Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apple stops Babyschüttel software.

Stir until it is quiet: A long known as a dangerous method, crying babies to calm, came as shaking game in Apple's iTunes Store. Only after protests, the program was again deleted from the offer.


Apple announced the sale of the program "Baby Shaker stopped. The program simulates the display on an iPod touch or iPhone by a cry infant, obtained by the jerky shaking to bring peace. Organizations like the American National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome and the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation, however, protested. They complained that such an Apple software was released.

Because it is a wisdom, which in any guidebook for new parents is to be found: When the baby cries and screeches, it must in no case be shaken. This may do it to internal bleeding. The baby may be permanent damage, which. Although "Babyschütteln" in many states, including Germany, as a criminal offense shall have iPhone users briefly the possibility of a virtual infant with jerky movements to bring about peace.

Since Monday was the software for 99 cents in the iTunes Store. "Try it, as long as you love his or her worth crying can endure before you find a way to calm the baby to make," said little caring in the program description. Had one of the virtual baby by shaking calmed, on whose eyes were two red crosses appear.

How many users since Monday have downloaded the application is not yet known. According to Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris declined Baby Shaker on Monday in the sale on Wednesday and was removed from the online service center.

What is surprising is that the software it distasteful even to sell Apple's virtual shelves did. Each program in the iTunes Store, it must be from Apple a lengthy inspection process. Repeatedly providers complain that there are too inexplicable, sometimes week-long delays.

Currently the company is preparing to Einmilliardsten download software from its offer.

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