Friday, February 27, 2009

Telephone inventors invent the pill doses phone.

The intelligent Pillendose monitored the intake of drugs, mobile phones analyzed the breath of the user: as designers are the future of the mobile front. The cell phone as a personal physician and trouser pockets Big Brother.


The mobile industry is looking for the next big application for mobile. A New Hope: medical services and health care. Hope this is being driven by the combination of smart sensors and intelligent networking.

Pill doses prototype: The draft of a pill doses phones on the Yanko Design site

The developers are as follows: cell phones could constantly take the pulse of heart attack risk and monitor irregularities in the family doctor via SMS circumspect. According to this principle should be about the future by Dement GPS navigation controls: If an Alzheimer's patient aimlessly through the streets of moves will be alerted and the supervisor led to the patient.

The system was the beginning of the year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where the "
Pill Phone "was to be admired: The mobile phone is reminiscent of the ingestion of drugs and warns in case of doubt, prior interactions.

But currently available systems, only a small foretaste of the mobile's Health: How has the Australian designer Steven Grech already consistent successor the "Pill Phone" developed in his "
The Capshell "manned the draft gets Pillendose even a mobile phone connection to the proper administration of medications to ensure. The system works similarly to the famous of PEZ candy dispensers. However meticulously registered the device, whether the pills to the scheduled time taken from the donor were. Whether the patient actually swallows it, the unit can not be recorded.

By mobile phone, the data is automatically stored in the patient record stored and in critical cases, the supervising doctor alerted. Should it even be manufactured in series, would be networked Pillendose physicians valuable information and could thus avoid treatment errors.

That progress is possible, however, massive privacy concerns. To feel even the magazine "Yanko Design" promptly to George Orwell's vision surveillance "1984" is reminiscent, although usually only the aesthetic quality of the drafts will be discussed.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

One step further is the vision of the British company Applied Nanodetectors (AND). At the fair "
Nano Tech 2009 "in Japan, the company presented a prototype of a mobile phone, the breath of the user monitored. This is made possible through a supposedly new sensor, the traces of all possible gases in the breath detected. The ratio of nitrogen oxides, ammonia, carbon dioxide and other substances could then include all sorts of diseases.

The sensor will also detect whether and how much alcohol the mobile user has consumed, or simply warn against halitosis can. Opposite "
Nikkei Electronics, "said a company spokesman AND that now with cell phone manufacturers and mobile on possible areas of application for the Super Sensor verhandele.

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