Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mobile phone with a green conscience.

Solar power makes mobile phones more environmentally active: If on Monday the mobile phone Mobile World Congress trade show begins, playing alongside new technology and the environment play a role. Already leaked details to three solar cell phones, which at the premiere.


Samsung makes as it's done. On Monday, the South Korean companies on the mobile phone Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona a mobile phone with a green conscience imagine. Blue Earth, Blue Earth, the device will be hot, with one exemplary environment-friendly mobile phone calls can be. Solar power and recycled materials to make the trick possible, software functionality to ensure that you are karma points can collect.

Because the electricity to operate the Samsung phone that produce solar cells at the back of your phone. Their energy output is sufficient to make the battery of the device regardless of chargers and power sockets to fill. In the event that the clouds or heaven impose it simply night, the phone is a particularly economical with charger. Not more than 0.03 watts, the current transformer in a standby mode wasting - a good value.

But not enough - the manufacturer says, the housing of the eco-phone from a recycled plastic called PCM manufactured from recycled water bottles to be won. In the production of mobile phone and charger will also be harmful brominated flame retardants as well as beryllium and phthalates waived. The packaging, finally, should be produced from waste paper.

A pedometer for the environment

Special emphasis the company but that its engineers and the software of the Blue Earth to save energy have trimmed. One
According to Samsung press release, the user interface on a special way have been designed "to focus attention on protecting the sensitive environment to steer."


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Therefore, it was particularly light, the brightness of the screen to change the length of the fluorescent lighting to reduce screen and the Bluetooth function in a power saving mode. With a single click could be the device into an "eco-mode" switch.

The Blue Earth, also has a pedometer. The, however, is not how you could think about this thought, sporting achievements recorded. Instead, he traveled on foot trails provide information and immediately calculate how much CO2 you have saved by using instead gone to the car to use. Incidentally vorgerechnet be so, how many trees you saved through his walks has. Cute, is not it?

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