Saturday, February 14, 2009

The bumpy road to digital Lego.

Expansion of a brand: Later this year, digital cameras, MP3 player and walkie talkies from Lego on the market - and allegedly even a mobile phone. On the frustration of nerds who have long to wait really digital building blocks, the only Lego Gadgets-optics offer.


On Wednesday appeared almost simultaneously on two gadget blogs is a picture of the Lego-phones on. It is photographed by a monitor on which a colorful mobile can be seen, whose distinctive keyboard in pimples look is required. Moreover, in the picture only to realize that keyboard as well as front and back of the phone are interchangeable. Last emblazoned unmistakably Alcatel on the phone. They reported the blog "Engadget" and "Boy Genius Report" in unison, that the phone Lego together with the French Alcatel-Lucent Group develops and that it later this year on the market.

Alleged block-Mobile: Tech Lego vision or hallucination of some bloggers?

Despite the rather meager information without a source spread the news of the "Lego-mobile" promptly and widely in technology, toys and design blogs. Surprisingly, this effusive reception is still not alone because the photo obviously targeted a few days before the most important mobile phone trade fair was launched, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Accordingly, great attention is currently for mobile innovation, especially when they come along as colorful as the alleged Lego phone.

The Lego promise

Beyond the timing of the message was supposed Bauklotz phone so eager but also because technical world already for a decade to a digital Lego incarnation wait. The expectation comes first, therefore, that the plastic components for a modular design principle, very simple and very elegant. And after the
Principle generations of engineers and nerds has characterized (more Lego hackers in the photo gallery below), they naturally expect a digital high-tech update of the colorful blocks.

How could the appearance, the young designer Chetan Sorab with a concept called
BLOC already exemplarily shown: classic Lego blocks, which each have a function such as memory, MP3 player or integrated display.

The Danish toy maker has the digitization, however, a crisis presents, inter alia, because the first attempts of the building blocks high-tech toys to make were rather disappointing. But in the meantime, the Group has overcome its crisis and seems willing, in the second start the digital challenge.

Lego presented in early February, for example, a new kit called
WeDo who has primary school pupils playful robotics and computer science will teach. And recently had a
Press release from the company Digital Blue sit up: It was developing along with Lego digital cameras, MP3 players and
Walkie talkies for children. These should be already in the summer, at prices 20 to 60 dollars on the market.

Everything just design

The Lego gadgets for children are likely in the adult Lego nerds, however, rather disappointed trigger. The devices will be only in Lego-shaped appearance, but not really be assembled from components. To demonstrate the device again, how difficult it is to form and function of the digital building blocks also should be brought into line.

Only the design of the building blocks incorporated, but not their functional diversity is still very popular: Sun has LaCie "
Brick Desktop Hard baptized in the offer, like oversized Lego bricks look. The devices were approved by the designer Ora-Ito designed and differ in some details from the obvious example.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

Generally can be repeatedly designer of the building blocks to spontaneously Lego inspired designs. About Sander Brouwer, whose
Lego Bracelet children's movements via GPS monitoring should. To make it also attractive for the children to make, it also offers a camera, games and speakers - and of course you can also Lego pieces stuck to the bracelet. With MP3 player, digital camera and mobile phone in the Lego Bauklotzoptik could very well be successful. The promise of truly digital device, however, probably also 2009, unfulfilled. But that already have companies like Buglabs with their
modular gadgets redeemed.

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