Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mobile phones, which can be more.

A mobile phone as a camcorder? A mobile phone, the internet pages loading before you ansurft? All this and more can be found on the mobile phone Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. Matthias Kremp herausgepickt has the highlights.


The success came through camouflage. As the developer of the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer HTC Windows Mobile OS devices will send their surface überstülpten were to Asian phones to Megasellern. The less Windows was to be seen, the better they could sell. No wonder then that the company improve its optical now even lower in the Windows Mobile-anchored and the Microsoft system, far below buries.

This is what happened when new phone models, Touch and Touch Diamond 2 per 2, which is now even less likely than their predecessors a look at Windows disclose - and even better to operate via touch screen should be. Although Microsoft itself has already
an update for Windows Mobile announced in the finger control to be improved, but that will not be ready before summer.

In addition to the Windows substructure to hide, HTC also has some basic characteristics of user interface changes. This was especially the handling of messages and contacts revised. So should we now of the digital business card of a person whose entire starting communication with a self-retrieve them. So one can immediately see which messages can be mutually by mail or text message, who has called whom when - and how long.

Internet via on-demand subscription

In an interview with blogs ONLINE HTC says marketing chief John Wang, however, another invention of the Taiwanese to the milestone of mobile data usage: push Internet. The new technology, according to Wang to ensure that the mobile web, despite the often sluggish mobile data is fun.


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The basic principle is simple: The user defines in advance the websites he regularly reads and these are defined by the mobile phone then in freely definable intervals on the device. Such sites are anticipated retrieved on immediately and without waiting to read available.

It is not clear yet what impact this push Internet function (which actually a pull-function) on the charge of the battery will have. At about the iPhone is clearly observed that the battery much more quickly empties if push services are enabled. Similarly, it could be the HTC-made phones, since they, before and after the consultation stages have no chance in a deep, power-saving hibernation mode.

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