Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nokia missed its own highlight.

Two average phones, two cell phones and a business online: A lot more seemed Nokia mobile phone on the most important trade fair of the year not to have baggage. There were still a multimedia show to highlight - but it was first sighted somewhere else.


The press conference of the Finns was proppenvoll was created by the exhibition center in Barcelona live over the Web. Big surprise, however, the leaders of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, not to preach. Two little exciting middle-class mobile phones, two smartphones for business users and an online shop for mobile software, has long been expected. A real highlight, but missed the first exhibition at Nokia. That was only a day later and first published in Singapore.

This is the N86 8MP, Nokia's new flagship multimedia. With 8-megapixel camera, video recording and a high-tech OLED screen would be at the fairgrounds against the best multimedia cell phone competition from Asia can enforce. Instead, Nokia tried but all attention on the
Ovi Store to steer those Downloadshop in the future, Nokia's customers additional software for your cell phone can get.

After all: what at first glance looks like a copy of Apple's App Store for iPhone has some unique features. From Nokia's vision is the so-called social shopping at the most important. With the help of GPS data and information on the social networking of the user should be put on the respective preferences tailored content offered. Whether and how well it works, you certainly know until May, when the Ovi Store opens its doors.

The slimmest smartphone

Some months earlier, namely in March, should one deal with the E75, an especially to e-mail usage-based mobile phone can make. With the Nokia E75 carries a new user interface that are specific to the processing of electronic messages has been designed. To simplify, it was under the DISPLAY A herausschiebbare keyboard.

Such an entry means you have to forgo the E55. But it offers other advantages. So Nokia promises a standby time of not less than 28 days. Who needs little phone with the device only once per month at the outlet. Anyway, the E55 is expected to be a device, where one occasionally wonders, where it just stopped. According to Nokia, it is the thinnest smartphone in the world.

Navigation in the middle

Less thin, all the more far-sighted, the two new mid-range phones, which were presented in Barcelona. As a 6710 Navigator and 6720 Classic means they occupy the position of classical average phones. The 6720 is the only outstanding feature a TV output to the one his camera phone to snap shots of the TV can view it.

In 6710 Handy Navi looks different, already, because it included a mount for the windshield is supplied. In order to access the navigation easier, a navigator button is installed, the touch of a button launches Nokia Maps. In addition, there is now a zoom bar, which helps the displayed map area to enlarge or shrink.

Enthusiasms can not trigger such products. The would rather with the Nokia N97 can reap. Touchscreen, Aufschiebetastatur all current wireless technologies, ample storage, GPS and N-Gage games to send the multimedia mobile phone not only to head phone, but also the object of desire for young buyers, with their mobile phone all kinds begin to just do not call.

But the very
Nokia N97 was President Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo presented already in early December - in Barcelona.

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