Monday, February 9, 2009

3D display, double flip TV and iPhone.

The Japanese mobile market is the rest of the world is always two steps ahead, as the collections for 2009 show: In addition to exceptional design are models with 3D-display, two TV tuners, or functions for CD ripping, too. Only latte macchiato, they may still not foam.


In Japan, in January, the traditional cell phone collections for the new year presented. And in view of the models presented here, the term collection is actually appropriate: From a European perspective it seems that the Japanese mobile reality of today is more like science fiction, so look out design and functionality. Almost from irritate the Japanese,
what blogs-ONLINE-house illustrator Jamiri years ago as a cell phone gimmicks dreamed of. However, technical barriers usually provide that the equally colorful as graceful phones only in the Japanese network of third-generation work.

KDDI-Hitachi H0001-Handy: 3D screen including

The most innovative suppliers in the Japanese mobile was not the last leader
NTT DoCoMo, but the number two KDDI. From its laboratories are always imaginative concepts for the future. Recently, for example, hybrid devices, from traditional musical instruments and mobile phones or a mobile phone with fold out solar panels after satellite-like manner.

3D Display

But the
Devices that are very real KDDI offers to have it in them. Among the recently proposed models for 2009 is even a mobile phone with 3D display: The "Wooo H0001" phone dubbed Hitachi works on the principle of stereo copy. This will display the contents of two slightly shifted perspective views, which we perceive as three-dimensional figure - at least when the viewer in the correct position before the display sits.

The Wooo H0001 also waits with a further feature of it with some other models from the current collection KDDI agrees: It can be used as a cross alongside unfolded, so in classic fashion phone for calling, or as an organizer. This double-folding mechanism also has the "Walkman Phone Prime 3" from Sony Ericsson, which also has a small docking station is supplied with one of the music from the CD-player draw (vulgo "rip") may be. And given the boom in mobile music downloads seems to be the Japanese music industry in this feature can not be upset - it is rather as a way understood by the outdated medium of music CD to a contemporary format hinüberzuretten.

In addition to numerous design highlights such as the extremely simple model of Kyocera NS01 or Panasonics P001 falls in KDDI-Casio offer mobile particularly on: The folding phone has a 3 inch touchscreen on the back, only in the folded state is activated. Thus, the CA001 as full Digicam act. And even if there is no details were mentioned, here are probably at least eight megapixels to expect that many other cameras in the current KDDI models offer.

Double TV

From the Japanese market leader NTT DoCoMo, this year is a little under his spectacular to report. This should mainly be because the company seeks more international compatibility and therefore many models in Europe or the United States during the year have to be.



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The third largest mobile communications,
Softbank, for 2009 has apparently completely committed to the issue of TV: How to make the 932SH by Sharp with two built-in TV tuners. The purpose of this equipment is the possibility of a program while recording another. And also because Softbank, the Japanese supplier of the iPhone is, the company has also
for the Apple phone TV-out solution - no TV option seems to have the phone no chance. To TV on iPhone to bring Softbank offers an 80 grams heavy device at the mobile TV receives signals via WiFi, and Apple's cell phone to send.

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