Friday, February 6, 2009

Google's phone books have hiccups.

Classic phone: With this promise applies a mobile version of Google Book Search Google Books. So far, however, the pocket library only two mobile phone models - and which do not always.


The G1 does not want to read. Definitely not "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens and the poems of William Blake is not. First test runs with the Google mobile phone in the editorial of blogs ONLINE allowed no free reading on the mini-screen. The Google Books is now also available in mobile, in a pocket for phones optimized version. In a subsequent trial could then glances cast in books, both on a G1 phone as well as on an iPhone. On the Apple ran the phone book application, surprisingly even better than on Google's mobile phone.

Google Books for mobile phone: "Oliver Twist" until three band

On Google's other mobile phone books are not currently have - a guerrilla attempt with a Nokia E71 has failed all along the line, except a white screen, the address supplied / m nothing. Also in the Web browser can retrieve the mobile sites, as well as experienced on the first day mainly waiting. Presumably, the crowd was simply too big.

"Sometimes we yearn for more than just playing games or videos," remarked the Mobile Search team at Google would be entirely correct in a corresponding
Blog entry. Therefore we have the books available for free from the Google Book Search now specifically re-digitized, ie converted into text files. The can be attributed to a phone much easier and with less data volume than the show scanned book pages, the Google Books else has to offer.

"Alice", the software can not read

This extremely complex task you have to Google a so-called OCR software. It stands for Optical Character Recognition - and has been a concern of all those who like everything that ever was written, in file format had. The OCR works good times and bad times, as in the aforementioned blog entry with an example of an "Alice in Wonderland manuscript is impressively documented here recognizes the software as good as nothing.

Even in the books for mobile phones are numerous logical errors, breaks records, spontaneous breaks in the middle of the sentence and lonely and just standing around to find scraps of words. Because you are aware of this problem is to keep Google as the original backdoor scans with before. If a piece of pure text can not understand, it is the relevant section by clicking in its original version scanned to retrieve - as an image file.

In the current quality of Google's telephone books but then that is more a gimmick than a serious alternative to paper or magazine for long train journeys (except that on cellphone screens perhaps prefer not Shakespeare plays would like to read). The targeted 1.5 million books to date are also far from being fully accessible to all - "Oliver Twist", for example, begins in the mobile version of somewhere in the middle - telefontauglich has been made so far seem only volume number three.

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