Friday, April 24, 2009

Hackers steal Hayek's e-mails.

Online burglary at Salma Hayek: apparently gave hackers access to the Internet mailbox of Hollywood stars, now copied mails circulate on the net. Blame is not the technology - but a secret question too lax.


Hackers are apparently in Salma Hayek E-mail caved. Screenshots and a guide to breaking into her account with Apple's MobileMe, they presented in an Internet forum, reports Well probably circulate e-mails from and to Hayek on the Internet, which supposedly exciting insights into the glamorous life of Hollywood actress offer.

Or not: there's to be read in the mail, the hackers in the Internet forum "4chan" have, especially plenty of profane Allerwelts stories. These include a request for an appointment Japanese facial massage, a bill for iPhone applications, personal invitations and travel documents. But even their credit card information millionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault want the hackers have spied. Even more piquant details, so they are in the mail to find, are apparently not appeared yet - now is the access to the mailbox is blocked. Too often in the past hours a password reminder.

Particularly unpleasant universal service could be of service: Even the whole address book of a mobile phone can be secure, and MobileMe sync. Hayek should have used the function, the hackers could have the contact details of many celebrity friends have copied. Apple to take such stories no position, informed the Company on request.

The "secret" question, which was not

The actual hack was anything but expensive - and has nothing to do with shrewd programming knowledge and complicated cyber-attacks to do so. Join one of Apple's MobileMe, you will be invited to a "secret question" up. If you later forget their password, you can by birth date and the correct answer to the "secret question" given a new - one on the Internet widespread method, which of course is only as secure as the selected question.


Palin hacked e-mail account: son of a Democratic U.S. representatives among suspected Hack (19.09.2008)

Data-clause: Paris Hilton phonebook on the Web (22.02.2005)

In the case of Hayek, the question a bit too easy: The anonymous hackers appeared as Salma Hayek and gave to the password to have forgotten. Hayek's birth date can be found practically everywhere on the Internet, the answer was easy to guess. Hayek asked for their best-known film role - or the hacker typed in "Frida" and was thus correct. No wonder, was the Oscar-nominated biography of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo Hayek said dream role.

Selber schuld, one could argue they would have only a slightly more sophisticated secret question should conceive. However, Apple itself is similarly banal question proposed. As an example, after the maiden name of mother asked an information, like date of birth with a bit of effort and motivation in the corresponding personal life researching it.

Sarah Palin and Paris Hilton are suffering colleagues

What kind of trouble a minced contacts can bring about, knows Paris Hilton. They used four years ago, a service from T-Mobile, with which the address book of a mobile phone via the Internet can manage. Apparently Hilton was at the service of their real name and chose a very easy to guess password. Not even a secret question had to be cracked, the hacker handed it out, the name of Hiltons dog entered. The password was simply "Tinker Bell".
Immediately, the private numbers of rapper Eminem, Christina Aguilera, Ashlee Simpson, Anna Kournikowa Co. and distributed on the Internet.

Even Sarah Palin, 2008 Republican candidate for the office of U.S. Vice-President, has already been victims of their lax secret question. She used a private e-mail account with Yahoo, her question was: "Where you learned to your life partner to know?"
With the help of Google and Wikipedia to the son of a Democratic U.S. representatives in 45 minutes, the correct answer and have found the password immediately published in the infamous "4chan" forum. The contents of the messages were less profane: Palin had to explain why as governor of Alaska seems to government business on her private email account was made. According to the law is prohibited.

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