Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nokia will deliver mobile phones with Skype.

This decision is likely to provide excitement: From June to the mobile phone market leader Nokia World, the Internet telephony software Skype on their devices, the data. The operators could miss some call charges.


Barcelona - The Internet telephony service Skype triggers further into the mobile world. The on-line auction house Ebay-owned provider, announced on Tuesday a partnership with the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia. The service will in future Nokia mobile phones are integrated. The first unit should be in the third quarter of the new Nokia flagship N97 a Skype get access, said Skype CEO Josh Silverman on Tuesday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Nokia Mobile Phones: Bald installed with Skype software

With the cooperation faces new conflicts with the network: When Skype calls are free between the users with a data flatrate would be no call charges incurred. Hamid Akhavan, head of the cellular provider T-Mobile, said in Barcelona, for his company Skype is not an issue since there is no great need of the T-Mobile customers were then. Therefore, the Telekom subsidiary no problem if Skype on smartphones like the G1 Google phone or mobile phones from Nokia could be installed.

Skype has around 400 million registered users worldwide. Ebay for the development of the billion-dollar acquisitions in recent years, however, disappointed: The Telephony service could the goals in sales and especially when profits do not meet.

Now, Skype by the change in the telephone industry will benefit. The company's vision: Skype as a unified communications platform across different devices to establish - whether mobile phones or computers.


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