Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mobile phone reception on the world's oceans.

The Irish company Blue Ocean Wireless provides seafarers worldwide mobile reception at a reasonable price. This is on the ships a GSM base station installed in a miniature format, the satellite is connected to the Internet.


That is as good as anywhere in the world mobile phone reception, there is now a matter of course. The fact that the mobile networks in truth but in a large part of the Earth's surface, yet are not available, it is hardly noticeable because it is very sparsely populated or uninhabited areas acting world. These include of course the oceans, however, should no longer remain mobile with the Irish company
Blue Ocean Wireless, there is now a mobile phone in the world oceans.

Container ship, who commutes between continents, is often over weeks of each truncated normal telecommunications

Target Blue Ocean, the crew of cargo ships. This had been on the high seas on the telephone contact with their families forgo, or in an emergency on expensive satellite phones back. Blue Ocean on the other hand, promises this target now regular GSM reception, for the use of no special phones are needed.

Floating cells

Of course, Blue Ocean does not receive GSM coverage at all world's oceans provide. But that is not even necessary, because the potential mobile customers not swim individually by the oceans. The service is limited to the vessels of the maritime mobile, each with its own GSM base station equipment. While these will also have a satellite connection to the global telephone networks. Telephone calls and text messages are, however, before the transfer in space-saving IP-transformed data.

In the mobile radio cells that are on the ships are used, it is called Pico-cells of the manufacturer ip.access. These generate close a GSM network and over the Internet with the global mobile networks. With such a pico-cells is also the mobile phone reception on board of aircraft possible. Similar devices are also available for private users, for example, in her apartment a cost-saving mobile network to operate. The latter, however, mostly as femto cells called ( "pico" means a trillionth, "Femto" a trillionth).

Internet and container tracking

To use the services of Blue Ocean to use the sailors a SIM card of the acquiring company. Exact prices for calls and SMS were not yet known, but these should be international roaming prices in accordance with the GSM network. It is clear, however, that all the world's oceans at a uniform tariff will apply to seafarers which a substantial improvement.



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Blue Ocean offers naturally of course, other wireless services on an IP basis to the installed Pico-cells to be used optimally. This includes an e-mail service, but no general Web access because this is the narrow-band satellite connectivity would overburden. Internet services will soon be submitted for other providers to offer: The global Iridium satellite telephone service.

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