phone Tower" had died.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The phone number of God.

0031 6 442 449 01 - "Here God, I can call just do not!" A Dutch conceptual artist has set up a phone number on their mailbox to post messages to the World handlebar can leave. The aim of the project: modern pray.


For about a week, God has a phone number with voicemail. If the Dutch mobile phone number 0031 6 442 449 01 dials, you get - in Nederlands - in any case, the following message to be heard: "Here speaks God. I can call just do not. Please leave a message or try later again, maybe even get you an answer. "

God (here on a Bible illustration in the edition of 1541, from the fundus of the Thuringian University and State Library in Jena, Germany): reputation but at times, man!

Now of course God has no Dutch mobile phone Treaty worried. Just how God's voice in the voice mail greeting sounds. The telephone number of God is much more a project of the concept of artist Johan van Dong. But despite the phone ringing incessantly and God supposedly collect itself several hundred messages on the mailbox.

In an interview with Radio Netherlands Worldwide, "said the artist, the divine phone number, it is not a joke:" It is a serious art, which deals with rituals addressed. " Accordingly, it is van der Dong about the ritual of silent dialogue with God, a new, contemporary form.

Previously people had to pray in the church have gone, said the artist continues. Now it was to see "how the people on a hotline to God" would respond. Therefore, he also recognizes a mobile and no landline number furnished. The paradigm of the networked society, always and everywhere to be attainable, it should eventually apply to God, says van der Dong.

This reminds the Dutch art of the mobile phone in the coffin of a New York lawyer, whose members also use the mailbox to the deceased, their thoughts. And what, in this case, even after an obscure individual sounds, get with the concept of art-point system: voice mail messages are also evident as a vehicle for remembrance.

Discretion guaranteed

For a secular mailbox to the contemplative place, it must be, however, meet certain requirements. For example, discretion. "I'm not a pastor. I am artist and I will not hear the news. They should be a secret between God and the call ends remain," said van der Dong. The messages will generally be heard by no one and not as elements of future projects.



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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Strompetze is the greenest gadget.

Tweet-a-Watt is a simple kit, the power to an outlet on the micro-blogging service Twitter in the online social networking reports. The device was just at a conference on the greenest gadget of the year.


In New York has requested the
Greener Gadgets Conference, a panel of experts a device for Eco-winner, the individual power to the online social networking reports.

Green Gadget: Tweet-a-watt transmit power to Twitter, and thus Ökosünder under public observation

Tweet-a-Watt consists of a small gray box, whose design apparently nothing to do with design to do. The barren gray to gray display recalls an old-fashioned calculator, the five buttons to a cheap remote. This eco-gadget is like a timer between the outlet and the connected electrical devices running. Then measure Tweet-a-Watt electricity consumption permanently to the daily consumption at the outlet to be calculated.

This value is then on the micro-blogging service Twitter in the digital communications network. Who the Twitter channel knows, the daily electricity consumption can be on the computer monitor, or even as SMS on mobile phones to receive. The purpose of this exercise is to the individual energy of the voluntary social control of online communities to submit.


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Twitter has no revenue model. Under discussion are paid advertising or Twitter accounts for businesses. End of 2008, Williams rejected a takeover offer of 500 million U.S. dollars from Facebook. Acute financial problems, the company has not yet - 55 million U.S. dollar venture capital since its founding, has recently received funding last brought round again 35 million U.S. dollars.

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To Tweet-a-Watt widest possible dissemination of experiences, it is a kit based on an existing device, designed the meter
Kill-a-Watt is available online for $ 24.99 to have the necessary components to upgrade, there is a similar amount.

Fun with a good conscience

The greenest gadget of the year was at the conference Greener Gagdets chosen by the design magazine Core77 "oriented, and this year for the second time took place. The fact that the conference in 2008 compared to relatively little attention, is obviously due to the fast-moving times - last year was also green IT a priority topic of the Cebit. On the other hand, the concern of the Conference Greener Gagdets probably more of a long term project. Because basically it is a question at the event, lifestyle technique and good eco-conscience somehow be reconciled with each other.

As the lengthy and arduous path to green technology is still toys, is particularly evident in the design contest. This should really show how eco-gadgets may look like. But exactly how this year was in 2008 no MP3 player or similar, but a thoroughly pedagogical design awards: EnerJar The kit looks like a bunch of e-scrap in the jam jar and allows similar Tweet-a-Watt, the control of their own electricity.

Green Consciousness

The crucial difference between EnerJar and Tweet-a-Watt is of course the networking. Indeed, while the winner of last year's unit consumption only on the LCD display, makes Tweet-a-watt energy consumption potential for a public affair. The doctrine according to the weakening of the green technology boom is therefore probably order one's own behavior really change, it needs a bit of social pressure. And exactly this is to generate Strompetze. This would of course used at any outlet in the home of one of the devices to control the consumption. That floats because the inventors Limor Fried and Phillip Torrone before.



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Should Tweet-a-Watt is indeed a further spread, however, would require an extremely dubious scenario reality. First, increase the transparency of electricity to the mean loss of privacy - only right, given the obvious way to conserve not only daily, but at shorter intervals to report. But the ecological balance of the massive use of Tweet-a-Watt is obviously mixed. Finally, it would en masse to install new technology, their production and operating the first and only environmental impact would be.