Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The legend of the deadly cell phone.

The Chinese, the last week, according to initial reports by the explosion of his cell phone battery died, has in fact dealt with a firearm. The legend of the "death mobile" does still persist, because it's the uneasiness over the mobile phone boom articulated.


Last week was preceded by a familiar-looking headlines around the world, according to a Chinese by the explosion of his mobile phone had been killed. The incident took place in a computer store in Guangzhou, South China, in which the shop owner after an injury to the carotid artery devitalized. Cause of this fatal injury, the explosion of the battery in the mobile phone of the victim have been.

Mobile: An explosive charge at the ear?

That hinted at any rate the evidence that: First, an eye witness reported that she was a loud bang and then been alerted to the shop geeilt, where they bleed to the man and experimentation. In addition, Chinese investigators found the cell phone of the victim in front of dismantled parts.

But the story of the "deadly mobile" is probably too good to be true: After a thorough investigation, the Chinese police in any case that a "firearm brand self" was the cause of death. Thus the man has a gun illegally for the production of doom, from which a shot sparked. And accidentally have left the projectile is designed for the fatal injuries as well as the destruction of the cell phones responsible for how the British newspaper "
Telegraph and Chinese media report.

This is a seemingly even more particularly spectacular case of a fatal mobile "as a duck: That was in 2007 in the case of the death of a Korean worker so, who emerged as a tragic accident. Here it was a colleague of the victim, with the story of suddenly exploding battery of his own wanted to deflect blame. And though the legend of "death by mobile phone explosion" is now a common place, it seems only a single case to which this stereotype is halfway.

These are the fatal accident of an electrical welder in Chinese Shuangcheng. Meanwhile, mobile phone battery exploded in 2007 and broke the rib of man, which his heart was fatally injured. In this case, the victim, but the most basic security precautions ignored when his phone while fiddling with the welding loosely in the shirt pocket with lead. For the worker fatality was in all probability, the extreme heat during welding.

Almost nothing is as unlikely as the deadly cell phone

The single case of a cell phone explosion resulting in death is the fact that globally about 3.5 billion mobile phone. Statistically, the risk that the detonation of their own phones to die, so that probably does not exist. The fact that the legend of the "deadly HandyGames" still a common place could be, must therefore have other causes.

Near Prone seems that initially the unease towards a rapid technological development articulated: mobile within a few years our lives completely conquered and partially changed dramatically. Such a rapid development inevitably produces anxiety, which is however difficult to express - And in the tale of the "killer device" to find a valve.



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Besides the gentle showers that we have the alleged death threat through his own telephone brings, the legend of the "death mobile" but also a useful educational effect. Because batteries, in which more and more energy on less and less space is concentrated, have a recognized hazard. This is not fatal, but should be some simple rules when dealing with modern lithium-ion batteries observed. To have seen the stories of the "deadly mobile explosion" even their permission, even if it is not true.

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