Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Google's mobile phone number 2 presented.

The invasion begins, the Google phones come. While the mobile phone trade show in Spain would otherwise only prototypes of such devices are to be seen, HTC has introduced a new model that actually soon be sold - and perplexing to the T-Mobile G1 recalls. Only the keys are missing.


When it seems HTC has a preference for the product brand name "Fantasy". Following the model of Dream (Dream), better known here as the T-Mobile G1, is now the Magic (Magic). Two devices together is that HTC for sale beginning largely exclusive to one provider provenance - and of course that they co-Google Android mobile phone operating system is running.

HTC Magic: The Google Mobile Number Two

But there is much more common. Both seem to use the same screen on which icons with your finger to move and choose. In addition, both below the display a scroll wheel, which also was to control the mobile phone functions can be used. A keyboard with revolving display, one of the main features of the G1, you can find at the Magic are not.

But otherwise it seems that the hardware of the Magic with the G1 (Dream) is almost identical. both have a 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HSDPA data. Also GPS and an accelerometer sensor is integrated into both. And even when the ports are both the same stingy: Except for a mini-USB connector, there is no wired contact with the outside world. And also has twice used to recharge the battery, and headphone adapter.

Subtle differences

A few small but subtle differences exist, however: While the G1 with its camera can shoot photos, you can with the Magic also record videos. And because it's only half as much fun to watch movies alone, are functions for uploading videos to YouTube or to send via email or MMS the same installed.

In addition, the Magic the A2DP technology dominate. The enables stereo headphones wirelessly via Bluetooth anzukoppeln to wirelessly listen to music. In suitably equipped cars can also be music from the phone through the speakers of the car play. Previously, this feature is rarely used, so the accessories range is quite thin.


The contract partners Vodafone and HTC, it is currently, however, important to note that the Magic being exclusive to Vodafone, will, like the G1 exclusively with T-Mobile is getting. It is also to some peculiar characteristics. Because, although the HTC Magic in Black and White producing, one is not necessarily in the color of his choice get.

The white variant is namely Britain, Spain and France, reserved, in Germany it is only the black model. Only the Italians have the choice. And not only in color, but also with the provider. In Italy, Vodafone, the device is not exclusive to offer.


Long range


Google's operating system is compatible with many mobile devices. The more terminal manufacturers in Google's Coalition of the Willing are, the greater the reach of Android. more ...

Free use


The use of open-source operating system is in contrast to other mobile operating systems for free, the production of mobile devices will be cheaper - the use of Android so attractive.

Demanding services for everyone


Experts say Google the potential to bring together the market disintegrated. Users of very different devices could in future be able to move to demanding on-line services access. The range of available applications is expected to expand. more ...

Extension of the user market


Online service providers can thus with higher traffic and new fields expected, operators with higher capacity utilization. more ...

So magical, such as HTC and Vodafone would have us believe, is not the Magic. Technically it may be his descent from G1 hardly hide. Who in the comfort of a Aufklapptastatur refrain can still get the Magic Stereo Bluetooth radio and a camcorder to function - if the device because he gets.

Initially, the Magic is still a pure air number, an announcement. In spring it on the market, and ends at the end of June. Vodafone, but at least there is optimism, with the device a winner to have withdrawn. If you are interested in the magic phone, is already in the provider to register in order to get a message when the device is available.

Until then you can indeed sometimes feed the piggy bank. because of the price for the Magic silent, HTC and Vodafone pending.

HTC Magic

Operating System

192 MB

Expansion slot

Screen Resolution
320 x 480 pixels

Screen Size
3.2 inch

Digital Camera
3.2 megapixel

PC Connection

119 grams

118 x 56 x 17 millimeters

Wireless connections
GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Standby time *
Up to 660 hrs

Talk time *
up to 7.5 hours

Touchscreen, GPS, accelerometer sensor

Price **:
not yet known

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