Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mobile phone explosion kills 20-year-olds.

The death came suddenly in China is a young man apparently by the explosion of his mobile phone had been killed. The tragedy is not an isolated case. Already several people died or were injured when their cell phones detonated. The cause is usually the battery is seen.


Chinese media reports that the man had just finished a new battery for his cell phone purchased, the current memory immediately charged and used his mobile phone. Shortly after he set the phone in his breast pocket had had the explosion occurred. A woman in an adjacent shop in a shopping street in Guangzhou, South China worked, said journalists that she had heard a loud bang. Subsequently, it was immediately adjacent to the Lenovo store gone.

Hidden cellphone: This device is planned for 2007 the death of a Korean worker caused

There they had the 20-year-olds already on the ground are seen. The explosion was a neck artery of the injured man was a pool of blood spread quickly across the floor. As a cause of death is therefore not the explosion itself, but the high blood loss approved. Which mobile phone manufacturers and the battery came from is unknown.

Similar cases have occurred in Asia in recent years has repeatedly given. Sun died in November 2007, a worker in the South Chungcheong Province on the effects of a mobile phone explosion. Doctors had suspected that the pressure of the explosion had the heart and lungs so damaged that it came to death. The battery of the mobile in question was when the incident completely together.

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Some months earlier, was a welder in the Chinese Shuangcheng died after his mobile phone had exploded. As in the current case was the explosion but not the direct cause of death. Rather, the man by the blast broke a rib, which is drilled into his heart. Although the welder was still provides doctors, he succumbed to the injuries.

Chinese newspaper reported in its online edition of at least five similar cases which have occurred since 2002.

The cause of such cell phone explosions are always low-battery suspects. In Europe, in 2003, several cases of exploding cell phone batteries reported. At the time, were inferior copies of branded batteries as a cause identified. Cell phone manufacturers like Nokia characterize their original batteries, since then, with hologram stickers.

In order to avoid such accidents, it is a few simple safety rules:

Use only the best batteries and chargers from the respective mobile phone manufacturer. As an alternative to brand products from companies serve. From low-cost batteries, such as in online auction houses and flea markets are offered, you should leave the fingers.

Protect your cell phone and battery against excessive heat. High temperatures can be uncontrollable chain reactions in the battery to trigger even fire. Insert the phone while cooking, ironing or welding so dear to the side.

Protect your cell phone and battery against moisture. Although they can be dry again, but possible corrosion effects may lead to malfunction.

Treat it carefully batteries. Excessive pressure, deformations, bruises and scratches can damage the internal structures, to short circuits or chemical reactions. When in doubt, you should prefer to replace the battery - and properly dispose of the old.

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