Thursday, February 5, 2009

French court bans mobile phone mast.

The verdict is in force: Because a health hazard not be ruled out, a cell phone in France Funkmast again dismantled. Residents were against the giant antenna sued.


Versaillles - The company apparently had trouble coming. Instead of the simple cellular antenna at the edge of the city to build, had opted for a more complex procedure, the structure, as well it just went, disguised as a large conifer. The local residents but were advised by the mummery not mislead, complained against Sendemast - with success. The Court of Appeal of Versailles ordered the phone company Bouygues Telecom now, the relay antenna again to remove.

Mobile antenna (archive): In France, such a transmitter according to a court decision removed from the vessel

A decision at first instance was thus confirmed. "Nothing makes it clear the impact on public health to exclude people if electromagnetic waves or fields are exposed," says the evening on Wednesday published opinion.

Although the risk of "hypothetical" that showed scientific studies and different rules in different countries, that there is "uncertainty about the safety of mobile phone radiation was, explained the judge. Bouygues had the antenna in 2006 on the verge of a settlement in the town of Tassin-la-Demi-Lune built. Residents subsequently complained about insomnia and eczema.

Antennas "on probation"

The lawyer of the plaintiff, Richard Forget, said that Bouygues Telecom now be 500 Euros for each subsequent day pay on which the antenna will remain. At the same time, get each of the three plaintiff couples Euro 7000 damages. This was a precedent had been created. "All of relay antennas Bouygues are only on probation."

Bouygues announced that the plant dismantle, but criticized the decision. They contradict a higher court decisions, said a spokesman. The company examines why an appeal before the Court of Cassation, France's highest civil and criminal authority. The company pointed out that after the verdict was virtually impossible, by the state required coverage of mobile telephony services to reach.


"Cellphone radiation" SAR poor radiation equipment

The word makes for some concern, especially among physics novices. Mobile phones (and the associated transmission towers) to build high-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields. In Germany, in GSM mobile networks to frequencies 900 and 1800 megahertz used. Mobile telephony is not the only technology that generates these fields. Also, for example, cordless (DECT) phones do das

About possible health effects of mobile phone technology is much controversy among laymen. Thousands of scientific studies have thus - so far no evidence for a harmful effect to be able to deliver. Well known, however, is that cell phones for a slight warming of a few degrees can make the head. Among insiders, this is also known as "Wollmützeneffekt known.

The measured SAR describes how much energy in an electromagnetic field is transmitted. The acronym stands for "specific absorption rate". This unit can easily understand what readings are linked here: W / kg stands for watts per kilogram. The energy (in watts) is in the body tissue (in kilograms), especially in heat.

The specific absorption rate is determined by six minutes, the heating of body tissue to measure and represents an average. It is expected that after some time an equilibrium between supply and heat-duty arises.

The manufacturers of mobile phones than SAR value for the respective models, the maximum values.

Following a recommendation from the Commission on Radiological Protection in Germany is the limit for the SAR of a mobile phone with 2 W / kg. This is based on a guideline of the International Commission for Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP).

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) in Salzgitter lists on its Web site 814 phones at 26 different manufacturers. For 742 of them a standardized SAR could be determined. All were below the statutory SAR of 2 W / kg. The differences between the models are, however, some huge.

As of December 2006, the BfS to: of 465 mobile phones are currently produced almost a third below a SAR of 0.6 W / kg. The Office has been calling for years that such radiation particularly poor equipment with a special seal, the blue angels environment, be labeled.

The manufacturers submit their equipment so far but not a certification.


About possible health risks from mobile phone radiation, scientists argue, mobile companies and critic for many years. Regularly, conflicting research results are published, the times
an increased cancer risk for mobile phone forecast times
no evidence of potential risks can be found. Tangible evidence of links between cell phone radiation and health complaints were not previously demonstrated.

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