Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Microsoft improves jabber-Post-Its.

Speaking is faster than write, at least for most people. Therefore, fixed to mobile phone notes spoken than typed. A new technology will now allow such voice notes for key words to search. Try it at your own risk.


When asked what they please because mobile phones such as the
Toshiba TG01 need the fast with a gigahertz processors are equipped, Microsoft's software developers have an answer: Voice search. But not, as it is some time since Google offers to search via voice input, but the searching of spoken notes.

Recite, recite, call the Windows group das The software is an addition to the mobile phone running Windows Mobile. Basically, so Microsoft was Recite compatible with mobile phones, on which the Windows Mobile version 6.0 is running. Nevertheless, the company lists on the website so far Recite only eleven explicitly compatible mobile phones than on. After all, including a few models, which are also in Germany.

Before too had great expectations but warned: There is still the software solely in an English version, which is only to US-understand English. It is questionable whether the German language with clear notes to come.

Video: Microsoft Recite

In spoken English, but the program seems well klarzukommen gives you early user comments on the website Recite faith. As example, a Russ Sanchez with the words, "I got me a birthday gift for my wife with Recite noticed. That was the rescue," is cited. That sounds good, it also means that Mr. Sanchez appears to Recite the meaning of not understood it. What he did was nothing more than record a voice memo. This can be seen with different phones and programs for many years.

Irrational behavior is not excluded

The special thing about Recite but is that one such voice notes even after keywords can. If Mr. Sanchez So during the lunch break "hat for birthday Elizas buy into his cell phone talking, but before and after various memos to meetings or upcoming contract negotiations in the phone would have dictated, it would be for him on the way home no problems have been on the search word" Eliza "note those identified with the hat he wanted to remember. The same task by hand in the menu stochernd to solve would be incomparably more expensive and time-consuming.

About Microsoft's mobile voice search engine now wants to try it, it can now do a matching cell phone provided.
The software is available as a free download. Only one thing you should consider this: Microsoft Recite yet declared themselves very clearly as a "technology preview", so as software in development. Malfunctions, crashes, and irrational behavior of the search tool are not excluded.

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