Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Microsoft is planning iPhone rival.

Apple's iPhone gets new competition: software giant Microsoft plans after a newspaper report their own multimedia phone with touchscreen. The cell phone, code-named "Pink", to be next year at the exclusive network provider Verizon available.


A touch-sensitive display, an online store for additional programs: Depending on the model of Apple's iPhone to Microsoft
  appears to be a separate multimedia mobile phones on the market. The device is in the U.S. early next year in the mobile network provider Verizon Wireless to start, reported the Wall Street Journal.

The phone, which under the code name "Pink" is developed, the purpose of Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system to run. Although Microsoft was involved in the development of hardware and software of the phones involved, should be produced, but the device from another manufacturer. With a similar strategy was already using Google's Android mobile operating system on the market. The software came from Google,
Network operator T-Mobile launched the G1 in stores.

With Windows Mobile Marketplace for "plans of the software group after the report also has its own online shop with additional programs. Again following the example of Apple, from its App Store already has one billion programs have been downloaded.

Microsoft had already some years ago the music player Zune as a competitor to Apple iPods on the market. The device could not be enforced against the market leader and has only a small market share. Practically since the iPhone, there was also a "Zunephone" Microsoft speculates, the Windows group, however, the rumors had repeatedly rejected.

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