Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Twitter messages via SMS.

In the strange world of the micro-blogging service Twitter Americans were previously a bit more equal than the rest of the world: they received their news via SMS appetizers. This is now also in Europe - as an advertising-financed services.


What the Manufacturer
Twe2 the offer has provided, on which it runs piggyback, is primarily one thing: a business model. For so far are estimated to benefit about six million people worldwide service Twitter, income that the company did not. There is no paid advertising, there are not, the money demand is so far from venture capital investments in dispute. Eventually somehow be the growing popularity of the service be turned into sales.

Twe2: The service is a Twitter-free ride of success - and offers Twitter users in Europe is a service they directly do not get Twitter

As the theory would be possible now displays the service Twe2. The Twitter also offers users outside the U.S. is now an SMS forwarding service. This will be refinanced through advertising messages to the Twitter messages are appended - the mobile phone becomes a device for receiving SMS ads. For this to work, you must Twe2 the way, not only his Twitter ID and a telephone number given, but his Twitter password.

The operators promise to so Schindluder not want to drive, at least show user-friendly, in terms of privacy is largely free of pain are calm like.

The technical infrastructure behind Twe2 is not. Use the servers of the UK hosting melbourne and the interfaces of the SMS Free SMS provider Wadja. Basically do not happen more than that Twe2 an interface between the service and Wadja Twitter established: With access to the Twitter accounts of registered users there are the incoming messages to pass Wadja and "versimsen.

SMS service for the whole rest of the world

However, the operator made a lot. Not only Germany and the rest of Europe is on the list of countries already served, but many more in Asia, the Caribbean, South America and Africa. That looks pretty completely, but is continuously expanded. Already there are Natiönchen, the more letters in the names as Twitter users have expected.

Anyway: In Europe, the attractiveness of the service, Twitter service increase significantly. If it works, deserves, if not Twitter itself, or at least someone else even a little money with it.

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