Friday, June 5, 2009

Sony Ericsson painted with watercolors.

Mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has always had a green logo. Now, with years of delay compared to the rest of the industry, the group tries to get a matching green zuzulegen image - but is only moderately ambitious to work.


With two new phones, the Group intends to implement its goal, "the ecological footprint of the company to reduce." The German translation is slightly stupid-sounding phrase stands for the environmental damage caused by an activity occurring - from the mobile phone production to barbecue at the weekend. A large "footprint" stands for large loads and the environment is a matter for the image not at all good. The race for small footprints is part of the industry-wide competition. Now Sony Ericsson is also part of it - a Spätstart.

Only in September 2008 Sony Ericsson had the goal postulated to be a green future, and will now begin with the implementation. Very radical but it will probably not proceed: Until 2015, the CO2 balance of Sony Ericsson mobile phones by 15 percent.

How protects the environment while saving, Sony Ericsson wants its customers to show that they will no longer be bothered with printed manuals will be. Their task will be, at least for two on Thursday introduced mobile phones, electronic, pre-loaded on the mobile phone manuals assume. The paper consumption would be reduced by 90 percent, says the manufacturer. That is certainly true, but holds pitfalls - such as when the battery is empty or someone with the user needs exactly why, because he deals with mobile phones really do not know.

By eliminating the paper inserts can however also be smaller packaging. On this rotation is also Nokia have come - in a while. The waiver of packing material improves not only the LCA, but also the profit margin. Finally, smaller packages cost less, can be shipped cheaper. In addition to the environment also seems to be Sony Ericsson from the savings benefit.

Water color and recycled plastic

In addition to such cost-cutting measures, however, there is also real environmental improvements. Thus, the new model C901 Green Heart with a water color and painted with a headset that you almost completely from recycled plastic is produced. The model presented simultaneously Nait is opposed by a particularly economical charger.

Both phones is common, according to Sony Ericsson that their housing about half from recycled plastic. Furthermore, a very sensitive light sensor, the brightness of the display particularly sensitive to the ambient light and adjust as helping to save energy.

Apart from these changes and eco-supplied applications such as a CO2 calculator, it is two devices in order to completely normal mobile phones. While the Nait with its price of 159 euros apparently little more to users, is intended to the C901 Green Heart, with its 5-megapixel camera with xenon flash mobile photographers seem to address. Very interesting is the choice of storage media: When C901 is Sony's Memory Stick Micro for use, the cheaper Nait uses the Sony Ericsson long spurned microSD cards.

Good is not good enough

The idea of mobile phones more environmentally friendly, is quite understandable and encouraged. Just as Sony Ericsson is trying to take out, but remains the bland taste that only the bare minimum has been done. If it is an economical power supply, why are not all equipment delivered? And when a method has developed, environmentally friendly paints to use, then why not the same as in the manufacture of all products?


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Maybe because it is enough to set itself to achieve objectives. Total is supported by the innovations in both products' CO2 emissions by 15 percent, "reads a press release. This is sometimes good, is still half-heartedly. Perhaps we should simply aim to savings of 15 percent CO2 and revise rephrased into "as much as possible."

Sony Ericsson would have at least the eco-balance the nose before Nokia. The Finns have it that even with a mobile eco-tries, but the first model, the Evolve 3110, stuck. Also because there is pent-up demand.

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