Monday, February 23, 2009

Street lamps get cell phone connection.

Worldwide, numerous pilot projects, the use of LEDs in street tested. In San Francisco and Carinthia lanterns get even a single phone connection - in addition to light also emit traffic information.


"For street lights have begun an exciting time," quoted the New York Times recently, the spokesman of a major U.S. energy utility. In connection with street lighting does the attribute "exciting", of course, once strange.

Street lamp: Is it smart, if that light communicated?

But the statement by the Pacific Gas and Electric employee is not meant ironically. Visions of future "intelligent" street have really cyclical, and this going to be really exciting ideas.

The street is, for example, the constant current traffic situation and thereby adjust highly efficiently be controlled by motion sensors could be any pedestrians and any car a suitable light beam follow the same token, empty road sections only very sparsely lit. Special events such as an accident could be announced by colored lights, while the accident site itself is very brightly lit. For a number lanterns could be something like a display of the road are. In addition to their basic function as a light source, the lighting varied information, such as by color, light intensity, or flashing signals.

Everything LED

Background light of the new fantasies is the first widely expected conversion of streetlights to LEDs. Because after the "Light Emitting Diodes" long time on a tight color were limited and no light intensity were great, they are now well on its way to the universal light source. And among other things, is used worldwide in numerous pilot projects, the use of LEDs as a lighting test.

For the first technique speaks the comparatively long lifetime of the LEDs of up to 50,000 hours and the high efficiency, with the LEDs convert electricity into light. The biggest hurdle for LEDs as a light source under which the comparatively high production costs. But this is under light technicians generally optimistic: "We are convinced that the LED lighting of the future also in the public street is: Compared to current lighting LEDs have great economic and environmental benefits", said in December about Professor Tran Quoc Khanh of the TU Darmstadt on the occasion of a local pilot project.

Lantern with telephone

From the general euphoria LED sting two projects, which are not described on the economic and environmental opportunities are limited. So was the dictum of the "exciting times" for lanterns at a conference in San Francisco, including the management of street lighting has been demonstrated via mobile. The idea is that the LED potentials through a full network of each street lamp can be achieved.



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In addition to San Francisco will soon lanterns in Austria, a mobile control receive. You want T-Mobile Austria, together with the Dutch bulb producers Lioris in Klagenfurt LED street lamps with SIM cards equipped. The companies want in the next few months, the "precise control of lighting via mobile testing, but also concepts such as congestion warning by" flashing colors ". Whether the drivers are informed about it or just confused, remains to be seen.

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