Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mobile ReiÃleine triggers alarm.

Phones are the successor of the whistle as an instrument of self-defense: A Samsung model with Reißleine creates infernal noise and simultaneously informed the police. Following the same principle now also networked mobile alarm systems.


The whistle is not only at railway stations and sports grounds a classic, but also as an instrument of passive self-defense. For people who fear that they are just at the critical moment the breath runs out, there are now technically upgraded alternatives to whistle: For example, the
"Tiny Personal Guard Alarm", the line for less than $ 10 to acquire.

Samsung phone with Reißleine: Infernal Noise

The unit is barely bigger than its mechanical predecessors and can be exactly like the whistle around the neck worn. And that creates inconspicuous gadget, with a SPL of 120 decibels in an emergency truly infernal noise. To trigger it's merely a small Reißleine draw - then it is appropriate to their ears zuzuhalten. Nearby you can in any case already sound pressure level from 100 decibels as an extremely unpleasant perceived.

Handy with Reißleine

The alarm function to be integrated into the mobile phone, it seems obvious, at the same time opens up the networking of the devices entirely new responses. So sound the alarm of the currently presented
Samsung SPH-W7100 model, although "only" at 100 decibels. But that comes with the triggering of an alarm, a text message to a number of the police generated. The SMS to the law enforcement includes the emergency and the location data from the phones, the GPS module of the SPH-W7100 delivers.

In South Korea Samsung phone marketed as the ideal companion for children and women. The device is not the first mobile phone with alarm function, but the first with a Reißleine: The previously available models, the alarm by pressing a button is triggered, which in one frantic panic situations in Fummelei may degenerate, but the probability of false alarms increases. Currently, the SPH-W7100 is only available in South Korea, Samsung already has the green light by the U.S. approval authority for marketing in the U.S..

Mobile Alarm

And the consistent further development of the networked alarm phones already exists: if mobile devices at the same time raise the alarm and SOS messages to mobiles can sell, then the mobile is also conceivable alarm. The result is then
"Yeti" and should make all possible mobile assets from unauthorized access. This is the quietschgelbe device the size of a tool kit initially equipped with sensors, the user, depending on the situation can be activated.



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The alarm will be triggered when the infrared sensor movement in space perception, or by an acceleration sensor, which anschlägt even if Yeti is moved or when the microphone is recording a loud noise. The alarm itself consists of three elements, the user individually or in combination can be chosen: in addition to the siren of 120 decibels and a flashlight Yeti effect can also be sent by Bluetooth with a mobile phone connected. From this is then in case of alarm via SMS or a call to programmed numbers generated.

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