Saturday, March 7, 2009

Strompetze is the greenest gadget.

Tweet-a-Watt is a simple kit, the power to an outlet on the micro-blogging service Twitter in the online social networking reports. The device was just at a conference on the greenest gadget of the year.


In New York has requested the
Greener Gadgets Conference, a panel of experts a device for Eco-winner, the individual power to the online social networking reports.

Green Gadget: Tweet-a-watt transmit power to Twitter, and thus Ökosünder under public observation

Tweet-a-Watt consists of a small gray box, whose design apparently nothing to do with design to do. The barren gray to gray display recalls an old-fashioned calculator, the five buttons to a cheap remote. This eco-gadget is like a timer between the outlet and the connected electrical devices running. Then measure Tweet-a-Watt electricity consumption permanently to the daily consumption at the outlet to be calculated.

This value is then on the micro-blogging service Twitter in the digital communications network. Who the Twitter channel knows, the daily electricity consumption can be on the computer monitor, or even as SMS on mobile phones to receive. The purpose of this exercise is to the individual energy of the voluntary social control of online communities to submit.


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Twitter has no revenue model. Under discussion are paid advertising or Twitter accounts for businesses. End of 2008, Williams rejected a takeover offer of 500 million U.S. dollars from Facebook. Acute financial problems, the company has not yet - 55 million U.S. dollar venture capital since its founding, has recently received funding last brought round again 35 million U.S. dollars.

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To Tweet-a-Watt widest possible dissemination of experiences, it is a kit based on an existing device, designed the meter
Kill-a-Watt is available online for $ 24.99 to have the necessary components to upgrade, there is a similar amount.

Fun with a good conscience

The greenest gadget of the year was at the conference Greener Gagdets chosen by the design magazine Core77 "oriented, and this year for the second time took place. The fact that the conference in 2008 compared to relatively little attention, is obviously due to the fast-moving times - last year was also green IT a priority topic of the Cebit. On the other hand, the concern of the Conference Greener Gagdets probably more of a long term project. Because basically it is a question at the event, lifestyle technique and good eco-conscience somehow be reconciled with each other.

As the lengthy and arduous path to green technology is still toys, is particularly evident in the design contest. This should really show how eco-gadgets may look like. But exactly how this year was in 2008 no MP3 player or similar, but a thoroughly pedagogical design awards: EnerJar The kit looks like a bunch of e-scrap in the jam jar and allows similar Tweet-a-Watt, the control of their own electricity.

Green Consciousness

The crucial difference between EnerJar and Tweet-a-Watt is of course the networking. Indeed, while the winner of last year's unit consumption only on the LCD display, makes Tweet-a-watt energy consumption potential for a public affair. The doctrine according to the weakening of the green technology boom is therefore probably order one's own behavior really change, it needs a bit of social pressure. And exactly this is to generate Strompetze. This would of course used at any outlet in the home of one of the devices to control the consumption. That floats because the inventors Limor Fried and Phillip Torrone before.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

Should Tweet-a-Watt is indeed a further spread, however, would require an extremely dubious scenario reality. First, increase the transparency of electricity to the mean loss of privacy - only right, given the obvious way to conserve not only daily, but at shorter intervals to report. But the ecological balance of the massive use of Tweet-a-Watt is obviously mixed. Finally, it would en masse to install new technology, their production and operating the first and only environmental impact would be.

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