Monday, June 8, 2009

Apple iPhone pimpt.

More speed, better camera with video function, a built-in compass: Apple presents its new iPhone 3G S ". For all owners of the phone also has a new operating system that has many features that rival far dominate - even copy & paste.


Hamburg - 3G iPhone was the previous version - now depends Apple an S for "Speed" on it. Many frequently used functions should be at least twice run faster. Otherwise, there are mainly the features you can from other mobile phones already familiar: a high-resolution camera that can record video, a battery that runs longer than before, and a voice control.

In addition, the new edition of the multimedia cell phones have built a compass. The digital street maps of the "Maps" application is one which helps automatically in the right direction can rotate. Aufgebohrt was also previously abundant rudimentary camera. The resolution of the autofocus camera is now three megapixels, the focus can be via pointer on the preview image are sharp. In addition, you can now also videos in VGA resolution with sound are recorded.

The S is also 3G with various voice commands around - and not just on call to make calls, but also the built music player control. When asked about the iPhone, especially for what music is playing, answering the phone and gives title and artist of. The duration of the device with a built-in battery should be firmly based on up to five hours talk time in 3G network, or up to nine hours in total wireless internet - extra three hours Internet use Apple promises so its customers. Fast is also the connection, if the provider plays HSDPA is now running at 7.2 megabits per second, so far, there were 3.6.

The 16-gigabyte device will cost $ 199, the 32-gigabyte version $ 299. The old 8-gigabyte iPhone for $ 99 will be available. The publication in the U.S., Germany and six other countries for 19 Announced in June, and August, the new device in 80 states available.

At the developer conference in San Francisco was the next version of the iPhone operating system presents. In the third edition provides Apple now functions under the iPhone rivals dominate long: Copy & paste is below, including MMS. New is also a feature that allows the iPhone's internet connection via USB or Bluetooth with other devices can share, without any additional software. How to Mac and PC The "Tethering" must, however, by the mobile operators are supported.

With the new operating system is the iPhone for full navigation system: The system known TomTom now runs on Apple's pocket computer, computer voice included. In the trade sector also an enhancement that enables the iPhone to the windshield of a car makes paperboard and it is still more accurate GPS data for locating receives.

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