Monday, June 8, 2009

What is Apple's new iPhone.

It will be able to have a cost and that the speculation about Apple's new iPhone thrive for weeks now, the idea of mobile phones is expected for today. Whether the new cult device actually made his debut will be is unclear - what is it is not.


Today, a new Apple iPhone, as are (almost) all agree. At for example, says marketing chief Phil Schiller will "- that much is sure - to announce a new iPhone." The justification for this assumption, however, is thin. Telecom employees were already in place for an introduction on 19 Been trained in June, T-Mobile try to remaining stocks of the current iPhone 3G poised to bargain prices - in combination with matching mobile phone contracts.

For T-Mobile in the Netherlands had already activated the new iPhone data appeared. "iPhone 2009" should be hot, with storage capacities of up to 32 GB in black and white will be shipped. And even from a cheap iPhone with only 4 GB of memory to some rumors have already experienced cooks. $ 149 it cost, a kind of folk his iPhone.

So far, however, is only so much clear: A Milestone, as the first iPhone, the new model will be difficult. In the second edition, the iPhone 3G, one could still have a faster Internet connection via UMTS and HSDPA are delighted that one, however, with a cheap plastic back instead of the previously used metal had bought back part. The model is now expected, it in turn to evolution rather than revolution act.

In the center of the opening speech, the keynote, the marketing chief Phil Schiller tonight in the Moscone Center West in San Francisco will hold, something else will stand. Apple's future operating system Mac OS X, Snow Leopard. Its publication has already been announced for the summer, must be forthcoming shortly, already Microsoft's Windows 7 pre-empt.

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  1. I've heard the 3GS costs $99 and/or $199... either way that is shockingly inexpensive for an iPhone