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What really is luxury phones.

Who is a precious cellphone for thousands of euros to buy, white in the rule that what is really special because the price is: In the often complex hull potter mostly normal off the shelf equipment. Exceptions prove the rule - and then are really expensive.


Not only has Apple's iPhone may be smart phones. With the launch of the Prada phone in early 2007 about making the genus of aufgehübschten design phones as a result of collaboration between manufacturers and fashion labels has already been the center of attention. But the touch screen of the Prada phone, almost no one noticed - unlike a short time later genius imported from California with the apple logo.

The GoldVish "Piece Unique" shoots in all respects to the bird: the sock design with precious metals and diamonds, the Edeltelefon a sales value of one million euro

Meanwhile, the mobile phone a status symbol more than ever, and often hides under the cover of a design-mobile commercial goods - except for the wickedly expensive equipment.

The fashion designer or company, together with producers of mobile devices from the ground up exclusively to develop was "rare," says Markus Eckstein, editor of the magazine "Connect".

Sample Boss: Hugo Boss Behind the Mobile Phone hide is a popular Samsung SGH-F480 in a new guise, he says. Also, the mark of a designer for Armani Samsung sought such cooperation into the boat. What started as a designer mobile phone coming on the market, was mostly a device from the portfolio of manufacturers, only with a new brand logo, the so-called co-branding: New shell, different logo, refreshed menu design, the packaging and maybe even new ringtones.

"This is common marketing practice, and nothing special any more," says Eckstein.

Also at the first Prada phone was not different. It was in the standard version previously as the manufacturer LG KE850 in trading skillfully. On fruitful cooperation as well put Sagem and Porsche Design. Sharp introduced in 2007 model named 770SH McLaren Mercedes, Alcatel an association with the Italian brand Mandarina Duck bag on the market. Also, the designer or fashion label Dolce & Gabbana, Giambattista Valli, Dior, Versace and Escada have made excursions into the mobile world.

Luxury cars: mainly outside hui

"Is the branding, or what I really want an exclusive?" - Based on this question is the boundary between design and real mobile luxury cars to move, says Eckstein. Like the Nokia 8800 with titanium casing for around 900 euro fell the Motorola Aura model with its retail price of 2000 euros in the jet class.

As a partner won Motorola no designer, but as a style icon traded footballer David Beckham. Highlighted in this "first cell phone with circular display" the stainless steel casing and the chemically etched surface structure "- and that the manufacturing front alone takes two weeks.


Emporio Armani (Samsung SGH-M7500, 399 euros)
Hugo Boss Ringtones (Samsung SGH-F480, 499 euros)
Prada Phone by LG (from 530 Euro)
Georgio Armani (Samsung SGH-P520, 649 euros)
Porsche Design P 9521 and P9522 (1200 or 600 euros)
Bang and Olufsen Serenata (Samsung SGH-F310, from just under 400 euros on the Internet; MSRP around 1300 Euro)
Motorola Aura (1999 euros in Germany exclusively through Phone House)
Tag Heuer Meridiist (from 3400 euros, depending on equipment)
Vertu (Edelhandys from Euro 4100, new collection in April: "Constellation Vivre" from 5200 to 21000 Euro)
Goldvish (devices from 20,900 Euro)

"In principle I have the luxury device to view, and it must also feel that it is not a mass product," says Eckstein. What should apply for Motorola, Nokia writes for many years on the flags - especially with its luxury brand Vertu, in a higher league. Since 1998, there is Vertu. After watching Eckstein operated the first luxury brand, with moderate success, but now profitable: "The approach pays off slowly."

Vertu devices cost from 4100 to 60,000 euro, the more noble metals and diamonds adorn the Handschmeichler and the more rare it is a model limitation is, the higher the price. The manufacturer claims "made from pure gold or platinum" produced models of the Signature series are Feingehaltsstempel with the Swiss Central Office for Precious Metals Control provide. All the ringtones and sounds of the signature, therefore, come from a specially designed for Vertu composed piece of music from the pen of Oscar-winner Dario Marianelli, by the London Symphony Orchestra was recorded. The price includes: A so-called concierge service, according to Eckstein a 24-hour service (Vertu: Lifestyle consultant), for example in the hotel or restaurant reservations worldwide customer support subtle promise.

Edelware off the shelf: Normal is the combination of aufgehübschtem design with brand logo and standard phone

The marketing bird shot three years ago, the Swiss manufacturer GoldVish, who, with Le million actually as much for his money in diamonds and gold gewandetes phone sweetie demanded a million euros. Were sold by its own account three devices. Currently the most expensive costs GoldVish device 255,000 Euros.

Illusion Collection models are available depending on the diamond upgrade from 20,900 euros in the list. GoldVish but promises "the best Swiss craftsmanship." Even in the crisis means the manufacturer's business as "stable" and justified this with his offer for the niche nots, those who already bought. About sales figures and further details keep you covered.

Eckstein still an expert sees a contradiction, which is the manufacturer of the Edeltelefone not completely dissolve, "If I buy an expensive product, it should be timeless." Since the functionality of the ever increasing mobile phone, mobile phones are anything but timeless. Vertu, GoldVish and Co. are talking thus appears that cell phones only for calls and SMS's letter would be used.

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