Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This may be Apple's high-speed mobile phone.

When iPhone 3G Apple sets S Turbo A. Should it be faster and many new features. But is Geschwindigeit for a cell phone really important? Or is the magic of this program? blogs ONLINE Web Apple has already tested mobile phone.


On unpacking the disillusionment follows: "That looks so like the old" one would say. Visually, this is at first sight clearly, does the iPhone 3G S hardly by his predecessor. Only the lettering on the black back is no longer kept in discreet dark gray, but silver shines in the same color as on the Apple logo. Inside the cult-mobile, but Apple's engineers have no chip on the other left.

Faster is it that you notice immediately. Everything goes a bit quick and fluid out of hand. But seriously anyway gemeckert has hardly anyone on the speed of the Apple phones. What iPhone users, but then noticed the screen of the new model bears an improved coating. Something with "nano" must be. At least it feels somehow softer, it seems less easy to pollute.

On the other hand, the concept has not changed. And even some of the user request has not yet been met. For example, after a higher-resolution screen. The real innovations, but stuck in the software. A function for a lost iPhone again to find some, improved Bluetooth data radio and a new virtual keyboard.

Read the following pages what the new iPhone 3G S differs from its predecessors, what features the iPhone 3.0 software offers and much more.

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